Meet Suki Waterhouse: Bradley Cooper Denies Jennifer Lawrence But Dates 20 Year Old Model – Hypocrite?

Meet Suki Waterhouse: Bradley Cooper Denies Jennifer Lawrence But Dates 20 Year Old Model - Hypocrite?

Bradley Cooper is taking cues from his new BFF Leonardo DiCaprio and selecting his girlfriends only from the pages of modeling catalogues. Requirements: Leggy and below 25 years of age, preferably not smart or intellectual in any way. Oh Coop, you hypocrite. Wasn’t it just a month ago when he said there’s ‘no way’ he was dating Jennifer Lawrence because he could ‘be her father’? His latest girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, is even younger than Jennifer!

Of course, there’s a strong contingent on the Internet that firmly believes that Bradley Cooper is gay and that whatever girlfriend he happens to have at the time is just his latest beard. See: Renee Zellweger and Zoe Saldana. Even if that’s not true, there’s definitely something up with his relationships. There have often been reports of some serious drama following him around, and it’s not clear whether it’s personal drama or relationship drama, but it’s drama nonetheless. Do you think Leo was like, “Dude, you seriously need to chill out. Just get 20 year old model as your girlfriend, and they won’t bother you about anything.” Or maybe both Leo and Bradley realized that someone like Jennifer Lawrence would never date them because they were the ‘age of her father’ [Your words, Coop], and decided to go for the ones that wouldn’t care about age differences.

It’s odd because Jennifer and Bradley definitely have chemistry and many legitimate reports at Oscar parties were saying that they both had eyes only for each other. Jen’s single, but now, Bradley’s not. He might have been afraid of the publicity and attention he would get if he started dating Oscar winner, Girl on Fire, and America’s Best Friend Jennifer Lawrence. Or he could have just wanted an uncomplicated relationship where he could turn off his brain and let the physical stimulation take over. Alright, I’m being unfair. Maybe Suki Waterhouse has the mind of a rocket scientist. You never know.

Image Credit: Us Weekly

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