Survivor Blood vs Water RECAP 10/2/13: Season 27 Episode 3 “Opening Pandora’s Box”

Survivor Blood vs Water RECAP 10/2/13: Season 27 Episode 3 “Opening Pandora’s Box”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR continues with another new episode called, “Opening Pandora’s Box.”  On tonight’s show the tribes watch in disbelief as a castaway quits the game.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and if you want to catch up we have a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s week’s show a new alliance of seasoned players targeted one of their own. Meanwhile, the old Colton reared his head and tried to disturb the peace at camp.  At Redemption Island we had the first competition of the season between Candice, Rupert and Marissa.  Sadly Rupert lost and he was eliminated from the game.  At the end of the game at Tribal Council Rachel was the next castaway to make it to Redemption Island and blames it for being male dominant, and that’s why she was voted out.

On tonight’s show A family rivalry takes center stage, leading to an emotional breakdown. Meanwhile, the tribes watch in disbelief as a castaway quits the game and a shocking blindside plays out at tribal council.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Blood vs Water at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor?  Who are you rooting for?

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Tyson is showing off his cupcake belt and it’s tormenting the other survivors. Colton is pouting because no one will talk strategy because they are bonding. He thinks everyone is scared of him. He asks Aras if he’s in trouble and he tells him that he might be unless he chills out. He tells him to relax and enjoy himself. Colton says he knows his days are numbered. Aras confesses to the camera that Colton is a poison to their tribe and the game.

At Redemption Island, the others see that Rachel was voted out. Candice, Marissa and Rachel are ready to duel. Jeff asks what Tyson thinks and he says it may be a strategy to try and get Tyson to take her place. Rachel blames Brad. Jeff offers Tyson the option to take Rachel’s place. She tells him to stay put because he has a better chance and the tribe needs him.

Tyson gets in Brad’s face and tells him that if he faces off with any of them on Redemption, he’ll take them down. Brad pushes back and Marissa says “F- you Brad Culpepper!” before Gervase tells her to chill. Colton starts crying (drama queen) and says he doesn’t want to be there anymore. Jeff asks if he’s quitting again and Colton says he just doesn’t care about his tribe. Jeff tells him that he’s selfish and he says it still may be the best one for him.

Jeff is asking Colton if he wants to quit again even after he came back saying that he’s really going to hurt his tribe in what is a numbers game. Colton is saying that his back is against the wall and that he’s tired of being hated by everyone.

Jeff asks what happened that has driven to this and reveals that the last time Colton played he FAKED appendicitis! What? Colton says he doesn’t want to turn into “that person” and Aras says he already is that person. Tina says he’s whining because things aren’t going his way. Colton quits and then goes to sit in Caleb’s lap and bawls like a girl. He tells him he can’t win and Caleb tells him it’s okay to quit.

Jeff calls him out, calls him a quitter and says he never should have gotten off the sofa. He won’t even let him burn his buff in the fire because it’s an honor reserved for competitors. He tells him to go to the boat and go away! Oh snap – Jeff is pissed off!

Today’s duel is block stacking on an incline with a trip bar beside them. You’ve got to line them up like dominoes and then let them tip in order to smash a plate. First two done are safe! The girls go to work. It is a sweltering 114 degrees! OMG. They are lining up their blocks and sweating. Candice is in the lead and she takes first!

Marissa and Rachel are neck and neck when Marissa says she may pass out. Tyson is sideline coaching Rachel. Marissa and Rachel both start their stacks moving but Rachel’s get stuck and she’s out of the game! Marissa and Candice will remain on Redemption. As winner Candice gets to hand out another clue and naturally gives it to hubby John.

Tina asks Tyson how he’s doing since Rachel was sent home and he says he’s okay. He confesses that he has to win to make her sacrifice worth it and he’s glad he got to hug her before she left. They talk smack about Colton wussing out.

Brad asks the gang if Tyson was justified and they tell him he’s okay. He confesses about how Marissa and Rachel were being unfair to him because it was a group decision. John agrees that they’re better off with Brad. John is reading the clue starting his search. He knows that people are going to assume that he has the idol and that will work to his advantage.

He tells Brad what the clue is so they can find it together and cement their alliance. Brad is talking about how John said it would be best if they weren’t doing it together because people would get suspicious and Brad takes that as a sign that he may not trust him even though they have a good relationship. Brad tells him that’s fine and that John can take the lead on it. John tells him the clue though. Brad says this will be a test of whether they can really trust each other.

At Galang they get tree mail about today’s challenge saying it’s “no regular pillow fight.” Aras wants to go up against his brother Vytas to make up for year’s of childhood bullying.

He tells them they will face off sumo style and pummel each other with giant padded pillows and try to knock each other into the winner. The winners get a choice of comfort (pillows, blankets, hammock) or fishing equipment. Monica sits out and everyone else pairs up and prepares to do battle.

Gervase and Brad face off. Gervase goes nuts but Brad comes back and knocks him in. Lauren and Katie face off. Lauren knocks her off and they are tied. John and Aras face off. Aras goes in and Tadhana takes the lead. Ciera and Kat are facing off. Kat knocks Ciera in with one push to tie them up again! Hayden and Tyson face off and Tyson is immediately knocked in and Tadhana takes the lead.

Tyson’s shoulder popped when he fell and they have to bring in medical. The EMT says he popped it out and can’t do any more in the challenge. Tina faces off against her daughter! They are not holding back! Tina knocks Katie in! The teams are tied again 3-3.

Aras and Vytas get the face off that Aras wanted. Vytas tells Jeff that Aras has always been afraid of him and Aras admits he feels 7 again and wants to put the bully in the water. Aras lets him get up and start over and Vytas makes a dirty move but Aras takes him down! Galang wins. It’s 4-3.

It’s Laura versus Ciera for the win if Galang wins. Laura is teary about it. Laura knocks her daughter in and Galang wins immunity yet again. Jeff tosses the statue to Gervase and tells them to grab the comfort items since they already have fishing gear. Jeff tells Tadhana they’ll be at tribal again tonight. John is frustrated that the team of mothers and grandmothers lost to the younger women.

Back in camp Ciera admits her mom kicked her ass. Vytas says he got conquered by his brother and should have expected it. Brad is worried because even though he’s running the tribe if Rachel comes back from Redemption she’ll reunite with John so they should vote him off. Hayden is shocked that Brad wants to blindside John. He thinks breaking up the 5 Guys alliance could be opening up Pandora’s box.

Brad talks to the ladies and tells them if it’s not John it will be one of the girls. But Brad tells them he doesn’t want to vote for John so he can still have a move if he comes back in. The other guys don’t like this and want him to man up and go all in if they’re going to do it.

The whispers and plotting start to blind side Brad instead. Ciera is open to it. The guys are also worried about John having the idol. It seems to be a balance of John or Brad but will be a big blind side either way.

At tribal Jeff says the men were the only ones who scored points. John says that’s true. Jeff reminds Katie she’s lost twice against her mom and she agrees it was frustrating. Ciera too says it was rough and it’s embarrassing to lose to your mom. Caleb asks what it says about the tribe that they keep voting out women. Jeff asks Vytas if there’s a men’s alliance and he sidesteps and says it’s about trust and information. Brad says he’s sensitive because he keeps getting blamed and that he’s not the kingpin of the tribe.

Jeff asks John about the immunity idol clues that he’s been given. He says Candice is a student of the game and knows it puts a target on his back because he has the clues. Vytas says it’s tough to have the clues and he’s happy that someone in his alliance has the clues. Jeff asks Hayden what the chances are that John already has the idol. Hayden says he hasn’t seen the clues so he doesn’t know how hard they are. Brad says at the end of the day there will only be one winner.

They go to the vote. Jeff asks if anyone has an idol to play and John doesn’t move. The votes: Ciera, John, John, John, John. The blind side is in and they trusted Brad even while he tore apart their alliance. John heads off to see his wife at Redemption Island. Jeff says they appear to be voting people off based on the future and are weakening their tribe by the way they are voting.