Survivor: Blood vs. Water RECAP 10/30/13: Season 27 Episode 7 “Swoop In For The Kill”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water RECAP 10/30/13: Season 27 Episode 7 “Swoop In For The Kill”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR continues with another new episode called, “Swoop In For The Kill.” On tonight’s show an odd man out needs to prove his worth on an all-female tribe. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and if you want to catch up we have a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s show castaways find out if water could be thicker than blood as new tribes are drawn. Meanwhile, one castaway falls victim to a strategic blindside and the Coconut Bandit returns.  At Tribal Council Kat was voted our for breaking trust and Vytas lived to fight alongside the ladies for another day!

On tonight’s show an ultimatum at Redemption Island puts one castaway on the spot to prove his love. Meanwhile, another castaway’s honesty may be her biggest downfall, and an odd man out needs to prove his worth on an all-female tribe.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Blood vs Water at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor?  Who are you rooting for?

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Kat comes to Redemption and fills in John and Laura M on her issues with Monica and how Vytas was able to outmaneuver her. She worries that Hayden will dump her for being a loser. Next morning, Kat sits bawling on the beach and says she doesn’t think she played the right way or else she wouldn’t be there. She thinks Hayden will embarrassed and upset and possible ashamed of her and says she really cares about him because he’s her best friend. She says she hopes she can win at the duel and he’ll still be by her side. Aww…

At the Redemption duel, Hayden looks upset when he finds out Kat was voted out. The Redemption trio comes in and Kat asks Hayden for a hug and tells him she’s sorry. He comforts her and tells her it’s okay. Jeff asks her what she’s sorry for and she says that it’s for getting voted out and that she worried she’s letting him down. Jeff asks Hayden how he feels. He tells her their relationship is fine and is more important than the game. Jeff says he’s going to challenge him and offers Hayden the chance to take Kat’s place in the arena. Hayden sits back and looks thoughtful.

He asks if they want to talk it through and Hayden asks what Kat thinks. He says she’s in a good spot and she says that she would switch because she thinks she won’t do well in the duel because it’s a puzzle and she can’t even spell. Hayden asks her to think long term and asks who has the better shot to win the game (he’s obviously trying to stay and play) and Kat admits he would do well. She cries and says she knows he would do better. He finally gets her to say that he can stay in the game but she says it means a lot that he would be willing to swap. Hayden is wiping away tears too.

The duel is ready. They start by untying knots to loose a machete they need to chop a rope. Kat is doing well for all that she’s upset but then she falls behind in the chopping process. John has an early lead with his puzzle pieces and Laura M is second. Kat gets hers loosed last. Hayden coaches her from the sidelines and several others encourage her.

Jeff tells them it’s the puzzle that Cochran won last season on the last immunity challenge. Kat is flummoxed and Hayden tries to talk her through it. John is making a lot of progress and Laura M is copying her. Kat calls her a cheater. John has just a couple of pieces to go and finishes in a clean first. Laura M and Kat are neck and neck. They tell Kat to look at Laura’s and she says it’s cheating but the tribes and Jeff tell her it’s okay. Kat begins to fall behind even with all of the assistance.

Laura M finishes second and Kat is out for good. Hayden comes down and hugs Kat as she cries and asks if he’s going to break up with her. He consoles and reassures her.

John gives the clue hint to Monica and she tells him she’s flattered and honored and then tosses it in the fire after thanking him for the kind gesture. The Redemption duo head off and Jeff sends the two tribes back to camp.

Back at Tadhana, the guys comfort Kat. On his own, Hayden is upset and says he feels bad for not swapping with her. He cries and says she’s naïve and doesn’t know which way is up. He says he was in a position to help her but failed.

Back in camp, all of the players agree that this whole blood vs water thing was harder than any of them thought it would be. Hayden says that on the other hand he can now play more cut throat since he’s alone now and could actually strengthen his relationship with his new tribe since most of them don’t have their loved ones either.

Tyson says they need to take out Aras or Vytas because the merger is about to happen. Tyson promises the group he’s talking to that they will go to final 5. Ciera, Tyson, Gervase, Hayden and Caleb are the in crowd. Ciera says Tyson is being very smart and is happy to be in the group.

At Galang, Vytas greets the ladies. Tina gives her daughter a smooch and is happy to see him hanging out with her daughter. Tina says she really likes him and says she would be thrilled if he decided he liked Katie. She says Katie isn’t flirtatious and he would have to hit her over the head and drag her into his cave.

Vytas tells Tina the hardest thing on him has been the dishonesty. He tells the ladies he’s a very trusting person and tells them about a woman who came into his yoga class and asked to borrow $100. He says you have to take chances. He later says that what women like are bad boys – but what they like even better is a recently reformed bad boy.

Laura B gushes about how open and wonderful he is. She says one of her insecurities is her social game because she’s a quitter person by nature. She says she will stick with the girls though if that’s what it takes to further her game!

At Galang, treemail arrives. It’s not a very revealing message but hints that the immunity challenge will involve them being chained together. Vytas isn’t very hopeful because he’s with a group of physically weaker competitors. The ladies seem to think losing is inevitable and they discuss who they’ll vote off and they agree it has to be Vytas even though they all really like him.

At the challenge Jeff takes back the idol from Tadhana. He tells them four of each tribe will be chained together as they navigate through obstacles to retrieve bags. The bags contain the parts for bolos that must be thrown at a target. They are playing for immunity and all you can eat fried chicken, mac and cheese, ice tea and lemonade.

Vytas, Monica, Katie and Laura B play for Galang. Hayden, Caleb Gervase and Aras play for Tadhana. Galang gets their bags untied first and head out. Tadhana gets to the next obstacle first and they all get to untying their bags. Monica and Vytas physically block the other competitors successfully and they teams are close when they get to the untying part.

Tyson and Tina are facing off in the untying process. Then they start building their bolos quickly and are neck and neck. Tyson gets his done first. Tina is close behind. Tyson lands his first one but not his second. Tina scores as well. Tina and Tyson miss then Tyson scores his second. Tina misses again. Tyson misses. Tina lands another and it’s tied. Tyson misses. Tina misses. Tyson finally lands the winning one and Tadhana gets the reward and immunity.

The girls comfort Tina and tells her it’s okay. The winning team heads out to get their chicken and biscuits while Galang heads back to camp to prepare for Tribal Council. At the picnic the guys discuss how lucky they got at the tribe split. The guys chow down (Ciera too) and they laugh at how much Tyson is eating. He says he hasn’t gone to bed hungry since he got to the split because he’s convinced them the key to winning is eating a maximum amount of rice each day. He says as a three time veteran of Survivor, they believe what he says.

Back at Galang, Laura B tells Vytas that they decided he has to be the next to go because he’s a huge threat since his brother has won before. She tells him they didn’t want to blindside him and thought they could all enjoy a nice last afternoon together. He asks her how knowing that will make his afternoon nice. They didn’t plan to tell him but Laura B decided to bust it out because she said she didn’t want to be dishonest. She says it was the right thing to do to take a leadership position. The other women do NOT look happy with her.

Monica tells Katie that what Laura B did was wrong. She says the Golden Rule of Survivor is trust and you don’t do something like that without talking to your alliance. She says she understands that blindsides are rough but she’s been the victim of a blindside herself and says it’s the nature of the gang but you can’t violate trust. She says Laura B’s unpredictability makes her a problem.

Tina soaks in the water with Vytas and tells him that she thinks Laura will go instead of him. He tells her that it will be embarrassing for Laura. He tells Tina he won’t be seen alone with any of the women so he won’t make Laura suspicious. Tina and Katie talk and Katie thinks long term it’s better to get rid of Vytas because he’ll be harder to beat in the long run. She also doesn’t like Laura B’s wildcard actions.

They head into Tribal Council. Wonder who it will be? Jeff asks Laura B what happened after they got back to camp after the challenge. She admits she told Vytas he was going home. Vytas says it was discouraging because he’s been genuine and trustworthy and it hurt. Jeff asks Monica what she thinks and she admits that talking without checking with your alliance isn’t a good move. Katie agrees their should be a discussion and that they were all taken aback.

Jeff says it looks like Vytas is going unless he can convince them to send Laura B home. He reminds the tribe that Kat was sent home last time for breaking trust. Tina says that Vytas and Aras are so much alike because they are both honest and sincere (or seem so) and that makes it hard. Vytas says he thought he was going to move forward and when it split he thinks he could have played well with them. He says that it doesn’t matter if it’s all women – he says it matters that it’s all people you can trust.

Laura B says that Vytas and Aras are a huge threat in the game. She says she really tried to let her guard down and letting people in during the game. She says that Rupert would be proud of her no matter what and it feels good to be out from under Rupert’s shadow for once. Tina says it’s horrible. She says some people don’t come to Survivor to make friends but she does and says she likes to learn people’s stories. Vytas says everyone has a good story but he has to vote based on trust and how you’ve behaved the last 18 days.

Jeff reads the votes. Vytas, Laura B, Laura B, Laura B! Laura gets the boot. Now there’s two Lauras at Redemption Island. Vytas’ speech and Laura running her mouth cost her the vote! Jeff says that one of the trickiest parts of the game is opening your mouth and saying something that can get you voted out. Laura B arrives on Redemption and is totally shocked that they kept Vytas. John tells her he thought for sure it would be Vytas. Laura B says if she gets back in the game, she’s damned sure not siding with the girls.