Survivor: Blood vs. Water Recap 12/11/13: Season 27 Episode 13 “Out On A Limb”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Recap 12/11/13: Season 27 Episode 13 “Out On A Limb”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR continues with another new episode called, “Out On A Limb.” On tonight’s show a heated tribal council could force a swing vote to exercise their power. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and if you want to catch up we have a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s show Castaways tried to find balance at a frustrating immunity challenge and a ruthless game of tug of war leads to an incredibly rare tribal council.  At tribal council Jeff read the votes – Hayden, Hayden, Monica, Monica, Hayden and the last vote is Monica. It was a tie! OMG! Tyson whispers to Ciera and asked her what she’s doing. Now it’s a revote without Monica and Hayden voting. The jury is smirking as Jeff goes to tally the second set of votes.  Jeff reads off the second vote – Monica, Hayden, Monica and the last vote is Hayden. It’s another tie! The four voters have to agree on who to send home and if they can’t, it’s a rock draw. Ciera says unless they’ll keep her, she wants to draw rocks. Ciera, Katie and Tyson will draw rocks. The one that gets the white rock is out. They overturn their hands and the person with the white stone is Katie!

On tonight’s show loved ones face off at Redemption Island for their final shot in the game. Meanwhile, castaways must test their knowledge of Survivor for immunity, and a heated tribal council could force a swing vote to exercise their power.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Blood vs Water at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor?  Who are you rooting for?

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At Redemption, Katie shows up and her mom is happy to see her but not happy that she’s out of the game. She tells them it went to a three person rock draw. Katie says it was her night to dethrone Tyson but instead she got rocked out. Her mom and Laura tell her she did the right thing. Tina says the next Redemption challenge will be the hardest because only one of them can make it back into the game. Tina tells Katie she’s willing to step back and let her daughter win but Katie says she thinks they should both try. Tina tells her daughter she’s proud of her.

At Kasama, the remaining Survivors hug it out. Hayden says tribal was insane and that it worked out for him since he was safe. He says if Tyson had drawn the white rock, it would have been better. Tyson tells Gervase you never tell an insane person they’re ready to go and Hayden asks if he means him and he says yes.

Monica hugs it out with Tyson and Gervase and thanks them for sticking with her. Monica talks to Tyson and Gervase and Tyson admits he has the idol. He only told her to shut her up. He thinks she’s playing the game too hard when it doesn’t matter right now. He tells her to shut it down. Monica thinks Tyson withholding that piece of evidence hurt her and she’s not happy about it.

Tyson tells Gervase that Monica is not great at Survivor but she’s come in handy. Burn… Hmm – then home come she keeps winning individual immunities Tyson? He’s such a smack talker…

Ciera says she knows she’s number four and that she had to make the move the night before. She’s glad she went down swinging. She talks to Hayden and tells him they were right to make the move. She says it didn’t pan out since Katie was sent home and she says if they can find the idol or win a challenge that will help. They also plan to drive a wedge in the three person alliance opposing them. She also hopes her mom will come back in the game soon to ally with them.

At the Redemption Duel, Tina, Laura and Katie come into the arena. Jeff asks her how she feels that Katie is now at Redemption and she says it’s the hardest day yet. Jeff asks if she can go head to head with her daughter and she tears up and says she’ll decide in the moment how hard she’ll play against Katie.

Today’s challenge is to tie sticks with rope to build a pole to snag three keys to open locks. The ladies get to work building and Tina gives Katie advice on how to build her pole. The pole must be both long and strong so that it won’t fall apart. Laura is the first to complete her pole and she snags her first key. She starts for the next. Katie and Tina are going for their first.

Tina’s pole is too short and Katie gets her first key. Laura gets her second key and starts for her third. Ciera cheers her mom as she snags her third key. She now has to open her locks. Tina snags her first key. Katie is rebuilding her pole to strengthen it. Laura wins the duel by a huge margin. It’s now down to Tina versus Katie. Jeff questions if she’ll sacrifice herself for her daughter.

Tina’s pole breaks and Katie has key number two but it falls in the sand. Now she has to dig it out of the sand which makes it harder. Tina gets her second key and takes the lead. Katie struggles to get the second key out of the sand. Tina is close to having her third and she clears it. Now she only has to unlock the three locks. Tina asks if Katie is okay with it and she says she is. Tina tells her she loves her. She hesitates at the last moment, but Katie tells her to go on and take the win.

The mom and daughter team hug it out and cry. Tina is in tears and Ciera even starts to cry. Tina tells Jeff she was adopted as a child so her first real connection in life was when she had her daughter. She says she has a pure and complete love for her daughter. Katie says the time she’s had out there with her mom has been a real gift. Tina hugs Katie, kisses her and tells her to eat a hamburger for her. She tosses her buff in the urn and heads out.

Laura wants Ciera to have the clue and asks if she can walk it to her. She does and smiles up at her daughter. Tina tells Hayden to win the immunity challenge. Jeff sends the duelists back to Redemption and the Survivors back to camp.

Back at Kasama, Hayden and Ciera read the immunity idol clue. Ciera says she’s glad the Duel was another success for her mom. She says one of them needs the idol and the other needs to win the challenge and then they’ll both be safe. Hayden scales the tall tree where it was hidden except Tyson has already snagged it.

Monica comes up to get water and she asks if he’s checking out the trees. He tries to play it cool. He says if he doesn’t find the idol he and Ciera can’t both be protected. He realizes that Tyson likely has the idol. Plus it’s a warning sign that the other three aren’t out stalking them trying to idol-block them.

Gervase realizes he needs the three person alliance to stick and that means he needs Monica. Gervase pulls Monica aside and asks how much she trusts him and she says on a scale of one to 10, they both get 10s. She says Hayden and Ciera only get a 5. She says she’s still there because they saved her. Monica tells him she knows they could have flipped on her last night and sent her home. She thinks they did it out of the goodness of their hearts, but they did it for the numbers.

Hayden encourages Ciera to go play the girl card with Monica. She’s going to tell her that they’ve been trash talking her to try and get her to come to their side.

The Immunity Challenge for today is a water-based challenge. Monica is usually great at these. Gervase hands back the immunity necklace. Jeff tells them they have to dive in, bush a buoy through an obstacle to get letter tiles that will spell a classic Survivor phrase. Today’s reward is a special menu you get to order from – steak, lobster, pizza or burgers to be delivered to camp.

They line up and the challenge begins. Hayden, Tyson and Monica take an early lead. Ciera is struggling. Hayden and Tyson are in the lead. Tyson takes the lead and Hayden is right behind him. Monica is in third and Gervase is close behind. Tyson dumps his letters out first. Ciera is way, way back. Hayden, Monica and Gervase now have all their letters.

Everyone but Ciera is trying to catch up. The phrase is eight words. Ciera finally gets her letters out. Jeff says it’s a common survivor phrase. They can’t see each other’s work to try and get hints. Jeff says he’s used a phrase similar to this during this season. Several of them have similar phrases at work. Gervase and Ciera pull ahead. Ciera wins it! The phrase is “You are going to have to dig deep.” She is over the moon at her first immunity win.

Jeff tells her that she can choose one other person to join her for lunch. She picks Hayden without a second thought. Jeff hands them menus. They circle their choices and Jeff cautions them not to share with the other three.

Ciera is so excited about her immunity win. She says her first thought was that her mom is going to be so proud of her. She says it’s an in your face for anyone that thinks she was dumb for going against Tyson. She also says picking Hayden is a “kiss my ass” move to show the others that they’re not afraid. Their lunch is served – Hayden has pizza and Ciera a hamburger.

The other three discuss who they may target. Hayden says Ciera should tell Monica to vote against Gervase and Ciera says she’s going to tell Monica everything and not hold back. They think Monica is the crack in the alliance because she’s an emotional wreck. Ciera pulls Monica aside and tells her Tyson is a villain. She says Tyson has been talking crap about Monica and that she was going to be a puppy on his leash and that she’s paranoid.

Ciera tells Monica that Tyson eyerolls her when she walks away. Monica asks why then did Tyson not vote her out at the last council. Ciera explains to her that if Tyson had voted Monica out that he knew he was out at the next vote. Monica says the information is hurtful but she’s glad to have it out there. They hug it out. Ciera says that they’re voting Gervase and Monica realizes she’s the all-powerful swing vote this council.

Tyson and Gervase talk and Gervase is confident that she won’t flip, but Tyson isn’t so sure.

At Tribal they bring in the jury. Hayden says that Katie looks hot. Jeff asks Ciera about the three two split and the pressure. She says she needed the immunity win. Hayden says that it was a big deal. Jeff asks if they discussed who they could get to crack and Hayden says it’s a matter of truth telling. He says they are keeping Monica around to take the two of them to the end.

Jeff asks if the two came to Monica and she says they did and she thinks there was likely some truth to what she was told. Tyson then says Ciera was lying. Tyson says that Monica knows how he is and Hayden says that she only knows how they act to her face. Gervase says why weren’t they telling her this earlier on? Gervase says no one is controlling the game.

Gervase gets crazy and asks who’s in control and he yells at them and says if no one is in charge in their alliance, they are going to go home. He flips out and yells at them. Monica says she’s digging deep and if they don’t respect her, it’s a problem for her. She says what Ciera told her hurt her and it’s bringing new sides of her to the surface.

Ciera tells her if she goes to the end with Tyson and Gervase and they vote against her and she sees on the replay at home how they trash talked her, she’ll feel like a fool. Jeff asks if Hayden is trying to help Monica. Hayden says that this is the time she can show everyone how strong and independent she is and show Brad and her kids how strong she can be. Ciera says her kids will be cheering for her and Monica says thank you.

They go off to vote. Jeff goes to tally the votes. Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. Tyson hangs onto it. The votes are: Hayden, Gervase, Hayden, Gervase and the final vote is Hayden. It’s official – Monica is an idiot for sticking with Gervase and Hayden. She’s going to regret this on playback just like Ciera said.

Hayden heads off to Redemption and Katie wishes him a fond farewell. Jeff tells them it’s clear that Ciera is on the outside and there’s a tight alliance of three. Jeff says when the Redemption person comes back it will be huge and could shake things up. #WhosComingBack