Survivor: Blood vs. Water Recap 12/4/13: Season 27 Episode 12 “Rustle Feathers”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Recap 12/4/13: Season 27 Episode 12 “Rustle Feathers”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR continues with another new episode called, “Rustle Feathers.” On tonight’s show the Redemption Island contestants compete for survival. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and if you want to catch up we have a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s show a castaway’s bold move could either smoke out the hidden immunity idol or extinguish their own flame. Also, one castaway was in hot water after playing both sides of the tribe, and two moms pulled a less-than-maternal move at the Redemption arena.  The two Moms managed to get Vytas sent home.  At tribal council at the end of the show the votes were in : Ciera, Caleb, Ciera, Ciera, Caleb, Caleb and they were tied. The last vote was for Caleb! Ciera’s deception paid off. Hayden looked devastated. Katie looked back at Hayden – she was worried too. Ciera smiled satisfied. Jeff said the idol and the blindside made it a very interesting council.

On tonight’s show yson Apolstol, Katie Collins, Hayden Moss, Ciera Eastin, Gervase Peterson and Monica Culpepper watch the Redemption Island contestants compete for survival during the twelfth episode of SURVIVOR.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Blood vs Water at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor?  Who are you rooting for?

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Hayden is floored about losing Caleb and says if that Tyson can make it to the end that he’ll win. He even says that in front of the group and then Gervase launches a laughing attack and says he couldn’t do anything without him. Tyson asks why Hayden is throwing him under the bus and Hayden says he’s giving him credit for playing a good game. He says that if Tyson goes to the end, he’ll vote for him. Tyson pulls his alliance aside and says he wants to decide who they will vote for now – it will be Hayden unless he wins immunity and then it will be Katie.

Tina, Laura and Caleb face off for the Redemption challenge. Jeff asks if Caleb is angry and he says except for Katie and Hayden, they are promise breakers. He says in the south a man’s word means something, but in Utah and Philly it obviously does not. Gervase and Tyson share a look when he says this. Jeff clarifies for everyone that he was talking about them. Gervase says that Caleb and Hayden were planning on breaking their word and they just beat them to it.

Today’s Redemption challenge is the dreaded house of cards build. They have to make a structure with the thin wooden cards eight feet tall. There is another hidden immunity idol and the winner determines who will get the clue. The challenge begins. Tina is struggling from the get-go but Laura seems to have the hang of it.

At 24 minutes, Laura has a gigantic lead. She’s up on the ladder and nearly at the mark. Tina is only at three feet and Caleb at two feet. Laura’s stack crumbles a little but she saves it from all falling down. Ciera encourages her mom to take her time. She places her last two cards and easily wins the duel. She’s alive and there’s only a few minutes left in the duel. At this point, it’s whoever’s stack is the highest. Tina has a setback. She and Caleb are neck and neck.

At two minutes, the group tells Tina to pick it up but she has some more cards crumble. Caleb is now ahead of her with just a few seconds left. Tina’s stack crumbles again and she grabs the card to stop it. Caleb’s stack is crooked and he gets off the ladder. His whole stack topples and Tina decides to set still and just let the clock run out. With 10 seconds left, Caleb has no chance to stay in the game! Tina tells Caleb it was a good try.

Jeff congratulates Laura on another win at Redemption. Jeff says his relationship with Colton is a mystery to him and Caleb says opposites attract. Jeff asks in what ways they’re similar, Caleb says they’re both guys but Colton’s estrogen level is higher. He says other than that, they’re opposites and most people wouldn’t understand their relationship.

Laura gives her daughter Ciera the immunity idol clue and tells her to go dig it up. Jeff sends the Redemption duo back to the island and the Survivors back to camp.

Back at camp Hayden tells Ciera that her mom is unreal because she’s undefeated at Redemption. Ciera says it was the first duel where she really wanted her mom to pull it out so she could have the idol clue. She’s ready to share the clue with her alliance and Gervase is thrilled. They figure out it’s likely in a tree.

They are looking around when Hayden walks up and asks what they’re doing. He realizes they’re looking for the idol and he knows it must be down there. He tells Katie he’s going to look for it. It’s in the tree right above his head and he has no clue!

Tyson says he has to find the new idol to keep control of the game. Tyson is looking up trees because he knows he’s a threat. He says the only way he can stay when he couldn’t save Rachel is to make it to the end. He’s teary and says he’s so close but worries it’s going to get pulled out from under him. He finds the idol up really high in a tree and tucks it into his crotch because he has no pockets on his swim trunks. He wonders if he should share that he has it or keep it to himself. He decides not to share.

Hayden looks for the idol as Tyson says he can’t let him win the challenge. He says he can go take a nap now since he found it and can relax. Hayden comes to see Gervase about blind siding Tyson. Gervase says he doesn’t see a move they can make. Hayden says he can get Ciera and Katie to vote with them. He promises not to do anything to blow up Gervase’s game.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff takes Monica’s immunity necklace back. They have to balance an increasingly higher pole with a ball on top as they race across obstacles. They earn a key to get a ball they must use to break targets. The reward will be an afternoon of ice cream. An ice cream cart will come to the camp to give them their choice of treats.

The six Survivors pick up their poles and set off at a run. Everyone but Monica and Gervase drop their ball at stage one and have to start over. Tyson is not far after and then Hayden on his tail. Next they add another section to the pole and proceed to step two. This time it’s ramps to traverse. Katie is struggling and Monica is doing well yet again.

At the final section, Monica adds the top to her pole. Monica, Hayden, Tyson and Gervase are the only ones still in it. Katie and Ciera are virtually eliminated. Tyson is way behind as well. Gervase is close on Monica’s tail. Monica makes it through and unties her key. Gervase is close behind. Now they each have their sandbags and Monica gets the first throw off and knocks off a pole. Gervase is throwing rapidly and pulls ahead.

Gervase is down to two obstacles and then one. Monica is down to four. Tyson is finally throwing and Gervase is still struggling with his last one. Gervase finally knocks down the last one and wins individual immunity and reward. He barely edges Monica out! Jeff gives him the necklace and tells him the ice cream cart will be coming to see him.

Jeff says it’s 114 degrees outside. He tells Gervase to pick one other person and he picks Monica. Jeff asks if it’s payback and Gervase says it’s to get even for when she fed them all and went without. He says now that’s not hanging over his head. Jeff tells him to pick one more and Gervase hems and haws and picks Tyson who he calls his “left hand man.” The rest of the Survivors – of course – are not pleased.

Back at Kasama, the Survivors troop in. They congratulate Gervase for his win. He’s thrilled that after 32 days, he won immunity. Then the ice cream cart shows up. Tyson chugs a root beer and they also have cream soda. Monica asks if they can move the cart away from the other Survivors. Hayden asks Ciera who she thinks will go home and she says she hopes it’s him or Katie. She has no intention of allying with them and tells him it’s her honest opinion.

He asks if they have a majority, would she make a big move with him. He says that Tyson may or may not have an idol. Hayden proposes they either try and flush it or make a big move. He says you have to make a big move to get jury votes. She says she won’t make a 3-3 vote. Hayden talks to Gervase and Ciera and says they don’t won’t second place. He says with Katie voting with them they can vote Tyson out today and Katie next time. He says this is the only tribal they can get Tyson out.

Hayden says Tyson will be unbeatable at the jury. Gervase says he’s made the same moves and Hayden says that Tyson has been playing and he’s been hiding. Gervase wants to vote Hayden now and then Katie next time. Hayden has no luck and then tells Tyson in front of everyone that he was trying to get them to blindside him but it wouldn’t work. Tyson says he understands. Hayden says he’s going to go down swinging and that the chapter isn’t closed yet.

The Survivors march into tribal and then the jury comes in – Aras, Vytas and Caleb. They all look clean, well-fed and relaxed.

Jeff asks if the alliance is still in place and Hayden says Ciera, Monica and Gervase are being controlled by Tyson. Ciera defends the alliance and Gervase says he brought his original tribe members. Jeff tells Haydne if he can get Ciera to flip and go after Tyson, they’ll have a 3-3 split. Ciera mentions that Hayden helped voted her mom out.

Jeff asks Katie what she thinks and she says she hasn’t been a part of the political conversations. Jeff asks Monica why Ciera shouldn’t side with Hayden. Monica says 4 is better than 6 and that she needs to think about who you can beat. Hayden points out that Ciera is in 4th place over there. Gervase says in Hayden’s group there are liars and back stabbers. Gervase tells Hayden that he’s going home tonight and that no one can change it. Gervase counts out the four alliance members and puts Ciera last. She looks thoughtful.

Tyson tells Ciera that he’s never lied to him. Tyson tells them they’ve never written her name down. The council erupts into the two factions trying to talk Ciera into voting with them. Hayden tells her that she’s number four with them and is one and three with him. Tyson says she could end up going home tonight by a rock draw.

Gervase wrotes down Hayden’s names as “Hay done” and says it’s not Big Brother, it’s Survivor. He’s talking so loud everyone can hear him. They laugh – even Jeff cracks a smile. Ciera looks thoughtful again as Jeff goes to count up the votes. He comes back and asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. Tyson doesn’t play his idol.

Jeff reads the votes – Hayden, Hayden, Monica, Monica, Hayden and the last vote is Monica. It’s a tie! OMG! Tyson whispers to Ciera and asks her what she’s doing. Now it’s a revote without Monica and Hayden voting. The jury is smirking as Jeff goes to tally the second set of votes.

Jeff reads off the second vote – Monica, Hayden, Monica and the last vote is Hayden. It’s another tie! The four voters have to agree on who to send home and if they can’t, it’s a rock draw. Ciera says unless they’ll keep her, she wants to draw rocks. Ciera, Katie and Tyson will draw rocks. The one that gets the white rock is out. They overturn their hands and the person with the white stone is Katie!

Tyson gives Katie a hug and points to the jury and says one of those chairs is hers. Jeff tells Katie she made a big move and it didn’t pay off. He snuffs her light. Jeff mentions this is only the second time in 27 seasons that they have drawn stones! The Survivors head back to camp with a clear division in the group.

Katie comes to Redemption and tells Laura and Tina about the rock draw and they’re shocked. She says she was “rocked out.”