Survivor Caramoan RECAP 5/12/13: Season 26 Finale

Survivor Caramoan RECAP 5/12/13: Season 26 Finale

Tonight on CBS SURVIVOR CARAMOAN – Fans vs Favorites returns with a new episode called, “Last Push.” On tonight’s it is already the finale of season 26.  Although there are 5 castaways left, one castaway will be taken out of the for a heartbreaking medical emergency and we will shortly be down to 4.  Did you see the  episode last week? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show there were only 6 castaways left.  The castaways got a boost last week when their family came to visit.  One of the castaways had a big decision tonight.   By the end of the show Cochran saw how everyone wanted to vote off Eddie so he did his best to change everyone’s mind in order to get Brenda kicked off.  At Tribal council Eddie believed would be the one going and everyone supported that belief. Except when it comes down to voting and Brenda was the one voted off.  She had suspected that she’d be betrayed and quickly lefts the Tribal Council in tears.

On tonight’s show with the title of Sole Survivor on the line and $1 million within arm’s reach, one castaway fell victim to a heartbreaking medical emergency, on a two-hour season finale of SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN – FANS vs. FAVORITES, followed by a live one-hour reunion show hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst, where they will announce the winner.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor Caramoan at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor?  Who are you rooting for?

RECAP: Jeff Probst first gives us a fans a look back at this season. Erik is dazed and disoriented after leaving Tribal Council, everyone is worried about him and medics are called. The medic is concerned that Erick is in a starvation state and cannot compensate any more; his pulse is very slow and everything is spinning. An IV has to be immediately put into his arm, his blood pressure is also very low. Erick is officially pulled out of the game by the medic, the game has changed again – they are now down to four.

Cochran is really pumped and thinking about the game, he knows he has to get to Eddie because he is the guy that will most likely win the next Immunity Challenge. Dawn thinks it is a big deal that she is still on the show after 37 days. Tree Mail has arrived, it is the final Reward Challenge. Tribe mates have to hold on to a rope with one hand while they build a house of cards with the other. The first person to build their house to the red marker, wins.

The winner of today’s challenge will have a huge advantage in the final Immunity Challenge, this could be the million dollar challenge. Cochran with one slight move and his whole stack comes crumbling down. Sherri is also down. Dawn was one card away from the top and her pile comes down, Eddie as well. Sherri is now on her second attempt and in the lead while Cochran has dropped his stack again.

Unbelievably Cochran comes back and wins this final Reward Challenge, it is his third win and this could be a million dollar reward.

Every day Cochran gets to see a new break down from Dawn and today is no different, she thinks she is going to be taken out. Meanwhile, Dawn finds it is hard to positive and not breakdown. On the hand Dawn should be nervous because Cochran wants to dump her.

Tree Mail, it is the Survivor final right of passage and the final four are taken into a boat to bring them to where there are memorials for each voted out member.

Time for the final Immunity Challenge, today the challenge is going to have them climbing up a three story tower to collect a bag of puzzle pieces, first person to get down and build the puzzle will win. Cochran gets an advantage that he doesn’t have to untie his puzzle pieces. Dawn, Cochran and Eddie are working on their puzzle pieces with Sherri just behind them. They are building the puzzle in the shape of a fire. Cochran had a huge lead but it is starting to evaporate. Dawn is right back in this challenge and ahead of everyone else. We are down to four, two fans and two favorites, only one is going to win this challenge. Eddie is frustrated, but he hasn’t given up. This is going to be between Dawn and Cochran, there is a lot at stake. So far, looks like Cochran is going to take this. Yes, this is Cochran’s fourth individual challenge win and third individual immunity win, he is thrilled, can’t blame him. Cochran is guaranteed a place in the final tribal council and will get to plead his case on why he should win the million dollars.

Cochran has a big decision to make and jokes about it being lonely at the top. Dawn makes the first attempt to get on Cochran’s side and she tries to do it with tears, but little does she know that whole thing drives him crazy. Eddie then makes his move and tells Cochran not fall for Dawn’s tears and try to make his decision in a logical sense. Cochran has to figure out which one will be less of a threat in the end and hopes he doesn’t kick himself in the end for his decision.

It is the final Tribal Council, all the members of the jury come out – including Erik who looks so much better. A lot has happened since the last Tribal Council. It is time to vote, Eddie is first to cast his vote and he votes for Dawn. Dawn votes for Eddie. Cochran votes for the only person he thinks can beat him, but we don’t get to see who it is. Once the votes are read the decision is final. One vote for Dawn, one vote for Eddie, another vote for Eddie, another vote for Eddie – he is voted out and Cochran looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.

The final three are back at their camp and have a breakfast fit for a king. Dawn doesn’t care what happens at the next Tribal Council, she is just so happy that she got this far and that is enough for her, is she kidding? Has starvation warped her brain, it’s all about the million dollars.

Cochran feels frazzled and is surprised that he is nervous about facing the jury. It is done, the three head out to the final Tribal Council.

Dawn is up first and tells everyone that she is a little humbled to be in front of them. She promised herself that she would have one ally and that was Cochran, she also gave herself permission to play the game. She is proud of the game that she played because she made the tough decisions that she had to.

Sherri tells everyone that she is a mom and wife, but also a successful business owner. She thought she could play the game how she runs her businesses but found it was different but what she did, she feels she did successfully.

Cochran says he is also nervous but this is thirteen years of loving and being obsessed by Survivor. He had no idea that he would be on the top because he is socially awkward and then he became like a therapist in the tribe. He knows he cannot out muscle and out charm, but he can beat people in teaming. He has lied and deceived and is looking forward to the questions.

Time for the jury to ask their questions, they have a minute to think about it.

Malcolm asks Cochran what quality he had that everyone else doesn’t, he says his insecurity. Sherri gets asked if she got carried to the end, she says no. Dawn claims her repeated break downs where just the stress of the game, she really is strong. Cochran claims that he has changed on the show in that he reacts better socially. Phillip congratulates everyone first tells Sherri she is no longer a member of Stealth R Us. Then he says that he has total intolerance for Dawn’s meltdowns and would never cast a vote for her. He says that he thinks Cochran played a first class game and is a first class act. Erik tells Dawn that he thought they shared something special and wants to know if she is aware of the damage that she has caused.

Dawn says that she had an honest connection with Cochran and was loyal to him. Erik wants to know if Sherri really knows why she is still in the game, she thinks it is hard work, he calls her a sea shell on the beach and tells her that she did nothing to be where she is. Micheal is next, he tells Dawn that he wants to give her the opportunity to tell everyone that she is not a villain. Dawn claims that Cochran doesn’t have as much blood on his hands, she did everything for him. Cochran calls Dawn a huge asset, but he made all the decisions. Reynold tells Dawn that he didn’t like her from the beginning because he felt she was not genuine. Reynold wants to know what she thinks of him, he knows what she said to other people, she tells him that he has a great sense of humour and chauvinistic.

Andrea tells everyone that she is not bitter. She asks Cochran what animal was he more like in the game, he says a chameleon. She then tells Dawn that she is proud of her. Brenda says that she wants him to sell her that she should vote for him. He says that she has to separate the game and emotion, he is playing the game. Brenda tells Dawn that her bond was so strong with her and was most hurt because she voted her out. Brenda tells Dawn that she wants to see her vulnerable again in front of everyone, she asks her to take out her retainer. Dawn takes out her retainer and shows everyone, Brenda is happy that she felt a little heartbreak.

The votes are counted and…

COCHRAN WINS Survivor Caramoan!!  Brains wins out – it’s the story of human history in miniature!

So now Dawn is blabbing about how feelings were hurt and how much she turned into a first class snake in order to win.  All this talk about “knowing who I am” – what nonsense.  The game is about killing everybody else in the game and being the survivor – this requires compartmentalizing ones emotions and playing to destroy everyone else.  You need to relish destroying the opposition and seeing them voted off while acting as if you are really a decent person who cares – just to preserve a chance to get the million dollars should you survive until the end.

Another way to see survivor is that successful players need to be master diplomats – politicians – and we all know that these type of people can never be trusted – it’s always their self-interest that dominates everything else.  A good survivor is not necessarily a good person and being a good person does not help at all in winning survivor – if anything, it hurts your chances.

Of course it’s only a game – and not a rough as football!  So who really cares who is naughty and who is nice?  I care only about who plays the game well.

MALCOLM Wins the Sprint $100,ooo – he is also starring on The Bold and the Beautiful – life is wonderful!

And the next Survivor – Season 27 – will be Survivor – Blood Versus Water

See you in September 2013 for the next season of Survivor!