Taylor Swift Embarrassed Over Failed Relationships – Wants To Learn How To Settle Down

Taylor Swift Embarrassed Over Failed Relationships - Wants To Learn How To Settle Down

Taylor Swift is so embarrassed by her failed relationships with Hollywood stars that she hopes to make it work with the next person she goes out with. The country singer dumped ex-boyfriend Harry Styles three weeks ago and ever since, she has become the target of jokes on TV-shows such as Saturday Night Live, and even the Golden Globes which supposedly really got “under her skin”.

Taylor is starting to become more known for the guys she’s going out with than the music she releases, and that’s not her goal in life. Of course, she’s young and just wants to see what’s out there but she’s definitely moving into serious relationships too fast — it’s like she meets a boy and straight away she feels this “close connection” to them that means she has to give it a shot and most of the time it fails.

According to sources, Taylor doesn’t get easily embarrassed by things that concern her failed relationships, but she was said to be livid when stars were mocking her at the Golden Globes two weeks ago, in front of all these A-list actors. Yup, that must have been pretty damn embarrassing because they probably all thought she is a very promiscuous woman that doesn’t know what the meaning of “love” is.

“At first Taylor just thought it was funny how much interest people had in her love life and she went along with it,” Radar Online reports. “But now she’s the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live, in the tabloids and on the late night shows. She laughed it off, but the jokes made about her at the Golden Globes got under her skin.”

A source adds that seeing how people have reacted to the way she treats all of these men she has been linked to, Taylor wants to make it work with her next boyfriend. Hopefully, she will try and be less obsessive and insecure and let them have a little bit of space. “The jokes being made about her love life embarrass her, but it’s finally hit home with Taylor. She really wants to make an effort to slow down and not jump from boyfriend to boyfriend. In a weird way all the negative press has really opened her eyes and will be good for her!”

In case you weren’t aware, in the last few years Taylor has dated John Mayer, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas and Ed Sheeran (unconfirmed… as of yet). Well.. we wish her the best of luck. She flew out to London last night to meet up with Harry Styles as she hopes to reconcile with the One Direction member.

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