Taylor Swift Asks Logan Henderson Out On Facebook?

Taylor Swift Asks Logan Henderson Out On Facebook?

Taylor Swift is eating men, one break-up at a time. After her recent split from Harry Styles – the One Direction member who eerily resembles Mick Jagger – the star went into post-break-up hibernation and planned her next attack. According to a Celeb Dirty Laundry reader, Taylor Swift’s new victim is Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush. She was, in a way, asking him out on Facebook.

This is nothing new for the pop star. She’s been asking men out for the past couple of years, dated them, and then made mincemeat out of their emotions. She’s like a horny butcher. Styles should have been her last victim, but knowing a Black Widow as well as we do – Aunt Mildred once poisoned her husband with oil and tears (don’t ask) – it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Unfortunately, no one is fat here and no one can really sing.

Could Logan Henderson be her latest victim? Could she be plotting and making her moves to take over his life, destroy him, and win a Grammy? He could be a rebound of a rebound of a rebound of a rebound! Seriously, when is Swift ever going to settle down and stop her private life from being plastered all over the walls of Facebook? Isn’t it about time she matured and stayed out of the dating scene?

Styles roughed her heart up, and for the first time in Swift’s short, yet highly successful career, we could see that she was really heartbroken. She lost weight, hung out with friends, and held her head as high as a nosy Lemming. It is tragic that a music star as popular and as loved as Taylor cannot receive the same love she so easily gives out.

What do you think? Do you think Taylor is gunning for Logan now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Butttt …. Kogan !!!!
    Nooooooooo ! :(

  • Taylor needs to back off of dating for right now. She breaks the heart of any guy she dates and I don’t wanna see Logan get hurt. She needs to stay away from him because us rushers will help heal his heart if he does go out with her and she breaks his heart. Us rushers don’t want this to happen. Taylor stay away from Logan please.

  • I hope not … because this artando me she … goes from relationship to relationship and if you mess with a ba logan twitter resivir threats of vastante rusher .. it’s just that it aga .. I’m taylor enough is enough you used to be my idol …. but this does not …. with logan

  • kogan…¡¡ is real

  • yo si la dejo que ande con logan pero que no le rompa el corazon ok.
    Pd: kogan is real…¡¡¡

  • Paola Perez


  • Paola Perez


  • Taylor swift doesn’t deserve Logan he already has his Rushers


  • Abbys

    No me gustaria esta pareja! Me agrada Taylor pero no soy su fan! Y pues Soy Rusher! y quiero ver a mi idolo Feliz! Pero no me agradaria esta pareja!

  • dani

    hahahahahahaha ok hahahahaha taylor in facebook please hahaha if this is real i’m madonna

  • not true. Kogan is real

  • RocioFandeBTR

    No no no no y no!! esa chica le rompio el corazon a casi 5 chicos en total (Sin contar a harry) lo que falta ahora es que logan sea su proxima victima esta chica no me agrada nada !!!! :(.

    Kogan is real…

  • krissyLUVSBTR

    Not sure how this could possibly be true…Logan doesn’t even HAVE a Facebook account…and even if he did, its not like he’d be stupid enough to date Taylor…

  • No!! ami NO me agradaria qe saliera con mi Logan y mucho menos qe lo aga Sufrir por que si el derrama una lagrima por ella las rusher’s nos levantaremos y le dejaremos en claro qe haha el nadie lo hace llorar mas que de felicidad! No me parece que lo aga sufrir.
    pero si mi Logan acepta y es feliz esta bien para mi mientars no lo aga sufrir por qe si el derrama una sola gota por ella YO la odiare para toda mi vida ! No me agradaria esta pareja NO!! KOGAN is Real! plis KOGAN!!!! :(

  • Oh no way. If Logan dates her i will personally beat him.

  • CoverGirl218

    this website is lying…i love both of these guys more than anything i would know

  • Bruna Rossi

    Ela nunca Para ?

  • Mim NIn

    Never will I ever approve of this whatsoever!

  • karla

    they dont have any proof.