Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Sex Tape Discovered and Released (Video)

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Sex Tape Discovered and Released (Video)

Taylor Swift has a sex tape with Harry Styles, it has been reported. The two, who briefly dated for a couple of months before calling it quits last month due to Taylor’s insecurities, allegedly recorded themselves having sexual intercourse with each other during the country singer’s short trip to London last year. Only problem: nobody knows where the video tape is and who could possibly have it, until now.

Someone has been alleging he has a 22-minute video clip, supposedly showing Taylor “getting undressed and performing an oral act on Harry” in their hotel room. First of all, 22-minutes is pretty damn impressive – we weren’t expecting that from the little fella, but congratulations to him. Ha. The person, who has yet to reveal her identity continues that the footage is mainly of Taylor as Harry is recording it from his view on his iPhone; she moans, squeaks and screams throughout the video while Styles spends the entire time in one position by laying on the bed while she’s on top.

As much as we hope that Taylor is not about to mess up her “I’m still a virgin (not really)” reputation, it was bound to happen sooner or later when you consider how many people she has been linked to in the past few years; from Joe Jonas to Jake Gyllenhall and even John Meyer,- the girl gets busy, that’s for sure but only Harry had the guts to film her loud-mouthing in the bedroom.

Which leads us to believe that Harry knew his romance to Taylor wasn’t going to last. We all know that Swift comes around and goes around with all the A-list Hollywood stars, so for her to have settled down with Harry would have never happened due to the fact that they are both extremely busy and touring the world would easily keep them away from each other for weeks. And boys tend to have an urgency to knock one out — if you know what we mean. Ha.

There were rumors going around in 2011 that there was also a tape of 2011, but they were quickly dismissed after the person who made these claims quickly backed down with no evidence in hand. But, this person seems to be very sure he has the legitimate tape, after having approached tabloid magazines to make an offer on the tape — even offering a PREVIEW of the sex tape if they were interested in going forward with the bidding. Wowza!

Oooh Taylor’s image is about to be ruined, while Harry’s… well… it won’t really affect him; he’s known for being a bad boy after all, so he’s pretty untouchable, unless the tape comes out and the One Direction girl-fans find out he has a small- ah, maybe we shouldn’t touch that subject until we see it four ourselves! Ha. Little Ms. Innocent may soon have to sing about forgiveness as opposed to ‘… Never Ever Getting Back Together’ with her ex, because we doubt her fans will be too impressed with this. Yikes!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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