The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock FINALE Part 1 RECAP 7/29/13

The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock FINALE Part 1 RECAP 7/29/13

Tonight on THE BACHELORETTE Desiree Hartsock continues with the first of the two-part season finale begins with Desiree sweeping the final three men, Brooks, Chris and Drew to the tropical paradise of Antigua, then heads towards and emotional bombshell that no one saw coming.  Did you catch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you.

On last week’s show it was an exciting, unpredictable reunion viewers loved, as the most memorable bachelors from this season – including James, Ben, Michael G., Mikey T., Zak W., Juan Pablo and Jonathan – returned to confront each other and Desiree one last time on national television to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. The last eliminated bachelor, Zak, sought closure about what went wrong with his relationship with Desiree. Sparks flew as the villainous James and Ben tried to explain their actions. The “Bachelor Bus” made some surprise stops to crash fan viewing parties in Los Angeles and New York, and three favorite Bachelorettes advised Desiree on dealing with the men who were there for the “wrong reasons.”

On tonight’s show romantic adventures await Desiree and the final three men – Brooks, Chris and Drew – as they travel to the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua. There is electricity and passion in the air during these sand and surf excursions, as Desiree continues to explore what her future would be like with these potential partners. She will spend special intimate time with each of final guys, and there are possible invitations to spend the night in a “fantasy suite.” But an unexpected jolt will change Desiree’s whole journey — will her Cinderella fairytale have a happy ending, or is she headed for heartbreak?

Desiree’s first date is with Drew, and the couple set off to explore the island by jeep. Their sightseeing tour takes them along the coastline where they stop at several cliff-side spots, pose for photos and steal kisses.  Chris and Desiree meet on a picturesque beach, where a helicopter is waiting to take them to a deserted  beach on the island of Barbuda. They reflect on her hometown visit and frolic in the blue ocean water, where the passion is turned up a notch.  Meanwhile, Brooks is back with his family in the U.S., torn between his strong feelings for Desiree when he is with her and the insecurities he feels when he is not. His mom and sister offer heartfelt advice about the tough decision he is facing.

Desiree is excited to see Brooks and to spend time with him. But first Brooks has a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison. When some shocking news is shared, Chris insists that the bachelor meet with Desiree. What unfolds is one of the most explosive, dramatic and emotional moments in “Bachelorette” history.

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute. The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap then! While you wait for our recap take some time to let us know what you think of The Bachelorette and Desiree so far this season?

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The show begins with Desiree on a sailboat in Antigua. She narrates her journey as the flashbacks of how she got to the finale three are shown. Des talks a lot about how it has all been a fairytale but that she has had some tough times. Cue all the good-byes a long with the Bryan and James drama. There are also the scenes of her with her finale three guys throughout the journey. She speaks about each of her finale three guys, including how she feels about each of them. Des admits that her feelings for Brooks are different then the only two and that she can picture Brooks as her husband.

It is overnight date time and the first guy Des spends time with is Drew. The two of them decide to do some exploring. They get a jeep and just start driving around. The place is beautiful. Des in confession tells viewers she loves how expressive Drew is, how much she loved his family and how honest and loyal he is. All that plus she thinks he is really good looking. Finally the two stop at what is a local street dance party. They have a great time at the festival, dancing, buying souvenirs and having a good time with the locals. Both of them are loving life at that moment.

After spending time at the festival they head to gorgeous view of the ocean and put down a blanket. Their talk turns to his family and her trip to meet them. Des opens up about her talk with Drew’s father as well as what it was like to meet Melissa. He called it one of the happiest days of his life. He is sincere and she trusts him. In
viewer confession Drew reveals that he has waited a long time to meet the one and she is his soul mate. He wants to get on one knee and tell her that, he hopes it happens.

It turns to nighttime. Des and Drew spend a lot of time kissing, even in the pouring rain. Her initial plan for dinner was on the beach but the rain ruined it so their romantic dinner is moved inside the fantasy suite. That prompts her to give him the fantasy suite card and he of course says yes, more kissing is involved. Drew brings up how the progression of their relationship has gone so fast but it seems like they have known each other forever. She admits that she wants love at the end of this.

They talk about what they need out of a relationship, she says love and communication. He admits he is comfortable with where he is at with his feelings. Drew even tells her that he is ready to get down on one knee. He wants to spend his life with her and tells her all of that. His mind is made up that he will marry Desiree. They cheers with wine. Des in confessional to viewers says he makes her feel like a princess. The lights go out as these two spend sometime in the fantasy suite alone.

After the Drew and Des date it is daylight out and you see Brooks walking around. He tells in viewers in confessional that he has the option to tell her he loves her or that he doesn’t love her. Brooks has never said he loved Des and wants to know what is holding him back.

He heads back home to talk to his mother and sister before going into the next week with Des. Brooks tells his mom and sister that he has been mulling it all over and how he has been up and down throughout their visit. Since the hometown date he has been feeling that proposing to her at the end of it all makes him uncomfortable. Plus how he can’t say that he loves her. However he wants to be in love with her. His sister tells him that he should know by now and if he doesn’t that is his answer. If he is struggling that too is his answer. They both say if he has any doubt that he should not propose to her, even though the conversation will be hard.

Brooks talks about how stressful it has all been. He has a good time with her and there are things her loves about her. Despite all the things he does feel for her when it comes to asking her to marry him and tell her that he loves her he is not 100% sure. Before he leaves he asks for advice on how to approach the week. His mom tells him to be honest. His sister tells him he has a tough choice and they will be behind him all the way but he has to tell Desiree how he really feels. The truth will be the best even if it is hard.

Back to the dates in Antigua Desiree and Chris have their overnight date. They start off the day by walking along some rocks along the sea but only for a second because a helicopter comes to take them exploring. Chris is all about her as they fly around Antigua. They hold hands and it is very romantic. He in confessional tells viewers that he knows they are sharing the same feelings of love. Des in confessional shares that she missed Chris and that she can also picture herself a part of his family.

Finally they land on their own private little island and hang out on the beach talking of course about the hometown date. He confirms his family loved her, which makes her very happy. Des shares with viewers that Chris is hot and it feels like they have been dating forever. They act like boyfriend girlfriend. Chris continues to be romantic with her on the beach as they make hearts in the sand. He in confessional feels pretty confident about things with Desiree. He also tells viewers he loves her and knows they will be together. Meanwhile they continue to make out on the beach in the water, etc.

It fades to night and Chris and Des head to their romantic dinner to talk about the future. Chris toasts to two of the best months he has had. As soon as he does Desiree brings up the future. Chris reveals that he found a job he really likes in Seattle and it would be nice to get a cute house on the water with her. He asks her how she feels about moving to Seattle. She feels like California is her home and it feels like it is where she belongs. However when she is in love she is willing to make sacrifice. He says it goes back to commitment and so does she in the end she reveals she would be open to moving to Seattle.

In confessional Chris shares that she is the one for him. After their future talk they tells each other the two best things about each date they went on. Des in confessional reveals she wants to spend more time with him so they can talk. Then of course back at dinner she pulls out the fantasy suite card. Chris thinks it is a great opportunity to spend more time together. He wants it to be simple and wants them to watch the stars. Desiree wants it for the same thing, so they can talk more and end a perfect day together. They head to their suite and Chris busts out another poem that goes like this “It is exciting to see how far this journey has taken us. From places I never knew existed to places I have longed to see. All the experiences you and I have shared together. And now here we are one week after you met my family, one week from the possibility of forever and I am not nervous I am excited. It is hard to deny the connection we have made the chemistry, real compatibility, permanent friendship. Piecing together this journey with new memories hoping for what is to come for us in the future and exited to spend out lives together forever.”

She melts after hearing his poem. The two continue to kiss as in confessional Des talks about how perfect he is for her in so many ways. Chris once again tells her that he loves her.

Desiree prepares for her date with Brooks and admits that even though she is falling in love with Drew and Chris her feelings are stronger for Brooks. Before their date though Chris Harrison arrives to talk to Brooks. In confessional Brooks admits that his head says she is perfect but his heart does not feel the same way. The two men begin to talk as Brooks admits how tough the past week has been figuring out how he feels. He admits after hometown dates he was wondering if she was the love of his life and if he was prepared to propose. Chris asks him if he is not sure or is he not in love with Des? Brooks hesitates but then answers that he doesn’t know. Chris goes on to say if hanging out in the fantasy suite to talk would help he should do it. Brooks is still very hesitant and finally admits that if he doesn’t feel it at this point he doesn’t think he will. He doesn’t feel like he will regret it. Brooks does not think Des is the love of his life. Chris asks him if he is 100% sure that he is not in love with her or going to fall in love with her?

Then to go deeper Chris asks him to describe the love feeling, which Brooks can’t do all he knows is he does not have crazy love for Des. Chris asks Brooks if he is ready to fall in love. Brooks shares that he was ready to get married before to someone else and that he does want to be in love, especially after having the relationship with Des. He is ready for love marriage and commitment just not with Des even though he wishes it was with her. Brooks also does not want to hurt Desiree. It is very difficult for him. Chris tells him he has to have a conversation with her even though it will be heartbreaking.

After his talk with Chris, Brooks pulls himself together before heading out to meet Desiree to talk. Of course before the talk Des has to recount in confessional how she feels about him and that he is a front-runner. She admits she loves him and would marry him if he proposes. Brooks arrives and they give each other a big hug but she can tell something is seriously wrong. He takes her to a bench to sit down so that they can talk. It tales him a little while to admit that he is struggling, then tells her all the things that he loves about her.

He says he is so happy to be around her but at time he wakes up wondering what is going on. When he shares that after they are away from each other and go on a date again it takes him awhile to get his feelings back. She asks him if he misses her when they are not together because she misses him everyday. He replies that he feels like he loses it when they are not together. Des finally just asks him how he really feels. Brooks tells her he wants to be madly in love with her. She starts to crying as he pulls her in to console her, he tell her he is sorry.

She can’t look at him. He still wants to talk but she just wants to know why now. He tells her because he didn’t know. He felt like he needed more time because there are so many things he loves about her. But he doesn’t feel like it is lasting. He doesn’t feel the moments apart are hard enough and they should be. Brooks continues to apologize as she sobs. Des tells him that she loves him and he asks why she didn’t tell him that before. Des goes back to their running and finish line analogy. She tells him that he is breaking her heart. Again he says sorry. She asks him how he knows. He said there was things in Madera that made him realize. She keeps saying it sucks because she loves him and he doesn’t love her.

Des goes on to say she has never had anyone love her. Brooks tells her to know that he cares for her. Des asks if he is going home and he replies yes. She again tells him he broke her heart. The two sit there as she breaks down and he consoles her. Finally the two leave the bench and walk for a little while. She lets him know that she really wanted him to meet her family. He asked her what she is going to do? Des tells him she is and was conflicted the whole time because she didn’t want to share her heart. She wanted to give it to him. The two hug then she tells him to go that she wants to sit by herself. They say good-bye. Des goes to sit on the end of the dock by herself crying her eyes out. Brooks watches her go as he too sobs. Brooks gets in a limo to leave wishing that she finds love. In confessional an upset Des says she doesn’t have love to give to Chris or Drew and that it is honestly over for her now that Brooks is gone.