The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock “The Men Tell All” RECAP 7/22/13

The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock "The Men Tell All" RECAP 7/22/13

Tonight on THE BACHELORETTE Desiree Hartsock faces the men she rejected, as 16 jilted Bachelors confront her on “The Men Tell All.”  Did you catch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you.

On last week’s show Desiree’s world tour to find love went back to the U.S. as she traveled across country to visit Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak in their hometowns and to meet their families. Her spirit and resilience surprised the men, but she was about to be severely tested by their loved ones as she tried to figure out if she can love more than one man at a time.  Desiree tried and find out from the people who knew them best, as she moved closer to making her fairytale come true.  The final three Bachelors she chose were:  Brooks, Drew and Chris.

On tonight’s show it’s an exciting, unpredictable reunion viewers won’t want to miss, as the most memorable bachelors from this season – including James, Ben, Michael G., Mikey T., Zak W., Juan Pablo and Jonathan – return to confront each other and Desiree one last time on national television to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. The last eliminated bachelor, Zak, seeks closure about what went wrong with his relationship with Desiree. Sparks will fly as the villainous James and Ben try to explain their actions. The “Bachelor Bus” makes some surprise stops to crash fan viewing parties in Los Angeles and New York, and three favorite Bachelorettes advise Desiree on dealing with the men who were there for the “wrong reasons.”

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute. The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap then! While you wait for our recap take some time to let us know what you think of The Bachelorette and Desiree so far this season?

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It is Men Tell All Time and with this group of scorned guys you know it is going to be drama filled. The show begins with Chris Harrison coming out to a studio full of ladies. He recounts some of the things Des has had to go through this season. He plugs the finale real quick, which is two parts and begins next week. Before the guys are brought out there is a segment about Desiree and Chris crashing Bachelorette fan parties. It is a big shout out to the fans that are invested in her season. Then you see past season participants crash parties too, Ashley & JP, Jason & Molly with baby in tow and Trista all crash some parties.

After that is done there is a segment where Desiree asks the advice of Ashley, Emily and Ali how to deal with the bad boys at the Men Tell All. Emily recounts her tell all with Kaylen, she ripped a new one if you recall. They talked about Ben, who Ali didn’t think was too bad. Des also says how she is not looking forward to seeing Bryan, Ali can totally relate to that. Des is still not happy with out that went down. James of course was brought up. Ali talks about how manipulative that was and that Des should put him in his place. They all tell her to just have fun and that it will be a crazy night or and she needs to put the guys in their place.

Finally it is time to bring the guys out in order, Robert, Dan, Nick, Brad, Jonathon, Bryden, Brandon, Will, Zach K., James, Ben, Mickey T., Juan Pablo, Casey, Michael G., Zach W. Chris starts things off asking Zach W. if he had expectations when it alls started? Zach is shares that he had no expectations and talks about how easy it was to fall in. It was a good time and that he would do it again. Chris ask Juan Pablo about the drama, who says you have to know how to handle different people. He says he made some friends. Michael G says it the best you have 24 guys competing for one girl of course there is going to be drama. It cuts to scenes from the season of the guys vying for her attention.

When it goes back to the guys Jonathon is put in the spotlight for his fantasy suite comment to Des one of the first nights. He is sincere and apologizes for being a jerk to the guys and Desiree. Kasey calls him out but says Des kicking him out before the rose ceremony gave the guys confidence she would make the right choices. The comment brings up Des taking control of the Bryan situation. Chris reveals that Bryan who is no there, chose not to be apart of the special. The guys dish about him even though he is not there. Mikey T. puts his two cents calling him a coward. The rest of the guys agree and all wonder what his end game was going to be. Brandon is adamant that you don’t treat women like that.

Next up is Ben in the hot seat. Before they talk his journey with Des is recounted, including his limo comments. He is booed by the audience after the clip aired. He defends his actions about being dumped, being battered by another guy for 8 hours. He does admit that he regrets what was said in the limo. He was not connected with the guys and that was because he was different then Des than with the guys. Mikey T. calls him out saying you should be the same with both. Mikey T. goes further to say that Ben and a messed up illusion of what the show really was and didn’t take the other guys into consideration. Juan Pablo talks about how Ben said he was not there to make friends but get the girl. Ben doesn’t agree but is interrupted by Brandon who says he didn’t deserve to be on the show. Things get heated when Ben Ben’s son and baby mama are brought up. Ben is accused of not being a real father, which does not go over well. This leads to a discussion about the other men that have kids and how the acted being away from their kids. Ben defends his father skills. He ultimately says it was a positive experience and he learned a lot.

It is James’ turn in the hot seat next. His journey with Des is recounted in clips as well, including that ill-fated comment that cost him Desiree and caused so much drama. James gives a different story about the comment that he made to Mikey T. saying it was too early to tell what was going on and Mikey T. said he James made it to the final four he could be the next Bachelor. James says he was bullied and at that time his connection with Des was so strong at the time. He claims the he didn’t say the comment and that all the other guys ruined his chances with Desiree by bullying him. The tension mounts when Mikey T. recalls how things went down in Germany and a conversation James and Mikey T had which as if it doesn’t work out they both live in Chicago and they can hang. No mater plan about the Bachelor or anything. It was just a venting season nothing more or less.

Kasey gets bent out of shape when Mikey T. alludes it all to having a back up plan and that you need a back up plan in life. Kasey says that James did say that if he made the final four he could be the Bachelor, along with how James was getting sick of Des since she liked Brooks. Kasey continues on to say James said that in Chicago they could all meet a lot of women etc. Mikey T. gets pissed and interrupts, lashing out Kasey. The two men argue as Mikey T. recalls no one questioned him. Kasey goes on about how James played Des even though he was talking about meeting other women. James reminds him that Desiree had to fall in love with him. Kasey said that he should have shown integrity. Chris asks James if his intentions were real, he said yes and that he was all in. Chris also asks if he would be The Bachelor and James gives a good answer that he would have to consult with his family and friends. In the end James lets it be known that he too is looking for love but does not answer the question.

After the James drama comes Juan Pablo, who is the fan favorite you barely got to know. The soccer-playing dad is in the hot seat with Chris. They take a look at the little screen time he had with Desiree. Everyone loves Juan Pablo who says he was looking for a good girl to love him and his daughter. He does not date a lot because he is with his daughter every weekend. Yes the hunky stud has a hard time dating. Juan Pablo shares he wants to have a wife, settle down have more kids. It is what is lacking in his life. He leaves saying the show was a great experience for him.

Zach takes his place in the hot-seat next. After of course a look back at his time with Desiree, Chris asks him what went wrong. Zach thinks he came on a little strong and that she could only handle that for so long. Chis asks him about the “dark place” he referred to in the limo. Zach tells him that he spends half his year on a rig where you don’t meet women and all his friends are married so he has to find creative ways to meet people and it gets difficult. The journal Zach gave to Des is brought out by Chris, who wants to know if they can read it. Zach says yes. The poem in invisible ink Zach wrote for Des goes ‘Love is it. The only reason to open your home to a stranger. The one creature worthy of surrendering freedom. No risk is too great, no apprehension justifiable. All hope is rooted in it because love is our only hope for happiness and I am happy to says this is love.” It is pretty heavy and Zach admits that is what he is looking for. He also admits that he is still in love with Des. Chris asks him what it will be like to see her again. He replies tough but that he knows what he wants to say to her.

Des finally comes out to face the music so to speak. She and Chris chat at first but then she puts Ben in his place. She calls him out on the Hollywood thing. Ben then calls her out on how she let Michael G berate him for 8 hours. She tells him he put on a persona. Chris jumps in after a second and the conversation turns to James. She recalls how she felt about what happened but is interrupted by James who is hurt by her remarks. He kind of turns it on her for letting the guys turn the house around on him. Des defends herself saying that when she confronted him he was manipulating her. James tells her he hopes the best for her but that what he and Mikey were talking about after the show if he isn’t there is ok. Des gets upset saying he is in a relationship but James makes a good point that she is in a relationship with 25 guys. He actually handles it pretty good he stops the conversation and wishes her nothing but the best.

Once that is done Des reveals that when sending Juan Pablo home she took the relationship serious because of his daughter and wanted to make sure it was right. She has nothing but great things to say about him as the women in the audience roar. Chris asks her about Zach, Des tells Zach he did have everything she was looking for but she needed to nurture the other relationships to see if the connection was there. Des felt Zach hided behind his smile and she wasn’t sure he would talk to her about the bad things. Zach wrote a song for Desiree that he sings to describe how he felt about her and their time together. It has a tear-jerker but it let her know he is moving on. Desiree says she hopes he has found peace and happiness. The end up hugging it out with smiles on their face.

Once all the confrontation, drama, yelling back stabbing etc is done a blooper real is shown and it is hysterical, the best part of the show for sure. The show ends with a promo of the season finale with “the most emotionally intense Bachelorette finale ever” even Chris acknowledged that he said those words before but this time he means it so tune it next week for the first part of the finale.