The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Episode 8 RECAP 7/15/13

The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Episode 8 RECAP 7/15/13

Tonight on THE BACHELORETTE Desiree Hartsock continues her quest to find the man of her dreams.  Desiree returns to the US to join the four remaining men in their hometowns, but she is falling in love with more than one man. Did you catch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you.

Last week’s show Desiree had a one-on-one date with Brooks that looked interesting. She will continued to write poetry with Chris. Drew and Zak had to share the brunette beauty on their 2 on 1 date, while Micheal finally got some alone time with her.  Drew and Desiree had a heart to heart about his real feeling for her, this revelation may surprise you. Plus a previous suitor came back with a ring.  At the end of the show Desiree decided to send Michael home.

On tonight’s show Desiree’s world tour to find love comes back to the U.S. as she travels across country to visit Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak in their hometowns and to meet their families. Her spirit and resilience has surprised the men, but she is about to be severely tested by their loved ones as she tries to figure out if she can love more than one man at a time. Are all of these bachelors ready to be married? Desiree will try and find out from the people who know them best, as she moves closer to making her fairytale come true.

All four men and their families have touched Desiree’s heart. Headed back to Los Angeles for the rose ceremony, she is faced with the difficult task of letting one of her amazing men go. As she prepares for her gut-wrenching decision, Desiree gets a visit from her judgmental brother, Nate.  At the rose ceremony, Desiree loses her composure as she says a tearful goodbye to one stunned and devastated bachelor.

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute. The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap then! While you wait for our recap take some time to let us know what you think of The Bachelorette and Desiree so far this season?

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The show begins with Zak in his hometown of Dallas. The two meet up after some time apart but he is still very smitten with her. He talks about his crazy family then takes her on a walk through the park. Des in confessional has nothing but good things to say about Zak. He tells her she will be meeting his family, obviously. Then he tells her he had a dream about them being on a beach and the sun got so hot it melted them into then sand. But then when they were almost melted it began to snow and they began to eat it then kids ran out. It was weird and Desiree didn’t even get it.

As a surprise Zak brings the family business to her, the snow cone truck. They make snow cones and then ride off to their next stop, which is an elementary school where kids surround the truck looking for snow cones. Desiree manages to handle the kids and the snow cone truck with ease. All the kids just remind her of what a good father that Zak will be, especially when he comes out in a penguin suit. Des admits she can see herself living with Zak who is spontaneous and fun.

After their snow cone adventure the duo head off the meet Zak’s family his mom Maryann, his dad Jeff, his brother Denton and sister Carly. As soon as they walk into the house his family immediately gives her lots of hugs. It was very welcoming, his family was very excited to meet her. Zak’s mom asks about his limo meeting. They rehash it as his family laughs. His family is a lot of fun and she fits in nicely. Zak’s mom, Maryann, pulls Desiree aside to have a chat with her. She talks up her son but also worries about the short time they have know each other.

Maryann tells the story of how her mom told her that you know someone is right when there is a spark. After her talk with Maryann, his sister Carly takes her aside for some girl time. Carly is a little more upfront than Maryann was She wants to know how Desiree feels about Zak. Des talks about how they started as friends but her broke through it and how she always wanted someone spontaneous. Carly informs Des that her brother loves life and people and will love someone forever when he finds the right person. Des argues Carly that she wants the best for Zak. In the end Carly talks up Des but is worried her brother will get hurt.

Zak and his mom have a talk too. He talks up what he likes about Des, calling her a beautiful person. He admits he had almost given up on love but that he is in love with Desiree. Maryann tells her son she prayed he would find love and that she is very happy for him. The evening ended with the Zak, Denton and Carly singing a song to Desiree that describes how he feels about her. A song he wrote for her, Des melts as they sing. The day just reaffirms for Zak that Des is the woman he has been waiting for and he uses the day to tell her that he loves her. He presents her with a ring he got in Atlantic City, a ring that symbolizes the moment he knew he loved her. It is very sweet and they kiss.

After her day with Zak Des heads to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet Drew’s family. She runs into his arms when she sees him. Drew tells her she is meeting his dad Malachi, his mom Linda, her husband Bob, his brother Malachi, his wife Angela, his sister Melissa plus his sister Megan her husband Kevin and their two kids, wowza that is a lot of family to meet. They are meeting at his mom and Bob’s house, which marks the first time his dad has been there.

He shares with her his parents are on good terms. She asks if they will like her and he says once they she how he feels about her they will love. Drew and Des head off to pick up Drew’s severely mentally handicapped sister Melissa, who Drew is very close with. Des is the first person he has taken to Melissa’s house. He is concerned since Melissa cannot communicate. Melissa comes out and grabs Drew’s hand, he can tell she is in a good mood. The connection between Melissa and Drew is very powerful and impresses Desiree.

Drew, Desiree and Melissa arrive at his mom’s house, there are a lot of people there. The family have a nice dinner but of course the questions come out like what kind of impression he made getting out of the limo. His mom takes him aside to get his take on how he feels about her while his dad takes her aside to ask the same question. Then he asks if she believes in angels and goes on to tell Des that Melissa is an angel and Drew wanted her to know that. Drew reveals to his mom that he is ready to propose to Des his mom cries and admits she can too.

Malachi tells Desiree she is real and they would be blessed to have her in their family. Later Malachi gives his son his blessing about proposing to Des. For her part Desiree talks about how his family is everything she would want in a family. After they leave his family Drew tells her that he loves her. They kiss and he is convinced she feels the same way,

The next hometown visit is McMinnville, Oregon to meet Chris’s family. The two are very happy to see each other. He gives her a little bouquet of flowers. He shows her around the baseball fields he used to play on a s kid. Then the two play a little game of catch. Des is very comfortable with him and shares in confessional he is all the things she has been looking for plus poetic and romantic. He is pretty smitten with the fact that she can actually play ball. As they have a little picnic on the mound she shows him some sketches she did of their journey together. Chris admits that he last time he brought a girl home was about 2-years ago. It is important to both of them that his family approves of her.

That night it is all about meeting his family. As they walk in the door his family is very excited to see them. She is introduced to his mom and dad, his sisters Ana and Erin, his brother Jerrad and his wife Jill. His father gives a nice Irish toast then Chris and Des talk about the day they went to the winery, you know where she hurt her back. George, Chris’ dad is a chiropractor gives her back an adjustment, in a very kind of awkward moment. The two then get to talk about Chris.

George tells her Chris is ready for a serious relationship. Des reveals her relationship with Chris comes naturally. It seems that all the talking with George is done while he is doing some sort of chiropractic thing. Chris and him chat as Chris gets his nose tweaked. George gives Chris his blessing. On to Becky, his mom. She and Des talk and Becky admits he must be so smitten by her to stay in the situation. Becky also shares the last girl really hurt him and she doesn’t want that to happen again.

It comes out that no one in Chris’ family liked his ex-girlfriend. Desiree’s chat with Becky goes well she assures Becky that Chris has all the qualities she wants in a husband. Becky then heads to have a chat with her son. Becky is concerned that they are no completely in the real word and how that will affect them. In the end Becky admits she likes Des a lot, especially because she is a strong woman and knows herself. It is a big relief for Chris to have his families blessing. Once they leave Chris shares in confessional that he has falling in more in love with her and is confident she doesn’t have the same kind of feelings with any of the other guys.

Last but by no means least is her hometown visit to Salt Lake City to meet Brooks family. Des shares in confessional she is so excited to be there and has been looking forward to it since her first date. It is big day for both of them. Des asks how she feels about them, he thinks it is great but their lack of time together is hard. He is kind of been up and down with it and is kind of holding back because she is dating other guys. Des tells him to stay focus on them and makes a list of all the special moments they have spent together. It is a very sweet moment. Before they head to meet his family they take a little canoe trip that is romantic and fun. Both of them are very comfortable, even when he almost tips the boat over.

Once the canoe trip is done they take the walk to meet his family. They walk in to a house full of welcoming family members. The energy is crazy and everyone is wearing name tags, that is how big the family is. The questions begin for both of them and Brooks tells how she made a list of all their moments. His mom Janice notices the love look between the two of them and decides to take Desiree aside. She asks Des if she has had enough time to choose someone. Des lists all Brooks great qualities and admits there is potential for marriage with Brooks. Des admits to Janice that she isn’t sure if Brooks is ready for marriage and Janice admits she thinks when he meets the right one he will be. While that is going on Brooks chats up his brothers and sisters, and gets some advice including that she should be his best friend. He then tracks down his mom who reveals that Des asked if he was ready to get married. Brooks tells Janice he feels closer to marriage then ever before. After his talk with his mom Brooks is thrilled to have her blessing. At the end of the day Brooks realized that he doesn’t want Des to leave. He wants her to stay and feels they are closer then ever to marriage.

After all the hometown dates are done Desiree is back in Los Angeles for the rose ceremony. She decides she needs to talk to her brother Nate, who she has not seen since last season when she took Sean to her hometown. He basically ruined her chance with Sean and Des doesn’t want her brother to meet he final two guys if he is going to be a jerk again. Nate arrives and is very nonchalant about what happened. She fills him in on the guys. When Nate says he wants to meet them, which makes Des nervous. She doesn’t want him to judge them before she makes her decision. Desiree tells her brother that there is a guy there she can spend her life with, this seems to appease him. He seems to be more open but she still has not decided if she wants him to meet the guys.

It is rose ceremony time but before the roses are given out Chris Harrison has to chat with Des. She rehashes the hometown visits and she admits she would be lucky to be apart of any of their families. Des admits she loves Brooks, who has not said he loves her. Chris also asks her about falling in love with Chris, who has said he loves her. Des shares that Drew also said he loves as did Zak who gave her a promise ring. So three guys have said the love word but Brooks who she loves has not. The talk turns to the upcoming overnight visits. All the guys have fallen for her and not a one of them is expecting a good bye. She has a tough decision to make. As she is staring at each guy’s photo Chris meets the guys one by one in the hotel lobby. What no one is aware of though is that her brother Nate is lurking in the lobby.

Desiree arrives for the ceremony. She tells the guys how honored she was to meet the families. She begins to cry as she talks about her hard decision. The first rose goes to Brooks. The second rose goes to Chris. The third and final rose goes to Drew, which means Zak is sent packing. Des and Zak say good-bye as she walks him out. He is shocked. She cries as she tells him how funny he is but that she had to weigh the relationships. He was basically more into her than she was into him, is the blunt way of saying how she felt. Des gives him back the ring he gave her during his hometown visit. In the limo leaving Zak is visibly crushed. He did not expect to be sent home at all. He throws the ring he gave her out the window.

What do you think of Desiree’s choice to send Zak home? Make sure to tune in next week for the explosive Men Tell All special.