The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Episode 5 RECAP 6/24/13

The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Episode 5 RECAP 6/24/13

Tonight on ABC THE BACHELORETTE Desiree Hartsock returns as she continues her search to find her Prince Charming. On this week’s episode Desiree visits Europe for the first time and the competition is ratcheted up between the mean as they discoverer another rascal in their midst.   Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you.

On last week’s show the guys competed in a Mr. America contest and the hunky men competed in a bathing competition that did not disappoint the ladies that watched the show nor Desiree. Lastly, like all pageants there was “Crazy” performances and one lucky Bachelor was crowned the winner.  Brad and Des had the first date of the episode at the Steel Pier amusement park. The two seemed to be having a great time eating and drinking but Brad went home due to issues back home.   By the end of the evening, 11 lucky bachelors remained.

On tonight’s show Desiree has never traveled to Europe before, and the 11 remaining men hope to make this first leg of the international tour to find love a special one, starting in Munich. Chris gets to explore this culturally rich city with Desiree, but their romantic date comes to a crashing halt when another man interrupts them with shocking news. The Bachelorette takes seven guys to the German Alps, where not only do they enjoy their majestic beauty, but yodel, sled and frolic like kids in the snow. The competition between James and front-runner Brooks turns ugly, while other bachelors make their play for Desiree. The awkward, dreaded two-on-one date has arch-enemies Michael and Ben facing off. Whose strategy works and which man stays?  By the end of the show only eight men will remain to travel to the magnificent city of Barcelona.

If you cannot wait for the episode and need to find out more about what will happen tonight head over to our HOT spoiler for tonight’s episode 5 HERE.

Tonight’s episode is going to be an thrilling and one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage ABC’s The Bachelorette tonight at 8 PM EST!  While you wait for our recap hit the comments let us know what you think of The Bachelorette – Desiree Hartsock,  so far!

RECAP: The guys are in Munich and really excited about the new adventure with Desiree and it is her first time in Europe. Chris gets the first 1-on-1 date, they tour the city of Munich with a dictionary in hand. So far, Desiree is having fun, she is finding Chris goofy and funny. The two head into a shop and change into traditional German clothing. Chris is also having a great time and doesn’t think anything can go wrong in his date. Meanwhile, Bryden is walking the streets of Munich looking for Desiree. In the middle of a square, Desiree and Chris are dancing when Bryden spies them.

Bryden interrupts the two, he asks Chris permission first and then takes Desiree away to speak privately with her. Bryden and Desiree find a quiet place to talk, while Chris thinks this sucks, he doesn’t want to share her with him. Bryden tells her that he has been struggling with a lot of things, he thinks she is fantastic, but he wants to go home. It doesn’t take long for Desiree to say goodbye to him and return to Chris. Desiree knew this was a possibility, but it does make her question the other guys who she is actually interested in. Desiree doesn’t want to talk about it with Chris, but he convinces her to let a little bit out so they can enjoy the rest of their date.

There is another date card “Will You Climb The Highest Mountain With Me” and Brooks, Drew, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Zak, James, and Mike are all invited. There will also be a 2-on-1 date that Michael and Ben will be going on.

Desiree and Chris change for dinner and head out to a very romantic setting. At first they exchange some small talk and then they start talking about relationships. Chris wants to start a relationship and build a life, his last girlfriend did not want that. Chris wrote a poem for Desiree, he reads it to her and she is clearly very happy about his gesture. No surprise that after this special moment, Chris gets a rose.  There is more to their evening than just dinner, they have a private performance by Matt White.

The next day, it is time for the group date and the guys are in their ski suits and heading to the highest peak in Germany with Desiree. The views from the Gondola are majestic, Desiree says “like a dream”. Drew is so happy to be on the date and see Desiree’s eyes light up. All of a sudden they hear this man yodeling and a few of the guys give it a try, Desiree was so happy that they embraced the culture. After the yodeling, the guys see sleds and they all have to use them to get down the mountain. There are a lot of crashes, but nobody cares because they are having so much fun.

Back at the hotel, Chris is with Ben and Michael who are not looking forward to their date with Desiree. The date card arrives, “Let’s Heat Things Up!”. Michael is determined to get the rose and wants to take the opportunity to expose Ben for the fraud that he is.

Desiree and the guys step into a dome in the mountain and it is a full blown ice motel where they enjoy beer and pretzels.  Brooks gets some alone time with Desiree which gives him time for a heavy make-out session. Mike gets some alone time as well, but he decides to build miniature snowman with her instead of making out. Zak starts yodeling and interrupts Mike and Desiree (Mike calls him a singing asshole, under his breath of course). Zak tells Desiree that when he was in college he wanted to be a priest and went to Europe for some soul changing, it was on a similar mountain that he realized he wasn’t meant to be a priest. Desiree is kissing James during a little alone time and Brooks is spying on them and not feeling too good about what he sees. Time for Desiree to give out the rose, she says it is the person that brings out the best in her, Brooks.

Time for the 2-on-1 date, Michael is ready to see Ben go home and he is going to use his lawyer tactics to reveal Ben for the fraud that he is. Desiree is looking forward to seeing the two interact in the awkward setting of 2-on-1. Desiree teases the guys by telling them that they are going to do the polar bear plunge in the lake, but in the end, they take a hot tug boat out on the lake instead. Michael is really trying to push Ben’s buttons when they are in the middle of the lake and Desiree really feels awkward while Ben is getting worried that he may be the one that is sent home.

It is time for dinner, Michael asks Ben why he doesn’t get along with everyone in the house. Ben responds that he is there to get to know Desiree, not the guys. Michael goes on to say that it is also important to get along with the guys, they are great. Desiree awkwardly changes the subject, she doesn’t want to talk about it. Michael doesn’t let up ad brings up some more dirt on Ben. All of a sudden, Ben excuses himself from the table – he goes outside for some fresh air. Desiree is not happy, Michael says that he just wanted her to see what kind of man Ben really is.  Desiree knew it was going to be awkward, but she didn’t think it was going to blow up like this. Desiree takes a moment with Ben because she is feeling bad about what Michael did to him. Then Desiree takes time with Michael and tells her the truth; he speaks condescending to the the guys, they hear a lot about his bar business, a lot about a former bachelorette and not much about his son. So, it is time, the rose is like the elephant in the room. Overall, Desiree got what she needed from both of the guys to make her decision. In the end, Michael gets the rose and Ben gets sent home. Ben gets up, he tells them to continue their dinner and leaves. Outside, Ben is furious. Michael feels bad about what he did, but he also feels like justice was served. Desiree goes after Ben and gives him a hug goodbye. In the car, Ben says he is not unhappy and thinks Desiree made the wrong decision. Ben thinks this night will go down as his worse date in history. Ben’s bags get picked up and the other guys are absolutely thrilled.

Desiree sits down with Chris to talk about the guys, but she won’t kiss and tell. He asks her if there is one guy that she would want to kiss who would it be, she says Brooks.  Tonight, Desiree has decided that she does not want to have a Cocktail Party, she wants to proceed right to the Rose Ceremony. Drew is furious that there is no Cocktail Party because Desiree will now not find out that James is there for other reasons. Time to give out the roses, there will be one more guy leaving tonight. The guy eliminated is Mikey.