The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Season Premiere RECAP 5/27/13

The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Season Premiere Recap 5/27/13

Tonight on ABC is the return of THE BACHELORETTE.  On last season’s The Bachelor fan favorite Desiree Hartsock did not get to win Sean Lowe‘s heart, much to her disappointment.  Desiree is back this season on The Bachelorette and she is getting to call the shots as she gets a second chance to find love.  This is the ninth season of the super popular romance reality show and it is kicking off tonight and of course we will have all the drama, the fights and the tears for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s season premiere Desiree begins her Cinderella journey when Chris Harrison welcomes her to her new home, a cliffside Malibu estate, and gives her the keys to a brand new Bentley convertible. Her transformation is complete as she slips into a stunning silvery confection of a gown fit for a princess. At the mansion, Desiree’s anxiety falls away as her 25 eager suitors catch their first glimpse of her:

One nervous guy tries to sweep her off her feet with a romantic dance move, but falls flat; a sleight-of-hand artist makes something special magically appear for Desiree; a hunky oil rig worker puts his amazing abs on display straight off; still another hopeful Prince Charming goes to the other extreme, showing up in a medieval suit of armor. But the one who steals her heart is the youngest bachelor ever to step out of a limo — a four-year-old boy who is followed by his proud, single dad.

The 25 suitors for Desiree’s heart are: Ben, 28, an entrepreneur from Dallas, TX; Brad, 27, an accountant from Denver, CO; Brandon, 26, a painting contractor from Costa Mesa, CA; Brian, 29, a financial advisor from Baltimore, MD; Brooks, 28, a marketing consultant from Salt Lake City, UT; Bryden, 26, an Iraq War veteran from Missoula, MT; Chris, 27, a mortgage broker from Seattle, WA;Dan, 30, a beverage sales director from Las Vegas, NV; Diogo, 29, a ski resort manager from Lake Tahoe, CA; Drew, 27, a digital marketing analyst from Scottsdale, AZ; James, 27, an advertising executive from Chicago, IL; Jonathan, 26, a lawyer from Hickory, NC;Juan Pablo, 31, a former pro soccer player from Miami, FL; Kasey, 29, an advertising executive from San Luis Obispo, CA; Larry, 34, an ER doctor from Berkeley, CA; Micah, 32, a law student from Denver, CO; Michael G., 33, a federal prosecutor from Miami Beach, FL; Mike R., 28, a dental student from Dallas, TX; Mikey T., 30, a plumbing contractor from Winfield, IL; Nick M., 27, an investment advisor from Charlotte, NC;Nick R, 26, a tailor and magician from Chicago, IL; Robert, 30, an advertising entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA;Will, 28, a banker from Chicago, IL; Zack K., 28, a book publisher from Newport Beach, CA and Zak W., 31, a drilling fluid engineer from Mico, TX.

Tonight, the 19 roses are brought out early, and with them the battle for Desiree’s heart begins. The magician announces he is going to make the Bachelorette disappear, setting off a frenzy of guys stealing Desiree away in hopes of getting a rose. Once the first rose is awarded to one lucky fellow, a battle erupts between the jealous guys who will stop at nothing to get her attention: one man dazzles her with hip hop dance steps; the shirtless abs bachelor strips down completely and jumps in the pool — but will this outrageous stunt get him a rose or a ticket home? Tensions mount as a dashing Venezuelan former soccer player tries to pull her outside to show her some dribbling moves and the other guys intervene. The fireworks really explode when one overzealous bachelor wants to show Desiree his own private “fantasy suite.” Her reaction shocks the house! By the end of one of the most exciting nights of her life, Desiree is hopeful that one of the remaining 19 men will indeed be her Prince Charming.

If you want a preview and some spoilers of tonight’s episode, GO HERE!  If you want to know who wins the battle for Desiree’s Heart, GO HERE!  Warning SPOILERS!!!

Tonight’s episode is going to be an thrilling and one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage ABC’s The Bachelorette tonight at 8 PM EST!  While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of The Bachelorette – Desiree Hartsock,  so far!

RECAP: Desiree arrives at the mansion to see Chris, as of this moment she is officially The Bachelorette and Chris show her around where she will be living. Desiree says that she had a very humbling upbringing; not a lot of money, not a  lot of things, but they were and still are happy. Desiree’s parents are married for more than 35 years and she wants the same thing.

When Desiree first stepped out of the limo and met Sean, she thought he would be hers for the rest of her life because it was so natural and seemed so perfect. When Sean let her go, she was devastated and had a hard time letting her heart go.

Chris gives Desiree a gift, car keys and tells her to enjoy the car that is a baby blue convertible; Desiree feels like Cinderella.

Desiree can’t believe that she is going to meet 25 men and get to date every one of them. Desiree is hoping that there is one man that control all her love because she is ready to put a ring on it.

Chris gives us a look into some of the men’s lives:

Brandon went to Iraq and when he was there he found out what he is looking for; he is loyal, protective and sensitive and is confident he is going to win Desiree’s heart.

Will is a banker and loves life; he does yoga and is super estatitic to meet the woman of his dreams.

Drew is in digital marketing, his upbringing has made him who he is today. His father was an alcoholic and his sister is disabled, he hasn’t had time to focus on love, but he thinks Desiree could be it.

Nick R. is a clothier and a professional magician.

Zak is from Texas and considers himself a free spirit.

Andrew is from California and loves being outdoors, he is in a good place and ready to take that next step.

Mike is from Texas and his is a dental student. He was born in London, England and has been single for a long time because he is dedicated to school and career.

Brandon is an adrenaline junkie, growing up his father left when he was five and his mother struggled with addiction. He thinks being positive is going to make you a better person and he is 100% ready to meet Desiree.

Now on to the mansion and Desiree meets up with Chris; she is all dressed up and ready to meet her 25 dates.

The first person out of the limo is Drew and their greeting is a little awkward. Brooks is next and he is really nervous, he gets two hugs. Brad brought her a wishbone and pulls it with her, she wins. Bryden tells Desiree that Sean made a huge mistake. Michael G. takes Desiree for a walk to the fountain and looks for her penny because she deserves a do-over, he doesn’t find it and instead he gives her a penny and directs her how to throw it into the fountain. Kasey works in social media and gives her a few hashtags. Will gives her the nickname of Athena because she is a goddess. Mikey T. tells her family knows best. Jonathan brings her a letter to forgo the other men and go right to the Fantasy Suite, she turns him down and tells him she is not that kind of girl. Zak W. shows up with no shirt on, he asks her “will you accept these abs” (cheesy).  James tells her that loyalty is love. Larry loves to dance, he teaches her a dance move; she rips her dress. Nick R. brought her a a trick,he turns a piece of paper and fire into a white rose. Zack K. shows up in running shoes. Diogo shows up in full armor and tells her that he is her knight in shining armor. Chris gets down on one knee and asks her if he can tie his shoe. Mike R. arrive in a white jacket. Robert asks her if he can take his tie off. Juan Pablo is from Venezuela and he brings he a piece of chocolate. Brandon arrives on his motorcycle. Brian wears a velvet jacket. Micah is wearing a suit he designed himself and looks like an idiot. Nick M. wrote her a poem. Ben brings his son Brody, his everything.

Desiree has a chance to chat with some of the guys, Ben tells her that he loves the outdoors and they both find out that they love road trips; he gets the first rose which causes the guys to go into panic mode.

Larry thinks Ben got the rose only because of his son. The men realize they need to resort to extreme measures. Zak W. takes off his pants and jumps into the pool, everyone leaves; he feels his efforts are for nothing. Desiree gives Zak W. a rose for jumping in after all. Bryden gets a little alone time with Desiree and tells her that he has a best friend, his dog; he also tell her about being in Iraq; he gets a rose. Juan Pablo shows Desiree how to play soccer, she thinks he is a dream of a man. Larry is worried, he hasn’t got a rose and he thinks it may be because he dipped her and it didn’t go well; he spends time with her and apologizes, but no rose. Jonathan preps his Fantasy Suite and intends on kissing her on the mouth before the night is out. Desiree tells Jonathan out right that she is not going there with him. They talk for a bit, but he just makes a complete ass of himself. Jonathan is surprised that she didn’t want to go to the Fantasy Suite, he doesn’t understand it because he is fun and his mom says he is good looking. Meanwhile, other guys are getting roses. Jonathan pulls Desiree aside for the third time, right to the Fantasy Suite and she tells him that is very uncomfortable and won’t go in. Furthermore, Desiree tells Jonathan she is not waiting till the Rose Ceremony, she wants him to leave.

Chris interrupts and tells the guys that Desiree is obviously serious about this and wants to be treated a certain way.

Time for the Rose Ceremony, the guys that don’t receive a rose are going home immediately.

Brandon gets a rose and so does Zack K, Will, Brooks, Juan Pablo, Brad, Kasey, James, Robert, Brian, Dan, Chris and Mikey.

Basically, Diogo, Nick R., Mike R., Micah and Larry head home with Jonathan.

Larry is disappointed, he practiced that intro 50 times and he would have to have a problem when he dipped Desiree. Nick R. is convinced that Desiree made a mistake, they have a lot in common. Diogo is completely lost and doesn’t know what to do, he realizes that he should have not shown up in the armor.

Chris gives us a look ahead in the season and we see rock concerts, hot tubs, beaches, helicopters, confrontations between the men, one guy has a girlfriend and Desiree finds out about it, the guys call out James, a lot of tears from Desiree and the guys, lots of moments that take Desiree’s breath away, lots of kisses , fireworks and quite a few of the guys find they are in love with Desiree.

The end!