‘The Bachelorette’ Season 9 Episode 2 Sneak Peek & Preview Spoiler: How will her One-on-One Dates Fare?

'The Bachelorette' Season 9 Episode 2 Sneak Peek & Preview Spoiler: How will her One-on-One Dates Fare?

The Bachelorette season 9 is getting into full swing and Desiree Hartsock is slowly but surely chipping away at this heap of men that have thrown themselves at her feet. Who will be her final love? Who will procure a rose each week, advancing to the next stages of love and passion? Well, you’ll just have to watch and find out. But for all you romantics out there, who are dying in anticipation as you wait for Monday’s upcoming episode, we have am overview of this upcoming show. However, it’s filled with a crazy amount of spoilage — so if you like to savor the moment each week and be surprised when the show airs then look away, look away!

On Monday evening’s episode, Desiree will get hot and heavy with Brooks, with whom she’ll have a sexy one on one date. The backdrop for the date will be a bridal shop. Hmmm . . . . perhaps Desiree — subconsciously, miraculously, magically — has already made her choice?

Desiree and her Potentials will also be featured in Soulja Boy’s new music video, and we can’t wait for that mess wonderful artistic masterpiece.

From ABC’s official release, here’s a bit more about Desiree and Brooks’ date:

Brooks is ecstatic when he gets the first date of the season, complete with Desiree driving them through the streets of Los Angeles in her baby blue Bentley. Making their first stop at a bridal shop, Desiree tries on lavish wedding gowns while Brooks looks dapper in a number of tuxedos. That is just the beginning of the whimsical date, as the Bachelorette decides that they should remain dressed like the top of a wedding cake throughout the date. After a quick stop at a cupcake truck, it’s up to an exclusive seat high atop the world-famous Hollywood sign, which is celebrating its 90th year. For first time ever, a platform is built on the letter “L” for the couple to share their time together there. Over a romantic dinner, Brooks gets emotional as he shares unpleasant details of his parents’ divorce. But the evening ends on a hot note when the couple share a first kiss as they slow dance at a private concert by singer-songwriter Andy Grammer. Will passion be enough to get Brooks a rose? 

Bryden is the next dude to get an individual date and, after all is said and done, Desiree will have a tough rose ceremony.  Rumor has it a fight will break out, too. Uh oh. Who will she send packing? The remaining 19 men currently on the show are as follows:

Juan Pablo
Michael G.
Mikey T.
Nick M.
Zack K.
Zak W.
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