The Biggest Loser RECAP 02/04/13: Season 14 Episode 6 “Lead By Example”

The Biggest Loser RECAP 02/04/13: Season 14 Episode 6 "Lead By Example"

Tonight on NBC THE BIGGEST LOSER returns for an all new episode. On tonight’s show called “Lead By Example” and on tonight’s show Australian singer Cody Simpson guest stars and World Champion Fighter Laila Ali guest star. Did you watch last week’s show? We did and we recapped it here for you?

On last week’s show it kicked off with the players returning from a workout, only to find that the kitchen and refrigerators were empty. Tasked with trying to affordably stock the kitchen with a week’s worth of healthy food, the contestants raced against time to make healthy purchases within their budget at a grocery.  Later, one contestant struggled to keep trying her best despite weight loss setbacks, while Dr. H and one of the trainers helped a contestant realize the importance of addressing the emotional issues that contributed to weight gain. Trainers Bob, Jillian and Dolvett skyped with kid participants Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny, and then a swimming challenge put the players to the test as they competed for one of the most coveted prizes of all. Finally, a tearful elimination sent Lisa home.

On tonight’s show it’s the halfway point in the season, and the contestants find out that the weight of only one player on each team will count this week, but they won’t know who it will be until the weigh-in. With this week’s theme of “Leading by example,” trainers Bob, Jillian and Dolvett skype with kid participants Biingo, Sunny and Lindsay, and motivate each one to do just that. While Sunny creates a circuit training routine for her fellow classmates, Biingo tries to recruit more friends to his after-school sports club. Lindsay gives an anti-bullying speech to her peers, joined by special guest Cody Simpson, who also talks about his experience being teased before performing for the kids. The adult contestants compete in a crazy challenge requiring them to avoid three swinging pendulums while walking on a balance beam to retrieve calorie-coded plates matching five specific dishes. Later, during last chance workouts, Dolvett’s team has a special visit with five-time undefeated world champion fighter Laila Ali, who put them through a fun and challenging boxing workout.

The Biggest Loser season 14 episode 5 airs at 8PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details!  While you wait for the recap, meet the contestants for Season 14 HERE!

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The contestants walk into the gym and Alison is waiting for them and there are dice which each contestants pictures on them.   The contestants are amazed at how bad they look in the pictures because they are off when they started.  Alison tells them they have reached the 1/2 point and she congratulates.  She tells them that only one person will face the weigh in for each team and they will only find out whose weight count at the weight in.  Their fate is in the hands of the trainers.  At the weigh in they will roll the dice and the face that comes in will decided the fate of everyone on the team.

The contestants are nervous and some of them don’t want to be representing the team.  Gina is really nervous she does not want to represent the team – then of course she starts crying and Bob gets annoyed and rolls his eye.  Gina and Bob bicker back and forth.

Alison tells them to get to work.  Bob pulls Gina aside.  He tells her she is the biggest threat in the house.  Bob wants her to bring it on.  Gina tells him she has a hard time, she is paralyzed by fear all the time and does not know how to change.  The burden is weighing her down.  Bob tells her not to come from a place of fear.

Dolvett tells his team this week is about hard work.  Bob does not want his team to shy away from pressure.  Jillian tells Danni to stay focused on the goal because Danni is the only team member left for the white team so she will be on the scale.

Poor Jackson on the read team is having a real hard time with the workout today, he is doing a lot of vomiting and is getting frustrated.  He wants to do a workout without throwing up.

The trainers contact their kids that they are mentoring.  They tells the kids that the theme this week is, “Lead by Example.”  They want the kids to go and motivate people.

The contestants head to a huge warehouse – and the dice are hanging and Alison is waiting.  One of them is stepping up, rolling the dice and that person will represent the team in the challenge.  The challenge is a obstacle course with questions/quiz.  They have to match food items with calories.  The winning team win a letter from home.

Challenge – Danni represents the white team, the red team is represented by Jackson, the blue team will be represented by Gina.  The contestants are really having a hard time they keep getting knocked over.  Danni is leading the challenge at this point although the rest of the contestants are trying hard.  In the end Danni wins and gets a letter from home.  Which she reads to us.  Danni say the letter are just what she needed, they give her more motivation.

Lindsey has an anti-bullying campaign at her school.  Dolvett sent a surprise to Lindsey today, rock star Cody Simpson comes by to surprise her.  Cody supports Lyndsey’s campaign and tells the people at her school that he was bullied to and it is not cool.  Cody sings for the crowd and makes the day perfect for Lindsey.

Dolvett tells the red team that they are going to box for the last chance workout.  He is taking them to a boxing gym and at the gym is Laila Ali.

Jillian took Danni off campus for a workout.  She decided to take her to Subway and see if Danni could make the right choices.  She took Danni to a Parcour studio.

Bob is working is team hard and he says he is going to run them into the ground.  Bob says they are not stopping until Alex is soaking wet.

Weigh in

The trainers are about to roll a dice to see who will count in the weigh in this week.  Dolvett rolls first and he gets Joe.  Joe will represent the red team.  Bob rolls for the blue team and it Jeff.

Red Team – SAFE

Jackson  Previous weight 280 lost 1 lbs
Fracelina Previous weight 224 lost 7 lbs (highest % of weight loss for the week)
Joe Previous weight 299 lost 8 lbs  2.68% of weight loss  

White Team – SAFE

Danni Previous weight 213 lost 6 lbs  2.82% of weight loss 

Blue Team

Gina Previous weight 197 lost 4 lbs
Alex Previous weight 207 lost 3 lbs
Michael Previous weight 371 lost 8 lbs
David Previous weight 253 lost 3 lbs
Jeff Previous weight 329 lost 6 lbs 1.82% of weight loss

One of the blue team will be going home tonight.

Jeff voted for David

David voted for Jeff

Gina voted for David

Michael voted for David

David is not the biggest loser and he is going home.  He says he has not found all the answers, but he has the direction.