The Mentalist RECAP 11/17/13: Season 6 Episode 7 “The Great Red Dragon”

The Mentalist RECAP 11/17/13: Season 6 Episode 7 “The Great Red Dragon”

Tonight on CBS THE MENTALIST finally returns with a new episode called “The Great Red Dragon.”  The past two week’s the show has been delayed because of Football.  On tonight’s show CBI’s main priority becomes the remaining Red John suspects.  Did you watch last season six’s episode 6? If you want to get caught up before tonight’s new episode, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you!

On last week’s episode it revolved around the cult group Visualize.  We learned much more about Visualize’s deeper connection with Red John, and whether Bret Stiles knew who Red John was, or was he Red John himself.  Jane brought together the remaining Red John suspects after he got a hold of the final clue, and he hoped this gathering will allow him to identify the elusive serial killer.

On tonight’s show Jane finally thinks he knows Red John’s identity.  But the truth may uncover a bigger lie. After gathering the five remaining suspects at Jane’s house he manages to narrow the Red John suspect list further and the CBI’s main priority becomes the remaining suspects.

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 6 episode 7 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist.  Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

RECAP: The police arrive at the house that is now completely demolished due to the explosion, Teresa asks one of the officers for a flashlight to check the house, she looks around and sees a foot; she finds Reede on the ground still alive. Teresa sees the three dot tattoo, Reede tried to shoot her but fails as he gets shot in the process, and she sees Gale and tells him that they need to find Red John not knowing he has the same tattoo as Reede. She then finds Patrick lying on the floor unconscious, I’m wondering who ended up losing their foot.

Teresa is standing out Patrick while he’s lying in a hospital bed, Patrick is being hospitalized. Cho shows up from behind to talk to her, they found the ID of three people who lived; looks like no one has noticed that Gale is Red John yet, Gale goes and picks up a scalpel he goes into Patrick’s room and is about to slit his throat but Teresa interrupts him before he can get it done. Gale orders Teresa to leave and get a team together to find Red John, but Patrick starts moving in the hospital bed and it ends up making Gale walk out of the hospital. Gale snaps his phone and breaks it, then goes to his car and picks something up from it. Wayne believes that the bomb was high powered and that it’s traceable. Grace tells Wayne that Teresa wounded Reede. Patrick is lying in bed and a flashback is shown with him looking at the men with the three dot tattoos on their shoulders, he wakes up with Teresa in front of him. Teresa says there was an explosion at his house, Patrick wants to know how long he’s been out and she says 12 hours. Patrick tells Teresa that Gale also has the three dot tattoo after she explains that the three of the five men died. Patrick says he’s getting up and going to find Gale; Teresa calls the police and lets them know that Gale is Red John. Reede is getting the bullets pulled out of him by a doctor, a doctor arrives outside of the place where Reede is getting the bullet removed. A man pulls up in the car and says tiger tiger to the police officer and asks if Reede is in their; looks like there are many people who are involved with this. The doctor who’s working on Reede gets worried when the officer walks in, but all is good; Reede says that he can walk to the officer and they are getting ready to leave. Wayne and Grace arrive where Reede is at; the detective who’s in affiliation with Red John says everything is under control. Patrick calls Wayne and tells him to trust no one. Wayne goes to the back with Grace, it then cuts to Reede talking to an officer, and the officer points a gun at Reede and tells him to get on his knees, he’s about to shoot until Wayne and Grace arrive. The detective from before arrives and begins to shoot, Wayne is fighting the officer on the floor Grace looks around the corner to see if the detective is still there but he got away along with Reede. Grace calls Teresa and tells her about Reede and the detective getting away; Patrick tells Teresa to tell Grace to check the left shoulder of the officer, turns out he has the three dot tattoo also. Teresa then tells Wayne and Grace to bring in the officer to question him.

Teresa asks Grace about the officer, Grace gives a brief run down and there’s still no sign of Gale. Cho and Patrick try to interrogate the officer, but they don’t get any information; Patrick wants to play a game of show and tell. Patrick will get the answers he wants from the expressions on his face; he asks him questions about being in an organization and about how this organization told him to kill Reede. Turns out he doesn’t get to know who Red John truly is, but he finds out that the three dot tattoo is the initiation into the organization and that tiger tiger is the secret code word that lets other members of the organization know you’re a part of it. Patrick needs to look at both Reede and Gale in the eye to find out who’s Red John, Cho goes to look at the bodies of a man who was murdered; he’s given a knife to cut the body bag, turns out the place where the tattoo would have been place was burned or cut off to show no evidence of the tattoo. Gale is seen entering a store, while the detective from before is waiting outside for him; Gale goes and opens door which is password protected and when he enters it’s full of boxes and wines. Gale opens a box with a extend knife and pulls out straw, underneath it is a ton of money and fake passports I believe. Gale then leave the room, it cuts to Wayne and Grace trying to find out where Gale has gone. Wayne and Grace know that they can’t trust anyone within the police, because they don’t know who could be affiliated with Red John. Reede is found bleeding pretty bad walking in an ally way, he makes a call to Grace and says that he needs help; that the organization is going to kill him and he surrenders. Gale exits the store and talks to the detective, turns out that they both know that Reede called the station and that he’s a rat; they both plan on him dying before he gets help.

Reede is pouring alcohol on a white patch and places it on his wound, to disinfect it of course; a police car drives up near him, he takes a lead pipe and prepares himself. The detective appears and says he’s with the CBI, Reede doesn’t look too trusting, but he drops his weapon; the detective pulls out his gun and tells Reede to get into the back of the car. Reede is struggling due to his injury; the detective wants Reede to get into the back of the truck himself. Cho arrives and starts firing, he tells Reede to get into the car; Cho ends up saving Reede successfully. Teresa promises that she can put Reede into a prison far from here and where it’ll be safe if he talks, Reede starts talking to Patrick and Teresa about how he got into the organization. Reede talks about how he was addicted to these pills, he was on a case and accidentally shot a little girl; a detective reached out to him and made all the evidence of him being guilty completely disappear. The Blake Association is what the organization is called, tiger tiger is a reference to a poem. Teresa asks who’s in charge, but Reede has no idea who is and doesn’t know how many people are in the organization. Reede tells Patrick how he killed Kirkland, Patrick asks if Reede knows that Red John is a part of the association and Reede says he is. Teresa asks where he got the credentials, but Reede only got them through a call; Patrick asks if Reede murdered his wife and daughter and swears on his mother that he didn’t. Patrick believes Reede, because Red John would have never broken that easy. Patrick steps on a podium to talk about the Red John case; he says how he’s been hunting him down for a long time ever since his mother and daughter were murdered by him. Patrick says that Gale is the one who’s suspected as Red John as of now and that he’s armed and dangerous.

Wayne asks if Grace and Cho are cool with killing the boss, they seem completely fine with it; they’re investigating the place where Gale took his stash of money away. Cho finds a lighter and asks if Gale smokes, Grace replies no, but takes a look at the lighter. Grace gets a list, but needs to decode it; she decides to send it to Patrick. Gale is in a bar drinking some fine scotch alone, the bartender sees the news and says that he looks a lot like Gale. Gale takes the scotch bottle and smashes it across his head and then stabs him with the broken bottle. Gale isn’t planning on going down easy; he calls for a ride after leaving the bar. Patrick and Teresa are on their way near the bar, Wayne talks about the nearby places that look good for hideout place near the bar. Patrick and Teresa arrive at a house; Patrick gets out and proceeds to talk to Cho who’s with the SWAT. Patrick finds out that the entire SWAT squads were called by Gale; he believes that Gale is one of the SWAT officers, well-disguised as one. One of the SWAT officers gets into a car and is driven away; Patrick looks around but doesn’t notice it. Gale ended up getting away perfectly and is ready to grab some Chinese food. Grace talks to Teresa about how Gale got the SWAT to go there, a man walks in who’s named Dennis tells everyone to step away from their desks. Dennis tells Teresa that Gale is a part of a criminal organization, Teresa then says that there are people in the police who are involved with the organization. Dennis knows full and well and tells everyone in the office that they’re relieved from their duties; Patrick arrives and is confused about what’s going on. Dennis introduces Patrick; Teresa tells him that they’ve shut them down. Dennis says that Patrick blew it by not catching Red John. Patrick’s favorite cup gets smashed all over the floor because of a man nudged him, Teresa asks what now? Patrick says he doesn’t know; that they’re done and there’s nothing they can do about it. Patrick says that he’s not quitting, but he’s letting go. That he’s going to get in touch whenever he can, Patrick walks into a church, he walks up to a table at the end of the benches and looks at the painting s on the wall. Patrick gets on his knees and stares off into the distance looking at nothing; he lowers his gaze clearly not happy.

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  1. RJ Tyger says:

    Did you notice the cop whistling as he walked by the room where Reede is being questioned? RJ just cruising by like a great white who smells blood …

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