The Mentalist RECAP 11/24/13: Season 6 Episode 8 “Red John”

The Mentalist RECAP 11/24/13: Season 6 Episode 8 “Red John”

Tonight on CBS THE MENTALIST finally returned with a new episode called “Red John.”  On tonight’s show after all these years Red John and Patrick Jane finally come face to face.  Did you watch last season six’s episode 7? If you want to get caught up before tonight’s new episode, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you!

On last week’s episode and the penultimate Red John episode Patrick Jane finally thought he knew Red John’s identity.  But the truth could have uncovered a bigger lie. After gathering the five remaining suspects at Jane’s house he managed to narrow the Red John suspect list further and the CBI’s main priority became the remaining suspects.

On tonight’s show Patrick Jane finally comes face-to-face with Red John, the serial killer he’s tracked since the madman murdered his wife and daughter. For 10 years, Jane has doggedly hunted his nemesis in his search for justice.

Simon Baker who plays Patrick Jane recently spoke about getting to the end of the saga, “The end of Red John was originally planned to take place at night on the street with people watching, but I pushed to do it in the daylight in a quiet, beautiful place where they could be alone. There is no human act more intimate — not even sex — than killing another human being and watching them die.”

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 6 episode 8 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist.  Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

RECAP: Teresa gets out of an elevator and begins walking into the workplace she was working in with Patrick, Wayne, Grace and Cho a bit ago. Teresa is then stopped by a black older bald man, who asks for Patrick and she replies that he’ll be here in a bit. Teresa goes into a room and takes a seat, there is sitting Wayne, Cho and Grace; the man knows that they must feel scared and worried about what’s going to happen next. The man wants to speak all of them individually for the next couple of days, he even says that they can bring an attorney. The man says they will be looking at all of them closely, in case they’ve done anything wrong so they can prosecute them. It cuts to a convenient store where there’s a news channel going on talking about the Red John case and how the CIA are looking over things now. The cashier changes the channel then two men enter, turns out one of them is Gale; he asks for a payphone and then goes towards it to make a call. Then comes in a police officer, who’s looking around the store. Patrick receives a call while lying in bed, Patrick gets out of bed and answers the phone; it’s Gale who called. Gal e is about to say something, but then he’s cut off after the officer recognized him, the detective working with him shoots the officer and then they both walk away.

The bald black man who’s a part of the CIA walk into a building where Patrick had conversations with Grace, Wayne, Cho and Teresa several times to check it out with the SWAT. Turns out there’s nothing there to see, The man finds Teresa and asks where Patrick is; he then mentions how Gale killed a cop a couple of minutes ago. The man then talks about who Gale was trying to call, Teresa guesses Patrick and she’s spot on correct. The man is believing that Patrick might have something to do with the Red John case, now questioning Teresa also. Teresa walks out and into the parking lot, there she’s stopped by Grace, Wayne and Cho who were hiding in a van to keep low. Teresa tells them all to lay low for now, because of the whole situation with the CIA they’re alone now. Patrick is sitting in a park feeding pigeons, Teresa walks up to him and sits next to him telling Patrick that he’s now a wanted man. Teresa asks if Patrick is going to tell her or what, Patrick then mentions Gale calling him and being interrupted during it. Patrick mentions the pigeons being tiny dinosaurs, but Teresa ignores it and knows that Patrick knows what Gale wants. Gale gets a call from Gale, Patrick says to wait to call back because his phone isn’t safe. Patrick gives $200 to man for his cellphone and calls Gale. Gale wants to meet in person and talk it through, now that the game is over and its tied. Gale wants to talk with no weapons, to have a little closure between the two of them. Patrick asks how he can trust Gale, Gale says that he could of killed Patrick whenever he wanted to. Patrick tells Gale to meet him at a bus station, but Gale mentions too many cops; so Patrick decides to change the location at a cemetery. Teresa asks what Gale said, Patrick says that they’re going to meet each other. Teresa says it’s a trap, Patrick knows and wants to go anyways; Patrick wants to go alone though without Teresa he wants her to trust him with this decision. Patrick asks for her gun to use as a prop, not for firing; but who knows what his real motive is. Teresa gives him the gun and they both walk way, Teresa sits down on a bench to hide from cops or detectives of some sort. Patrick is running and the detectives look like they’re after him. Patrick gets in his car in time, the Detectives were a bit late with getting to him. Patrick drives off, this time he’s won against the detectives. Patrick is now driving fast, probably to escape from the cops who are now after him. Patrick is trying his best to escape, but the cops are giving him several problems; Patrick ends up hitting a black van.

Patrick is caught by the FBI, Patrick says that he needs to go because he has something important to do, the black man waits to hear what Patrick wants; Patrick doesn’t answer, Teresa shows up and says to let Patrick to go and that she’ll get him after. the FBI man knows that Patrick is going to meet Gale or that they’ve made a deal of some sort. Cho, Wayne and Grace appear saying they’re CBI and that they should let go of Patrick because he’s done nothing wrong. They all manage to get Patrick some time to escape, Patrick gets in the car and leaves. the man of the FBI does not look too pleased at all, he asks Teresa if they’re done. Then the man tells all the officers to arrest Wayne, Grace and Cho. The man tells them to track Teresa’s car since they bugged it, now they might be able to find where Patrick is going off to. Patrick is driving and notices a black van following him; he decides to speed up more . The black van gets interrupted by a moving truck of some sort, it gets in the way and stops him. Patrick drives off and he decides to drive up into a parking lot. Patrick gets out of the car and asks the people to keep an eye on his car, knowing full well they’re going to steal it. Which they do, Patrick begins running on foot; the car stealers aren’t going to be happy anytime soon. Patrick then tries to get a car to stop, he succeeds and asks a woman for a ride; she drives off before he can finish. Another car stops in front of Patrick Patrick. Cho, Wayne and Grace are sitting in the back of a truck handcuffed, the FBI man gets a call about the situation with Teresa’s car; they just found out it wasn’t Patrick in the car. The man doesn’t look pleased he asks Teresa where Patrick has gone, none of them know at all. The man gets out of his car pissed off, Patrick ended up getting a ride; he’s now made it to the cemetery to meet with Gale. Patrick is walking through the cemetery full o tombstones, he arrives at the church, behind him is the detective who works with Gale. He searches Patrick for weapons and finds the pistol, he takes the pistol from Patrick and says it’s fine for him to go in now. Gale gets up and is pleased to see Patrick, they both lied to each other. Gale says that the feds and him have made a mistake, he’s not Red John. Patrick walks around looking around and at the detective guy, then towards the doors at the end of the church. Gale says that he’s not Red John again, that he’s just a foot soldier in the organization. Patrick isn’t sure to believe him, he then asks who is Red John; Gale has no idea at all who Red John is. Patrick mentions how this conversation could have been on the phone, but Gale wanted to meet with Patrick. Gale tells Patrick that he’s not happy with what’s going to happen, Gale then tells the detective to shoot Patrick. Gale mentions how he’s always liked Patrick, the detective shoots Gale. The sheriff appears from behind and tells Oscar the detective to leave. The sheriff says hey to Patrick, and Patrick says hi back.

The FBI are still trying to find Patrick, Grace keeps asking what’s going on; Wayne says the FBI don’t need to do anything and that they should all relax while being in the car. Teresa tells them to stop and calm down. The sheriff says poor Gale, and that it never occurred to him that he was the black organization. The Sheriff’s idea is to kill both Patrick and Gale, and then the cops to find them both dead. The sheriff knows Patrick has questions and many of them, he asks if he wants any answered. Patrick has no questions for The sheriff at all, The sheriff admits to creating the secret organization and he’s got a lot of power in the palm of his hands. The Sheriff brings up that there’s a reason for his wife and child being dead, the sheriff asks who Patrick is. Patrick replies with nobody, the sheriff then says that he’s smart, but very arrogant. The sheriff tells Patrick, that he’s been a step ahead of him the whole time, and asks if Patrick knows how he lived the bomb in the house and knew the names on his list. Patrick knew how The Sheriff faked his death, but admits that knowing the names on his list was smart. Patrick asks to show The Sheriff something, he agrees to see it. Patrick hands breadcrumbs into his hand, then lets out a pigeon which violently attacks the Sheriff’s face, Patrick takes out a hand gun from under the benches in the church and shoots the sheriff in the leg. Patrick says that he knew how everything was going to happen, The Sheriff asks for him not to kill him. The Sheriff says that Patrick is a good man and that it’ll haunt him. Patrick isn’t hesitating, but he’s savouring the moment because he knows that he’s Red John. Patrick admits to being disappointed, a woman walks into the church; Patrick says he’s from the police and that she needs to leave, but she doesn’t believe him. Turns out the women is with Red John and tries to slice Patrick’s throat, Patrick deals with her easily and gets his handgun to chase after Red John.

The FBI are trying to find out where Patrick arranged to have a meeting with Gale, they find out the Alexandria Cemetery; they’ve found where Patrick had his meeting. The FBI are now on their way to catch Patrick, though Patrick is still after Red John in the cemetery, a woman sees Red John and screams down the police. Patrick asks which way? to the women and keeps running after him. Patrick is close to getting Red John, their chase is about to end. Patrick is on his tail, Red John can’t run for long with the wound in his torso. The FBI arrive at the cemetery and begin running to find Patrick, Red John enters the backyard of a home, he then tries to run into the door. The girl closes the door, but the man runs through the glass. Patrick arrives and sees what happened, Patrick says he’s police and will call the police. Though Patrick asks for the phone and doesn’t bother calling, Red John is running pass a school bus. Patrick is now sprinting hard and is about to get him, it cuts to the FBI entering the church and see Gale shot dead. Red John is now running near a creek,, Patrick still behind him; Red John is clearly getting tired and feeling fatigued he hits the ground, Patrick catches up with a handgun. Red John tries to call the police, but Patrick arrives and hangs up the phone on him and kicks him. Patrick gets on top of Red John and begins to choke Red John. He tells him to blink once for no and twice for yes he asks if Red John is sorry for killing his daughter and wife, he blinks twice, then he asks him if he’s afraid to die Red John blinks twice. Patrick is pissed off and is now choking Red John to death, Patrick ends up killing Red John by strangling him. Patrick tries to calm himself down, he places the gun in Red John’s hand and then he calls Teresa. Teresa sees that she’s gotten a call, the FBI agent looking over them looks at the cell. Teresa wants to answer it, but the FBI agent tells her to not think about it. Patrick calls Teresa and leaves her a message, that he’s finally killed Red John and everything is going to be ok; but he’s going to miss her. Patrick walks off, then begins to run away. Patrick has finally succeeded in what he’s wanted to do in a long time.