The Originals Season 1 Episode 9 Review – Preview and Information on Episode 10 “The Casket Girls”

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We begin with a review of The Originals from last night, “Reigning Pain in New Orleans,” Episode 9.  You can also read our amazing live recap here.

Klaus in his usual jolly and pompous attitude is giving a toast. A toast of their shared immortality, their being the vampires he didn’t slaughter when he went all crazy eyed. Klaus goes on to say as vampire they feel more deeply ham humans ever could. With that he has some lackeys cutting their wrist and putting blood in some glasses. Marcel is looking pissed but has a flashback of when Rebekah told him to just play the role and pretend to be on Klaus’s side. Marcel grins and bears it. Diego has a flashback of his own where he was talking to Marcel and Marcel assured him it wasn’t over and to follow his lead. Diego also opts in and grins and bears it. Haley is looking less and less impressed by the second. Klaus seems to not notice or not care and continues his speech. He walks behind Haley and says he is sure they will all give her respect and that he will not use the baby’s blood to make more hybrids. Haley sarcastically calls him the father of the year. Unfazed Klaus continues by saying the vampires are to kill all the wolfs in the bayou thus making it impossible for him to create another hybrid. Haley is not ok with this development at all. Klaus goes on and tells them to have a wolf hunt tomorrow, to have fun and kill them all. Haley looks worried.

Back at the house some moving company is loading up all the stuff in it. Elijah is heading out to check on Haley. Rebekah is watching all the stuff go out the door. She follows Elijah.

Cammie is back at writing Klaus’s memoirs. Marcel walks in and is surprised to see her. Cammie tells him she knows they are vampires but no need to worry because as soon as she leaves she will forget and thus wonder if she is losing her damn mind and won’t realize she is playing spy for a immortal ego maniac. Marcel accuses Klaus of compelling her to go out with him. Klaus says he only compelled her to give him a chance anything she felt was real, and also that level of awkwardness they all are feeling is the real deal. Cammie shows him a picture she found of him and Marcel back in 1919 and with a quickness he compels her to forget it. Klaus then tells her she can leave for the day.

Haley is roaming around the compound when vamp pops out and ask her where she is going. Before Haley can respond Elijah knocks him out. Haley is happy to see him but tells him it isn’t safe. Elijah tells her she need not worry about that. Two guys come flying out and land on the ground, Rebekah is right behind them. Elijah tells her they need to get out of there. Haley tells them she is in no danger. Haley ask them to help the wolves that the vampires are going to kill. Rebekah is adamant that they are no vampire rescue squad. She tells Rebekah she just wants to know her family and to please help them. Elijah is on board as is Rebekah….reluctantly.

Marcel is siting with Klaus. Marcel tells him that humans have called a meeting because they are not to thrilled with the new status quo. Marcel tells Klaus he needs or smoothie things over with the fat cats. Klaus is more interested in the picture from 1919, telling Marcel that he set Thierry up and moving Davina into the compound. Marcel tells him he can’t move her. Klaus tells him that he can, she was just going along with Elijah because he was giving her pages out of their mothers Grimoire. Marcel thanks him for being such a honest guy and then informs him the meeting with the humans is in a hour.

Cammie gets home and sees a note she left on her mirror that says believe nothing Klaus tells you. She goes into her living room and finds another on a book that says your purse, inside pocket. Cammie looks in the inside pocket of her purse and she pulls out a recorder. She plays it and hears everything Klaus said earlier while she was typing his memoirs. Cammie looks shocked.

Marcel goes to get Davina. Davina tells him she can’t leave. Marcel tells her she knows she is lying and that she made a deal with Elijah. Klaus comes right in and tells her there is excellent light in the afternoon. Klaus tells her he looks forward to seeing her many talents. Davina knows it was Klaus who came up with the idea to move her. Klaus tells her he knows she is devoted to Marcel but that Marcel is devoted to him. Marcel obviously has his doubts. Klaus heads down for the meeting, Marcel tells Davina to trust him, then heads downstairs as well. I’m honestly starting to believe Marcel might be the good guy here, he just has some bad boy tendencies.

Father Kieran is downstairs waiting, soon as he sees them he starts trying to win them over and make peace while still voicing his concerns, unfortunately for him the rest of the guys are pricks and piss Klaus off before he can get the job done. Klaus is not amused by the petty thieves and makes it clear if they don’t take what scraps he throws there way and cooperate they may have lived out their usefulness. Klaus and Marcel leave.

In the bayou Diego and company are trashing the wolves homes. Elijah and Rebekah are there in a heartbeat. Elijah suggest they leave, Rebekah seconds that sentiment because she doesn’t want to hurt Diego’s pretty face. Diego wants to know why they care anyway. Elijah tells him that this clan is not to be touched, goodbye. Diego looks at Rebekah she tells him bye. Diego rounds up the troops and they leave. Rebekah tells,them they are done, Elijah senses something and says not yet. He zooms off and is standing by Eve. Elijah tells her hello, Rebekah calls her Haley’s litter mate. Eve assumes haley sent them there to protect them she says thanks but no thanks. They don’t get found unless they want to be found. Rebekah points out that they found them. Eve tells her there is something she thought the Originals might want to know. She has what looks like a map.

Back in the Quarter in their favorite place to hang out some vampires are sucking some blood out os some willing participants. Klaus gets a call. The faction has reached a decision and it involves a loud boom, glass flying, vampires on fire and Marcel and Klaus getting shot.

Marcel is throwing things and ranting at Klaus about this is all on him and those are his guys laying dead. Klaus tells him he was getting worried about Marcel and all his differential nonsense. Klaus admits he underestimated the Faction (gasp). Klaus wants to know what Marcel would like to do about it. Marcel wants to kill them all. Klaus is pleased with Marcel’s sudden urge to play tit for tat.

Eve tells them there are new wolves out there and they don’t know where to hide. Rebekah is confused about if this is the part where she is supposed to care. Eve tells her she should. Elijah ask why. Eve tells them to see for themselves.

Davina is roaming around the compound. She finds josh hiding because she can sense his fear. Josh tells her he is crapping his pants because he led Klaus into a trap. Davina tells,him no worries Marcel can stop Klaus. Haley comes out of nowhere and says they hell you say them why hasn’t he already. Davina correctly guesses Haley’s name but incorrectly assumes she is Klaus wife. Haley offers ewwwww….no….never as her rebuttal. Focus up Davina she only has eyes for Elijah. Haley tells her she is the pregnant wolf and she must be the all powerful witch Davina. Can’t forget Josh who was voted most likely to die next. Haley suggest they watch each other’s backs.

Father Kieran knocks on Cammie’s door. She is running around frantic. Cammie plays the recorder for him. Cammie tells him she thinks Klaus is erasing her memory. His phone rings he lets out a they did what, hangs up and tells Cammie they will talk later.

Back in the Quarter Father Kieran is talking to the fat cats whose nine lives are about to be up. Klaus comes gliding in and explains he should have listened to him earlier. Speaking of Marcel he stabs one of them in the neck and the guy bleeds out, Marcel stands over him laughing. Like I said bad boy tendencies. Marcel laughs, Klaus smiles and says shall we, Marcel,says after you. They killed everybody except Father Kieran. Who happens to just be standing there like he totally saw this coming. Klaus tells him it’s a shame that all the town leaders minus knew died in a tragic boating accident. Marcel stops him by hurting Father Kieran by telling him he is fair and smart and will able to help them, plus he is Cammie’s uncle. This gives Klaus pause, Marcel explains it’s because Klaus doesn’t care about much but when he does it’s hard not to notice. Klaus tells Father Kieran to use this reprieve to remake his human Faction. Father Kieran wants to know how. Klaus tells him to choose new leaders and then they will reopen negotiations. Father Kieran is like really? Klaus and Marcel leave.

Elijah and Rebekah come up on a RV in the bayou. Nobody’s home. Rebekah thinks they missed a payment. Elijah wants to keep looking. Rebekah thinks that he should just tell Haley they found them and that way she can go home and he gets to impress the girl. Elijah tells Rebekah he isn’t trying to impress the girl. Rebekah tells him he had better be otherwise why is she out there. Rebekah tells him to admit he is in love with Haley. Elijah tells her it’s complicated. They smile at each other. There are screams and we see people running. It’s Diego and company. Elijah grabs him and tells him they need to quit meeting like this or people will start talking. He lets him go and tells him to leave. When Diego stubbornly stays he explains that it is a threat. Elijah talks some more smack. Rebekah smiles. Diego leaves. One of the guys they were chasing stands up. He ask Elijah who he is. Elijah notices a ring around his neck and says the better question is who is he.

Marcel and Klaus are talking back at the compound. Klaus explains to Marcel that the reason he took everything from him is because the witches threatened to harm his child if he didn’t. Klaus offers to let Marcel rule with him side by side as equals. Marcel is all in.

Haley sees Klaus reading. She tells him he ordered her family to be killed. He tells her not for long. Klaus tells her he is trying to keep her safe. Haley ask what happens after she has the baby. Klaus has no reply. Haley tells him she will find a way to get back at him because as long as she is in the family way he can’t do a damn thing about it. Klaus watches her storm off.

Davina is looking through boxes for her violin. Haley comes in and tells her to go get it. Davina tells her she can’t because it isn’t safe for her. Haley informs Davina that Agnes is dead. Davina doesn’t believe her. Davina thinks Marcel would have told her. Haley tells her he just wanted to keep his secret weapon. Davina thinks she is lying to her. Haley ask her why she would lie. Davina tells her she wants something from her. Haley admits she wants her to lift the curse Marcel had out on all the wolves. Haley tells her she wouldn’t lie to her to get it. She would just ask her, and that’s the difference between her and Marcel. Haley leaves. Josh comes in with her violin. He ask what Haley wanted. Davina ask him if he trust her, she tells that Haley told her Agnes was dead. Josh tells her that it’s true. Davina tells Josh she needs him to get her out of there that she isn’t going to be their puppet. Josh agrees to help her but wants to know where she is going to go.

Klaus is playing the piano in the house when Rebekah and Elijah come in. Klaus is mad because they stopped the wolf hunt. Elijah throws the ring at him and explains it was their mothers and that a wolf was wearing it. Rebekah explains they found his long lost family. Elijah ask him to come home. Elijah brings up Haley, which makes Klaus angrier. Klaus tells them he has had enough of family, puts the ring down, and leaves.

Father Kieran is saying prayers when Klaus comes in and ask him to help him protect the wolves in the bayou. He agrees to help Klaus as long as Cammie leaves town. Klaus leaves.

Cammie is sitting at home listening to the recorder when Klaus appears. Klaus tells her she is looking for monsters she doesn’t want to find and truths that are better left to fiction. Klaus tells her its time for her to leave. Cammie calls him a coward and tells him he is bothered by the fact that she sees who he really is. Klaus begs to differ and tells her if she did she would be broken into. Cammie tells him to show her. Klaus goes to walk away. Cammie grabs him, he grabs her in return and she sees a flash of Klaus’s life. Klaus lets her go. Cammie tells him no one should have to experience things like that. Klaus puts his hand on her face and compels her to leave New Orleans, to forget him, and that she has no reason to stay. She repeats it. Klaus leaves.

Marcel is telling Rebekah that he and Klaus are back and better than ever. Rebekah canst believe he is choosing Klaus over her again. He tells her he can’t give up a all powerful witch and a original for her. Rebekah tells to remember she knows the words that will make Klaus turn on him in a flash.

Haley is standing on the balcony and Elijah shows up and tells her everyone is safe. Haley hugs him and tells him thank you. Haley wants to kiss him but instead she lets him leave. Elijah finds Klaus and apologizes for thinking he had other motives when it came to his child. Klaus tells Elijah he and Rebekah can join him there anytime.

Cammie is packing to leave when Davina shows up. Davina realizes she has been compelled. Davina tells her she can fix her, apologizes for the pain and gets to work bringing Cammie’s memories back.

What do you expect on The Originals Episode 10? We here there will be more mania in New Orleans and you know people and supernatural beings will mystify and enchant us!  Love will bloom and hatred will fester.  Noe that the winter session of The Originals starts back up on January 14 so enjoy the break and get ready to watch the remainder of Season 1.