The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 Episode 17 Recap 01/03/13

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 Episode 17 Recap 01/03/12

Tonight on Bravo a whole new episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI airs called “Reunion Part 2.” On tonight’s show Part two of the reunion continues the drama from last time with new guests Alexia Echevarria and Elsa Patton joining the ladies to rehash the past season. Did you see last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it for you!

On last week’s episode hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, The Reunion Show Part 1 brought back Lea Black, Marysol Patton, Adriana De Moura, Ana Quincoces, Joanna Krupa, Karent Sierra, and Lisa Hochstein to rehash this season’s drama.

On tonight’s show hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, part two reunites Lea Black, Marysol Patton, Adriana De Moura, Ana Quincoces, Joanna Krupa, Karent Sierra, and Lisa Hochstein to discuss catfights and confrontations on this season. Alexia Echevarria and Elsa Patton join the ladies to rehash the drama.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of “The Real Housewives of Miami” season 2 so far! Also we have a sneak peek video of “Reunion Part 2” below!

Tonight’s recap:  A viewer wanted to know why Joanna chased Adriana into the hall at the party. She said she’d been drinking and wanted to finish the fight, but didn’t know Adriana would hit her. Joanna said Adriana’s “dirty life” is about to come out. Andy wants to know if Joanna slept with Joe Francis and she says she doesn’t sleep with criminals.

Lea stands up and starts pointing angrily and tells Ana that she can’t keep her facts straight. Andy asks Joanna if she regrets her behavior at the party. She said she regretted having too many drinks and going overboard. Adriana says she regrets getting physical with Joanna.

Andy reminds us that the party in question took place at Lisa’s. Lisa said everyone disrespected her and it would never have happened at Lea’s house. She said no one has apologized to her and Joanna offers an obviously late apology. Adrianna makes a mea culpa as well. Lisa’s not too impressed and said she wishes the apologies had come sooner. Joanna says she’s had a lot of stuff going on.

Lisa said she had put a lot of work into the party and they didn’t have to have their fight there and no one cares how it hurt her. Andy drags Karent into the fray saying it was her interview that started it. Karent says she was vindicated because the reported tweeted a correction about the botox for brains and classless fameless whores comments didn’t come from her.

Andy asked Adrianna if she now owes Karent an apology and she ponies one up. Andy also wants to know if she owes one to Joanna as well. She says sorry to Joanna as well for hitting her and that it made her feel bad that she had sunk to that level. Adrianna says she’s not proud of her behavior and says if she was triggered by an argument that was not true, she owes apologies.

Andy asked if she’s apologizing to Lisa and Adrianna gives a beatific smile and says “especially to Lisa.” Lisa laughs and says finally.

Andy wants to know why Adrianna keeps publicly calling Joanna a call girl. Joanna says that her photos were being used on an escort site and a couple of adult clubs. She says she has two lawsuits going over it. Adrianna admitted when she was 19-20, she did a foot fetish tickle video, but that she has never done anything wrong.

Andy says to clear it up Joanna was not a call girl – her Maxim photos were illegally used by a website and that she has just done the one fetish video. She says she hosted a Girls Gone Wild infomercial, but that she wasn’t nude. Joanna says the only time she’s gone nude was for Playboy.

Lea says when you’re accusing someone, if you’re not willing to say it under oath, you shouldn’t attack someone. Lea says she didn’t condone or defend the accusations made at the party. Ana says Lea should have known it was going to happen.

Ana said Lea knew all about it. Lea said she’ll go under oath and to bring on the truth serum. Lea is out of her chair pointing her finger again and tells Ana she’s the most boring person on the show and Ana counters saying “It’s not the old and the restless!” Oh snap!

Ana tells her to go home, get her walker and take her Geritol. Lea tells Ana she’s dark and evil to the core. Karent defends Lea saying with age comes experience. Andy says he wants to put a pin in this and calls for a break.

Andy welcomes Alexia and says she looks understated as ever. He reminds everyone that she decided not to be a full cast member this season because of her son Frankie’s terrible car accident. He asks her to recap it. She says Frankie was not supposed to live or would be just a vegetable. She says it’s been remarkable that he is walking and talking now. He’s just 15. Andy asks how she got through and she says with God and her friends.

He asks Marisol how it was being by her side as she went through it. Marisol says Alexia was so strong and so positive. She said she didn’t accept that he would be handicapped and after a week he was walking and now he’s even running. Adrianna says she’s a great mother and her strength saved him.

Andy asks Alexia about her other son Peter (age 20) who was arrested. She said he had a hard time with Frankie’s accident and he’s very introverted and upset. She said he made a stupid mistake. Andy defines that he punched a homeless man – she said he hit, didn’t punch. (potatoe – potato) She said he couldn’t express his frustration – apparently he did – but on a poor homeless dude. Alexia collapses into tears that seem genuine – but rally she just wants a change of subject…

She said Peter is very sorry and loves homeless people. Really? He loves homeless people? They say we hurt the ones we love…

Andy asks how Peter could plead not guilty to assaulting the homeless man when he taped the whole incident and posted it on Facebook. Is that hit a homeless guy in the facebook? Alexia says he has an attorney so she can’t answer it for him but that he’ll pay for it the rest of his life and he has to do community service and has to get involved with a homeless association. What? Isn’t that like putting a rapist at a women’s center. Bad idea…

Adrianna says that having boys you understand that sometimes boys bottle up and then burst out. Andy reminds us that at the venue party that Karent upset her by bringing up Frankie. He asks if she was being malicious. She said she doesn’t understand why she had never brought it up before. Alexia says if Karent was so concerned, she could have called her and said something.

Alexia and Karent get into a yelling match about her not expressing concern about Frankie’s accident. Alexia screams at her to shut up several times. Andy wants to know how Alexia knows Rudolpho and she says from the magazine. Karent gest snippy and says that he was a big enough celebrity to be in the magazine. Ana clarifies that she was the one that called him a nobody.

Andy said Karent was much reviled by the ladies this season. They show a series of clips of Karent’s antics that drive the ladies crazy. They criticize her weird social behavior and chronic posting of new acquaintances on Facebook as if they’re friends. Etc, etc.

Andy mentions the carrier pigeon meme. Karent clarifies that she never slept with Joe Francis and that he was saying he slept with Joanna. Karent says she whispered in Joanna’s ear what she had heard Joe say. Lisa agrees that Karent was just being a good friend to Joanna.

Andy asks if she thinks she’s been spreading gossip all season. Adrianna says when she avoided kissing Roman at the party that Karent ran off gossiping about that. Joanna says Adrianna was flirting as usual. Andy said they should encourage restraint.

Back from the break, Andy calls on Alexia about she and Adrianne being the most annoyed with Karent. Alexia said she had always been nice and sociable with Karent before – and that she wants clarification that Karent wanted time on the show. Ana says Rudolpho said that Karent was basically stalking him and it was very fatal attraction.

Lea said the treatment of Karent is wrong. Andy brings up Bimini. He asks Alexia why she brought up the story about Rudolpho in Bimini. She says the writer who wrote the article writes for her publication as well. Lisa said the girls weren’t telling Karent to help her – it was not with good will.

Lisa said Karent didn’t deserve what happened. Marisol said they thought the best way to deliver the message to Karent was to tell a friend who could tell her. Lisa says the ladies wanted to see Karent’s reaction. Ana said they wanted to see to make sure the actual story was told to Karent and not something Lisa made up instead. Lisa said she’s happy that Karent didn’t show a reaction. Lisa claps and Ana mocks her for clapping saying nothing merited applause.

Andy says Karent wasn’t the only victim of gossip this season. They show gossip clips including ones of Elsa the toad. Andy asks Alexia about the rumors that her husband is gay. She says that came from Joanna and everything out of her mouth is trash. Alexia says he’s a great dad, husband and lover and the gossips are just jealous.

Joanna says it’s just a rumor, not an accusation. She says it’s just things she’s heard. Karent says the only relationship in question was hers. Ana says Karent’s boyfriend is gay. Andy wants to know if Rudolpho is seeing anybody and pulls a coy look.

Marisol starts yelling about people saying her marriage was fake and for a green card. Lea said that was a joke and she’s up and pointing again. Lea said people aren’t saying her marriage is fake because of the green card issue but because the day the cameras left, so did her husband!

Marisol yells that Lea knows nothing about her life and her relationship failed because she sucked as a wife. Lea says that’s not true, but Marisol wants to be the victim again. Marisol says the only thing she was a victim of was thinking Lea was her friend.

Andy wants to know what Lisa was doing in Vegas when she met Lenny. She says she was dating a d-bag who was mediocre. She said she was out there doing modeling work – not a stripper or anything like that. Andy asks if she regrets doing Playboy and she says she does. She said she used to glorify Playboy back in the day, but now she thinks it’s cheesy. Joanna says she’s proud of her Playboy spread. She said Playboy put her on the map and that she’s grateful to them.

Andy tells Alexia good-bye and we’re at another break!

Back from the break, Marisol says she’s going to f-ing explode. She says she’s got to go pee. Lea whispers to Karent that if she wasn’t drinking so much, she wouldn’t have to pee so much. She runs off set and says she’ll go fast. Back to a break again while Marisol runs to tinkle…

Back from the break, Andy says all the ladies disagree on most things, but that they all love Elsa (aka frog face). They show a bunch of Elsa clips. She’s a wild one. The clips are hilarious.

Elsa rubs Andy’s hands and tells him his hands feel good. He asks about the energy in the room and she says nothing is coming from the heart. Andy wants to know what she thinks about things the ladies said about her. She says Joanna is fresh and has no respect for people. She says that Joanna called her a prostitute and now they’re enemies. Andy clarifies that she called her the devil, not a prostitute. Elsa says it’s better to be a prostitute than the devil. Joanna apologizes. Elsa says it’s very offensive.

He asks what she thinks about Lea’s opinions of Marisol. Elsa says it hurts her when Lea is unkind to Marisol. Lea says as a mother she can respect her feelings.

Andy brings up the dramatic dinner party at Thomas’ house and how angry she was. Elsa said she wasn’t angry but that he’s never treated her like that before and she’s known him for years. Elsa said Thomas was mad because she had told Lea not to talk. Thomas never apologized and Elsa said he’s pretending it didn’t happen.

Andy brings up viewer comments about her face (the elephant in the room.) She said she wants her face fixed, but she’s scared to trust a doctor. He wants to know if she’s a psychic. Elsa says the group is not spiritual enough to understand her. He asks why she called Obama an animal and she says she didn’t do it – she says she loves Michelle.

Andy asks about her claim that she’s Madonna’s spiritual adviser. She says she did a reading for a friend of Madonna’s who then introduced them. A viewer wants to know if she’s married. She says she’s not and Marisol reminds her that she is – the divorce isn’t final. Another viewer wants to know if she’s looking for a man. She says she likes intelligent men rather than good looking men. Andy says it can come together and she says it doesn’t.

Another viewer wants to know why she’s so damned fabulous. Andy asks Elsa about why she told him he was incapable of love – she says it’s because he has secrets. Andy thanks Elsa for coming and calls for a break.

After the break, he wants to know what the ladies want for their future. They show Roman re-proposing to Joanna and the ladies in the water holding flowers making wishes. They show Lisa talking about infertility, Ana on divorce.

Ana’s crying when she sees the clip of Robert. She tells Andy she’s not in love with him, but they grew up together, so he’ll always be in her life. He asks Marisol if she’s moved on from Philippe and she says it’s hard, but there are days now where she doesn’t think about him.

Adriana says she’s getting married in the spring. Joanna says she and Roman are working on a fairy tale wedding. Lisa says she’s still trying to start a family. Karent has moved on from Rudolpho and is taking it one day at a time. Lea says some people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. She says reality TV brings out the worst in people. She tears up and apologizes for reacting badly to some people – but then she also says she forgives, but won’t forget the character assassinations targeted at her.

Andy says he can’t wait for next season!

The End!