The Real Housewives Of Orange County RECAP 7/1/13: Season 8 Episode 13

The Real Housewives Of Orange County RECAP 7/1/13: Season 8 Episode 13

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY continues on Bravo tonight with a whole new episode called, “Wedding Dress Stress.” On tonight’s episode things get tense while shopping for Tamra’s wedding dress when Lauri confronts Vicki about Brooks’ behavior.  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you HERE!

On last week’s show Sparks fly when Alexis and Heather finally came face-to-face to settle their differences. Briana and Ryan shared an emotional goodbye as he prepared for deployment. Lydia threw a sexy salsa dance party, but found herself in the middle of big drama when Slade threw a snarky comment her way. Vicki was stunned by the arrival of an unexpected dance partner, while rumors swirled about her love life. Things got ugly when Gretchen threatened to back out of Tamra’s wedding dress shopping excursion when she found out Alexis will be there.

On tonight’s show Tamra is frustrated with the slow progress on her fitness studio, while Heather’s acting career speeds ahead as she lands another guest role on a popular sitcom. Tamra shops for a wedding dress with the whole gang, but her beautiful day turns ugly when Lauri drops a bomb on Vicki about who Brooks is spending time with. After dinner, Tamra and Heather question Gretchen’s honesty.

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of  “The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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Tamra is at her club. Eddie had planned a romantic dinner. Yet she can’t help but notice so many things that aren’t done yet. They are behind schedule by several weeks. They don’t hap on it though. They instead reminisce about the great time they had at Lydia’s party. The night would have even better if Gretchen hadn’t laid her ultimatum. Eddie agrees that Gretchen is being childish. It all comes down to if Gretchen doesn’t show for Tamra’s dress shopping then Tamra won’t consider her to be a good friend.

Heather got another acting job. Terry has been supportive and there’s hasn’t been any of the other drama that happened before.

Tamra is going dress shopping. Vicki, Lyndia, and Lauri are with her. Even though this is Tamra’s third wedding this is the first time she doesn’t have to wear a maternity dress. They’re going to pick up Gretchen when Tamra asked what the drama was at the party. Lydia explains she found Slade to be immature and didn’t think a man should comment on a women’s appearance like a twelve year old girl much to the amusement of everyone in the car.

Gretchen gets in the car and Lydia immediately notices a huge diamond ring. Gretchen had decided to wear an old engagement ring from her ex to Tamra’s dress shopping.  Everyone is at the store including Heather and Alexis who have been nice to each other. Everyone is enjoying themselves but Gretchen remains standoffish.

There isn’t any drama until Vicki tells Alexis about Gretchen’s ultimatum. Vicki claims she wanted Alexis to know Tamra went to bat for her. Alexis is happy to hear what Tamra and refuses to feel uncomfortable because of Gretchen. She sees Tamra for a moment alone and thanks her for standing up for her. She leaves the appointment early.

The rest of the ladies are out in the waiting area when Lydia asks how Brooks and Vicki have been doing. Vicki admits they officially ended things. Lauri play shy wit h her information but the tidbits she does give like Brooks had been seeing her friend of one of her daughters. She doesn’t know if there was sex but admits the girl is in the porn industry. Vicki is just getting flustered. Lydia is able to sense Lauri is doing this on purpose otherwise she would have taken Vicki aside.

Tamra does find her dream dress. Gretchen leaves quickly after because of an engagement. Tamra wants to take a group picture with her in the dress but Vicki can’t. She’s emotional about Brooks. Lydia and Lauri go over to help. Lauri actually reveal more details about the mysterious girl.  They leave to go to dinner. During the ride over Tamra and Heather wants to know what happened but Vicki wants everyone to be happy.

Vicki excuses herself at the restaurant to take a call but other women still want to know what happened so Lauri admits to telling Vicki about Brooks. Heather feels like Lauri didn’t have to tell Vicki about all of that and tells Lauri this. Certain things shouldn’t be discussed. Vicki didn’t have to hear about what her ex did.

Vicki returns to the table and Heather admits to what she was doing earlier. She was doing a table read for a new show with Reba. Everyone congratulates her but then Heather mentions how Gretchen told her about auditioning for a part with the same shoe. Heather had asked around and Gretchen was never offered anything.

Gretchen had said she given up the role to go dress shopping with Tamra. Tamra is upset about the lie especially after she opened up to her. Lydia thinks she should be here to defend herself and Lauri is upset that Vicki of all people is calling Gretchen a liar.

 Lydia has planned a trip for Canda with all the girls; will it honestly be any better than Mexico?

The End!