The Talking Dead Live Recap March 24 With David Morrissey, Greg Nicotero, & Reggie Watts

The Talking Dead Live Recap March 24 With David Morrissey, Greg Nicotero, & Reggie Watts

Did you watch last week’s episode of The Talking Dead?  The special guests were comic book legend Todd McFarlane, co-founder of Image Comics who is best known for drawing Spider-Man and creating Spawn, Comedian Kumail Nanjiani who is best known for his role in the short-lived sitcom Michael & Michael Have Issues.  You can read the full recap HERE.

Tonight on Talking Dead the celebrity guest is comedian Reggie Watts. Reggie Watts currently appears as the sidekick on the IFC talkshow Comedy Bang Bang. There will also be three guests from the Walking Dead appearing.

The two announced Walking Dead guests are David Morrissey and Greg Nicotero. David Morrissey plays The Governor, while Greg Nicotero is a co-executive producer, special effects makeup artist, director and also sometimes actor on The Walking Dead.  There is also going to be a surprise cast member appearing on the Talking Dead.

The Talking Dead airs tonight, Sunday, March 24 at 10 PM ET on AMC.  With just one more episode left you do not want to miss this episode.  If you missed tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s The Walking Dead Episode 15– just CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget to come back to our live recap of The Talking Dead at 10PM tonight for all the commentary recap, gossip and sneak peek video of the next episode entitled, “Welcome to the Tombs.”’

RECAP: David shares that he absolutely loves where his character is going, Chris says that it is kind of like the Governor died inside a little after Penny died. Chris asks Reggie about the last scene, he says that he was rooting for Merle. Greg says that it is challenging killing a major character and feels like he has a responsibility to make it really compelling. Greg also previously killed off Dale. Greg says that it was a perfect place to end the show tonight. Greg says that Merle wanted to take out as many as the Governor’s men as he could to give his brother a chance to have a life that he will never have. Sadly, Daryl will never know the sacrifice that his brother made for him.

Poll Question: What will happen to Daryl now that Merle is dead?

Fan Question: Because the content matter of the show is so dark, did David ever crack up laughing? David says yes, he remembers one day when they were shooting golf balls and it was so hot, another day in the dressing room that he cracked up.

Chris wants to know how David prepares for the intensity of being the Governor. David says that he listens to certain music on his Ipod, or looks at photographs to bring him in the mood.

Greg says that it is sad killing people off because everyone is such a good actor. Chris says he loved when Glenn proposed to Maggie, Reggie thought the way that Glenn retrieved the ring was amazing. Chris loved the moment between Hershel and Glenn as well when he gave his permission for he and Maggie to wed.

Chris asks David why the Governor enjoyed the “cat and mouse” game against Andrea so much. David says the toughest thing was figuring out which side of the road to drive on. Chris asks about the whistling and David says that it was his idea.

Chris wants to know what has changed with Rick, Greg says that everything has changed for him now, even his vision of Lori changed, she was no longer dressed in white. Reggie thinks that Michonne has changed as well, she is now connected with the group at the prison because when Merle let her go, she didn’t have to go back, but she did.

Joining the show now is Michael Rooker, Chris tells him that his dying on the show was phenomenal. Chris asks Michael if they did anything special for his last day, he says that they headed to a pub. Chris then says that Merle redeemed himself in the end, Michael says that Merle already did that, he had it in him already. Michael says the only reason Merle let Michonne go is that he didn’t want to listen to her anymore and he knew he was on a mission and could do it alone. Chris thinks Daryl stabbed Merle five times, I counted eight, what about you?

Chris wants to know where was Merle’s heart, Michael says it has always been with his brother. Michael says it best, Merle came in an ass-kicker and goes out an ass-kicker. Chris asks David what the biting off Merle’s fingers scene was like, David says it was fun.

Fan Question: Just how good was Merle with the one hand. Michael says he would sometimes just practice and got really good at it. Michael says that he didn’t like for his other hand to be called a stump, he called it Little Merle.

David thinks that the Governor would have been a different man if his family had lived, he was probably fine in the real world, but since Penny is gone he has deteriorated.

Chris thinks the chair was made originally for Andrea, David doesn’t thinks so, he thinks the chairs were made for anyone that he could put in them, while Greg thinks that the chair was made for Michonne.

Chris announces an “Oprah” moment, he gives a copy of The Waking Dead Survival Instincts game to everyone in the audience.

Greg says that the finale is going to be great, some really great stuff is coming up. Chris asks David about Milton being mouthy and he says he can’t give anything away. Reggie predicts that it is really going to be amazing next week.

Poll results, Daryl will be cold and withdrawn after the loss of his brother. Chris is hoping he hooks up with Carol, he has been wanting that all season long.

The end!