The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 REVIEW “Death and the Maiden”

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 7 Review “Death and the Maiden”

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES episode 7 “Death and the Maiden” opened with Silas is chilling on a bus stop bench. He starts talking to a boy and a girl sitting next to him. Silas tells him how back in the day he cheated on his them girlfriend with Amarra and when the girlfriend found out she turned Amarra to stone. WTH? Was the girlfriends name Medusa? The boy ask him if he is ok. Silas tells them hat Amarra woke up and then proceeded to stab him with glass and now he is stuck at a bus stop with a pain in the neck. Speaking of pain the boy goes down and starts chocking up blood. The girl panics and ask what is happening to him. Silas tells her “‘My bad I’m a witch in a frightfully bad mood and I’m turning your boys insides to mush in order to feel better”. He also tells her she could be next. She naturally does what in loving girlfriend would and runs into the night screaming. The bus pulls up. Silas gets on and leaves the boy laying there dying.

Stefan meanwhile is having repetitive nightmares about Silas and the whole throwing him in the water in a safe thing. At one point when Stefan wakes up from his unpleasant slumber Elena is there and she is bearing gifts of a coffee in a mug. Stefan ask her what she is doing there. Elena claims she misses him and went he went away she lost a friend. She offers him a do over. I assume this time he will stay in the friend zone. Yeah right. Anyway Stefan tries to save her the embarrassment of traveling and tells her his memories are back courtesy of Tessa. Elena thinks this is just peachy news and hugs him. Stefan’s face looks anything but peachy.

Damon quizzes him on anything and everything from a punch to his face to his bike. Both were gifts from Damon. Stefan is having a flashback when he breaks his coffee mug. Stefan plays it off by saying he can’t remember his own strength. He hears a pound thump and questions what it is. Damon tells him the have a doppelgänger situation. Stefan muses it must be Katherine. Damon tells him nope and takes him to a cell where Amarra is banging on things and talking to herself. Damon tells him she is a little crazy like one of those guys that get stuck in a island and start talking to volley balls. Stefan finds it hard to believe Amarra is the anchor. Damon is just concerned about getting Bonnie. Damon explains she is mortal now so they have to keep her alive.

Jeremy tells Bonnie it’s going to be really difficult to keep Amarra alive. Jeremy has three things to tell Bonnie. First this is not goodbye. Second thanks you for giving your life up for me. We don’t get to three because Bonnie isn’t having it.

Katherine is good as far as blood goes. The doctor wonders if she is just irritable or if it’s her personality. Wonder no more Maxfield it’s her personality. He tells her now that she is human she is aging and since she was turned into a vampire 500 or so years ago this is going to be a bitch. He follows up with she only has a few months to live.

Damon gives Silas a ring. Silas tells him he is taking a bus. Damon wonders wth is wrong with him and his every man crisis. Silas explains that it’s simple really, Amarra can die for all he cares and make Damon look like a liar which if Silas is lucky will send Elena running back to Stefan proving his doppelgänger theory that those two do in fact belong together. Bonnie heads the whole convo.

Caroline calls Jesse for what is probably the millionth time. Nadia shows up to see Karherine. Right before Caroline finds our who Nadia is Katherine tells her that Nadia is her stylist. Nadia tells Katherine to sit.

Stefan is also apparently all aboard the tough luck Bonnie train. Stefan makes it very clear to Elena that Silas needs to die and he is more than willing and ready to make that happen. Stefan leaves in a huff.

Jeremy brings Amarra a sandwich and ask Bonnie how she is doing. Bonnie assures him that she still is a few clowns short of a circus. Amarra tells Jeremy she knows who is, the hunter. Amarra tells him that he is supposed to be dead that Silas killed him. She then wants to know why he isn’t. Amarra tells,Bonnie that she must have done it and that she is a witch. Bonnie is surprises she can see her. Amarra tells her she has eyes. Yeah Bonnie, all the better to see her crazy with. Amarra catches on that Bonnie is dead. Jeremy ask of she can see people on the other side. Yeah Jeremy she has eyes. Amarra explains that she is the anchor to the other side. Bonnie touches her. Amarra is not happy. Bonnie’s little hamster hops up on its wheel and she gets a brilliant idea.

Jeremy tells Damon and Elena Bonnie’s idea which is essentially they do a spell that will make Bonnie the anchor this releasing Amarra and being able to let her die. Damon begins to realize Amarra isn’t crazy she is just talking to all the dead people roaming around the house. Elena tells him to get Tessa.

Tessa opens her door. Damon tells her he is hoping they could talk. Tessa was hoping he was her Chinese food. Damon lets himself in and explains the situation to Tessa. He then tells her they need to make a deal.

Elena is still meddling in Stefan’s life and trying her best to convince him to not kill Silas. Stefan tells her if he doesn’t Silas wins. Stefan tells her about the moments in the safe when things from the past would make him happy and keep him sane. How they allowed him to keep his humanity. Stefan tells her he needs to kill him or he is going to lose his mind or his humanity or both.

Damon tells Tessa how he has a volunteer to take Amarra’s place as the anchor. Tessa tells him that in order to take his ghost and transfer Amarra’s power she is going to need a lot of power and they are short a full moon. Damon tells her to name her price. Tessa tells him she needs doppelgänger’s. Damon tells her he has them coming out his ears.

Katherine is eating a bag of chips. Nadia is talking to her about the fact she has been avoiding her. Katherine tells Nadia her dad took her form her because he thought Katherine was a shameful slut. I’ll just leave that one alone. Caroline walks in and tells Katherine her presence is demanded. She gets up and leaves with her. Nadia just looks on.

Tessa is mocking Damon and telling him how she is sure that a sitcom of his life is in the works somewhere. Tessa then wants to be taken to Amarra. Elena obliges. Tessa gives Amarra hell for a bit. Amarra tells her she is sorry and them begs her to kill her. Tessa tells her nothing would give her more pleasure but first she has to make someone else the anchor. Tessa tells her she gets the bonus of knowing her and Silas will spend eternity apart because she is mortal and he is not.

Katherine walks through the door and says the cute ones here. Tessa says let me guess you must be uno. Katherine tells her she doesn’t give a damn about Bonnie and the inky way she will is if Tessa will whip her up a get out of aging potion. Tessa agrees. Tessa then ask where Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum are.

All three Elena’s and Tessa are in a room. She puts Bonnie’s Grimoire in the center as Bonnie’s stand in. She stabs all three of their hands and the blood drips onto the book. Tessa begins to chant and the blood makes a design on the book. The candles get brighter. The candles go off. Lights blow out. They want to know what the flip is going on. Tessa tells them it’s all Silas.

Damon walks in with his trusty flashlight to save the day. Tessa and Amarra are missing. Tessa has a candelabra and is headed towards Silas. She tells him he pulled a bs move by turning off all the lights. He wants to know if she has seen Amarra. Nope she kinda disappeared. Silas tells her to let it go. She starts flinging things at him. Silas floats a fireplace poker in the air. It nails Tessa in the heart. Stefan calls him and Silas informs him he doesn’t care if he killa Amarra. Stefan knows that and says he has ten minutes or he is keeping her alice while everyone else hunts Silas down. P.S Silas you know have nine minutes.

Caroline finds Katherine sitting in front of the fireplace. Katherine can’t get her hand to stop bleeding. Caroline lets her drink some of her blood so she can heal. Katherine pukes it up and then gets her rage on. Katherine finds Tess with the poker in her. Tessa ask her why a witch can’t rest in peace. Katherine tells her its a flesh wound and yanks it out. She tells Tessa to get up that she isn’t done yet.

Silas finds Amarra tied to a tree and gagged. He unites her. She tells him she loved him and still does. But that she can’t love any longer and to please understand. Silas tells her he understands and that he loves her. Silas puts a knife to her throat. She tells him please and that she is ready. Before he can do it Stefan comes out of nowhere and grabs him.

Stefan is choking the life out of him. Silas makes some of Stefan’s shitty memories come back and it is causing him oodles of pain. Silas thinks he has the upper hand and at the moment he kinds of does. Stefan grabs the knife and sends it sailing into Silas’s chest. Silas dies and Amarra feels it.
Damon tells Elena he can’t find Stefan or Amarra. Elena being the smarter of the two explains to Damon that’s because Stefan took her. Elena tells Damon he has to,go after Stefan. Damon thinks its typical Stefan behavior. Stefan happens to be falling on his ass in the woods just in case anyone was wondering. Elena doesn’t think he is in the right frame of mind to be roaming around the woods. She guilts Damon into going to look for Stefan. Tessa starts doing the spell again.

Amarra runs over to Silas. She pulls the knife out and stabs herself with it. Damon sees her do it. He tries to keep her alive. Tessa is still reading the spell. Bonnie tells Jeremy goodbye. The book catches fire. Damon fails and Amarra dies. Bonnie wants to know the third thing. He tells her he loves her. Jeremy reaches out and can touch her. Elena and Caroline can see her. They grab her and hug her.

Jeremy and Bonnie are hanging out together. Jeremy grans her hand. He kisses her.

Katherine is talking to Tessa about the spell. Tessa won’t do it. There is a huge puddle of blood in the floor beside her. Tess cut herself up with some glass. She falls and dies. Tessa finds Bonnie and tells her she will feel every death. Tess tells her sorry and just like that Bonnie is screaming.

Stefan is trying to bury Silas but Elena won’t shut the hell up so he can. She even brags about she got everything she wanted. Stefan tells her he wanted it to be her that opened the safe.

Katherine comes to move her stuff out of Caroline’s dorm room. Nadia has Katherine’s bag in her arm. Nadia tells her she is leaving. Katherine tells her they aren’t going to have any mother/daughter bonding. Caroline is like ummmm…daughter? Wow. Katherine tells Nadia to take a good look because she won’t be seeing her again. She takes her bag and leaves. The look on Nadia’s face suggest otherwise.

Stefan is having flashbacks while he is burying Silas. Stefan says its supposed to be over.


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