The Voice’s Blake Shelton, Usher, and Adam Levine Destroy American Idol’s Keith Urban

The Voice’s Blake Shelton, Usher, and Adam Levine Destroy American Idol’s Keith Urban

Remember ten years ago when everybody and I do mean everybody, was plugged into American Idol each week? People didn’t just watch, they were invested. Unfortunately that was way back when and as of right now the show pretty much sucks. It is getting killed in the ratings. Even Duck Dynasty beat it last week and The Voice is clearly the show of choice for those American’s still eager to see new talent come to life on their television.

It seems that The Voice isn’t just winning the television ratings war either, but its male judges, Blake Shelton, Usher and Adam Levine are absolutely killing AI’s Keith Urban in concert ticket sales as well! According to StubHub, via Radar, The Voice’s trio is crushing Urban’s sales with a ratio of 6:1. That’s an awful lot of fans going to see the boys that grace their television and give feedback each and every week.

Nicki Minaj said a few weeks ago that she purposely causes drama because if she didn’t no one would be talking about AI at all and that really does seem to be true. Urban rides the fence when it comes time to give his critiques, Mariah Carey is almost too nice, Randy Jackson is just kind of there being himself and Nicki, thank god is a wild card. No one really is anxious to see what they’ll say and there’s just no excitement in that mix and it has to be spilling over into other areas of their lives. If Keith is boring on TV then people will naturally expect a boring concert. It’s almost a bad career move to be affiliated with AI right now.

Is this the end of the road for the show that we all once loved? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 responses to “The Voice’s Blake Shelton, Usher, and Adam Levine Destroy American Idol’s Keith Urban”

  1. Joy_67 says:

    What have you got against American Idol??? YOU are the ones who ‘created’ all of the chaos with American Idol in the first place, and you keep perpetuating LIES about it, too. AI had 12.6 million viewers vs. Duck Dynasty’s 9.6 last Weds… too bad you lied about that, too! The two women judges have NOT been hostile at all after their one disagreement… and Nicki Minaj is the ‘problem’ on there, NOT Keith Urban!! It’s still doing great for a TWELVE year old show… and they create real singers with careers. Who even knows the names of the ‘winners’ on The Voice??? And why on earth would you pit ‘three’ artists against ‘one’ like this? This just proves how idiotic your site is! Keith Urban’s talents far surpass anything that Blake Shelton could ever dream about doing… and you can’t compare a Rock artist to a Country artist, nor even whatever it is that Usher does… Rap? New Age? R&B? He’s a real mishmash… but why create more lies like this? Is there not enough hate in the world that you have to create even more?? GEEZ… read some news and get a real life! This is nothing but fish wrappings…….

  2. I do not believe a word of this crap! Like Joy stated…..Keith Urban is way above in talent than Blake Shelton or the other artist you mentioned. I would put Keith’s talents and performances up against any of the Voice guys any day. You need to research a little bit more than apparently you have. Keith was winning MV & Entertainer awards before Blake was even anybody. Keith has way out sold Blake in albums as well! Go recheck your facts because this article is full of falsehoods!

  3. Teddy20 says:

    First off, where did you find those numbers because duck dynasty did get more views. Second, without Nicki (sure she can be annoying) the idol judges are boring!, people dont want to admit it but simon and paula had something to do with previous idol success, we cared about what they thought and loved their love-hate relationship. And third, the voice is just better with better talent and atmosphere and for the record, adam/usher is just unfair to compare ticket sales to, usher and maroon 5 sell out world wide, alot of americans didnt even know who keith urban was or barely knew him and blake shelton had the same issue but the difference was his character; down home country feel (like watching your uncle) and a sense of humor that made us wanna know his talent