The Voice RECAP 11/11/13: Season 5 “Live Top 12 Performances”

The Voice RECAP 11/11/13: Season 5 “Live Top 12 Performances”

THE VOICE is one of our favorite singing reality competitions because the judges – definitely have a good time and are even quite funny. Tonight, The Voice season 5 will be returning with a new episode called, “Live Top 12 Performances.”  On tonight’s show the remaining artists from each coach’s team perform live for your votes. In case you missed the last week’s show we have the full and detailed recap right here for you.

On last week’s show with just 12 slots available for the remaining 20 artists, there was no doubt that some gifted singers would see their dreams interrupted.  By the end of the evening each team was Narrowed to three artists.  The remaining top 12 are: James Wolpert, Tessanne Chin, Will Champlin, Austin Jenckes, Cole Vosbury, Ray Boudreaux, Caroline Pennell, Jonny Gray, Kat Robichaud, Jacquie Lee, Josh Logan and Matthew Schuler.

On tonight’s show the top 12 artists perform live in front of coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera for America’s vote.  Each week the artists will perform  in hopes to be saved and move forward to the ultimate goal of being named the Voice.

Tonight’s  The Voice “Live Top 12 Performances”  is going to be an exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 8 PM EST!   While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of The Voice.

RECAP: First up is Caroline Pennell, CeeLo believes she has stolen the hearts of America. Caroline mentions that her father inspired her to become a singer because of his love for music, she really wants to make him proud. Caroline feels like she has learned so much and if she does go home she would not be going empty handed.

CeeLo says that she did wonderful and that he has nothing to say that would not be bias; he loves seeing her perform and he supports her so much. Blake loves her a lot as well and liked her doing something more up tempo; he believes she did a good job but the audience has the worst rhythm ever. Adam says that Caroline is great and there is a purity to what she does that he loves.

Next up is Josh Logan; Josh thanks Christina for saving him and she says that she knows he can do well and gives him the song “The Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson. Christina believes it’s all or nothing for Josh this week and that he has to make a connection to the audience.

Christina says that she noticed him holding back and was glad to see him open up with this song, she loved the soul in his singing and believes he did a great job. Adam says that was great and loves the song so much; it always makes him smile. CeeLo says he is one of his favorite vocalists and is glad that he listened to Christina’s advice. Blake says that Josh would not have been in the bottom three last week with that song and allowed the song to shine.

Next up is Jame Wolpert, Adam tells him that last week he was amazing and is now going to sing “Mister Bright Side” by The Killers. James mention she use to be in a band playing the guitar, he had to sing because the bands vocalist left. James feels that this is all a dream and hopes he never wakes up.

Adam say that ever single second of that song was the most dynamic yet controlled performance he has ever seen, he turned into a rock star in front of their eyes and loved it so much. Christina says it was really nice and is proud of Jame; she is impressed with his growth and the high note he had was just perfect but felt nervous at first but is glad how great it went. CeeLo says he loved the stage presence and the way he performed was just amazing.

Next up is Austin Jenks, America saved him and Blake believes he wants to give him the chance to sing a really classic country song. Austin wants to help support his wife with a career in music. He will be singing “It’s Going To Be A Good Day” by Travis Tripp; he usually sings rock and wants to do country justice.

Blake says that he is so solid when he gets on the stage every single time, the thing about him doing country is to get the fan base to embrace him and that he completely nailed the song. CeeLo says that he likes Austin a lot and liked the way he made the song his own, Adam believes the high note he hit was so beautiful and it was perfect.

Next up is Jaquie Lee, she is the youngest girl in this competition and impressed the coaches so much with her last performance. Jaquie wants Christina to keep teaching her, she is going to be singing “Love Is Blindness”. Christina says she needs to put more emotion in her vocals.

Christina says that she was amazing and felt the energy in the room light up; believing she set the stage on fire. Adam says that Jaquie continues to impress all of them and that the song choice was quite mature but the second she started to open up it was amazing. CeeLo says that he loves the way she makes him feel; she just gets him lost in the music.

Next up is Ray Boudreau, Blake felt he could be the most successful and has amazing vocals. Blake wants him to sing about love to sing “All Of Me” by John Legend, Blake wants Ray to show a softer side of himself. Ray is worried about the song, Blake says he needs to sing a song like this that should destroy women’s lives.

Blake says that he got wrapped up into that song; he was waiting for something to go wrong but he was amazed at how solid the performance was. Christina says that the ladies were loving it so much, but Blake was the most excited and felt he vocally fell short in a view places.

Kat Robichaud is up next and CeeLo saved her; many people said they wanted her rocker image. The biggest challenge for Kat is finding where she should do her high notes; CeeLo believes the people will love this performance.

CeeLo says that he loved her attitude, he loves the record because of how solid it is and that she nailed it; he enjoys how different her voice is compared to others. Blake loved the performance and is always entertained by her, he feels like she is like a lion. Christina says that she came to play; loving how serious she was and had such great vocals.

Next is Jonny Grey, CeeLo wants him to do something very unpredictable. He shows him the song “Another Day In Paradise” by Phil Collins, mainly because he wants Jonny to show his emotions. Jonny connects well with the song because he never saw much of his dad and would like to be in the top 10.

CeeLo says that he is ready for him to win this competition and write his own music; he believes that the songs he sings are narrative to get him to his goal. Adam says that when it started that the syncs were a little off and there were a few rhythmic issues but he came right back and did a great job.

Next is Tessanne Chin, America saved her and Adam is so happy about it. Adam gave her “My Kind Of Love”, he knows that she can make a show stopping performance. Tessanne dedicates the song to her husband who has been her rock of support this whole time. Adam really believes that she has amazing power in her voice and has a Grammy winning voice.

Adam says that he feels like she always sings so emotional and flawless; his mind is blown every time. She sets the bar so high for herself; knowing she can always be amazing and that she does have the voice. Christina says that it was really cool and felt that her voice is so rich that she believes she could do almost anything.

Next up is Matthew Schuler who will be paying tribute to his gospel roots; Christina says that each week he makes a cool adventure out of his songs and gives him “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. Christina wants him to be fearless with his high notes and to take charge of the stage.

Christina says that there is something so magical and the room goes still with his singing; it’s as if everyone is with him. She feels like Matthew gave the song so much life and is so glad to be his coach. Blake says that this week he believes that Matthew is by far her best on her team. Adam says that he loves that song a lot and is very defensive about it but he sang such a beautiful rendition of the song.

Next up is Cole Vosbury, Blake finds he figured out what kind of artist he is. Cole says he lost a lot of close people to him in his life like his 17 year old sister and music really helps him deal with everything which Blake can relate with losing his brother. Cole is singing a song by Miguel called “Adore”.

Blake says that every time Cole is on stage it’s like he’s bringing a gun to a knife fight; it’s so much more than he expects and is so amazed with the talent he has. CeeLo says that he is very excited for him and that he is so impressed with him; he is so happy for Cole.

The last person tonight is Will Champlin and believes he has a great advantage; he believes he still needs his moment and has given him the song called “Demons”. Will has thought about music being right for him at times because of disencouragement but believes he can’t do anything else in life and that this is what he wants to do.

Adam says that he obviously impressed the audience and thinks that when he siad he loves music too much to give up in his interview really hit him hard; he loves the passion in his singing and that he was great.