The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 REVIEW “Isolation”

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 REVIEW “Isolation”

On last night’s season 4 episode 3 of THE WALKING DEAD Maggie and Glenn are digging graves. Patrick’s glasses are on top of his with the cross Carl made. Maggie looks worried about Glenn, and from how labored his breathing is she should be.

Hershel and Doctor S find another dead body. Hershel decides he needs to start making the rounds and he is checking to see if anyone else in the prison is sick. Doctor S pulls out a pocket knife when Hershel walks away.

Tyreese is up on the roof with Carol ,Daryl and Rick. Rick can’t believe what he is seeing. Tyreese explains how he came to see Karen and found her burnt to death. Tyreese is pretty much demanding that Rick finds out who did it. When Daryl reaches out to attempts to calm Tyreese down by touching him, Tyreese loses it and smacks him into the wall. Rick tries to intervene and tells Tyreese he needs to calm down and that they all have lost someone they care about. Tyreese rewards Rick’s act of concern with a fist to his face. Pretty soon Rick is throwing punches to. Daryl gets Rick to stop hitting on Tyreese even though he deserves it. Tyreese is laying in a bloody heap on the ground crying. Rick looks like he just came out of some kind of a trance and is terrified of what he just did. Carol all the while gives off the vibe of someone who is guilty of burning to people to death. (Mark my words, she did it.)

Hershel is cleaning Rick’s hand. Rick is kind of in la la land. Hershel tells him there is a council meeting the next morning. Body count this far is 12. Hershel also reminds Rick that it is also his responsibility to help keep everyone safe. (Yeah Rick focus up.)

Tyreese is outside beating the hell out of some poor shovel while he digs a grave for Karen and David. Bob tells Tyreese he might need some stitches. Tyreese tells him he will get checked out when they are in the ground. By they I mean Karen and David.

Glenn and Hershel are talking. Glenn wants to know if everyone is going to be okay. Hershel tells Glenn that sickness doesn’t happen on a timeline and that it will be different for everybody (assuming everyone would have it at one point or another.) But then again everyone could be ok offers Hershel as a way to ease Glenn’s worry. Speaking of worry, Sasha is approaching them extremely unsteady on her feet and coughing without covering her mouth. Hershel goes to help her but she stops him and tell him she is on her way to see Doctor S and that she is going to be okay. Glenn and Hershel exchange a worried look.

Sasha gets to the sick cell block and calls out for Doctor S. She is wobbly on her feet she passes one guy sitting up shaking and a woman coughing up blood. She passes one cell that’s locked up. Good thing to because dude inside is a walker. Doctor S is also sick as can be and tells Sasha they need to warn the others that IT is starting.

It’s meeting time. Hershel is explaining to Daryl, Carol, Glenn and Michonne that the sickness has spread. Carol wants to know what they should do. It’s at this point Glenn starts feeling eight kinds of shitty. Hershel tells Daryl there is a veterinarian clinic they might be able to get the meds they need from. Daryl says he will get a team together. Michonne is in. Hershel says he will draw up a map. Hershel thinks they should move the most vulnerable far far away from the rest. Glenn ask who the most vulnerable are. Hershel tells him the very young. Glenn adds and the very old (pssssst….he means you Hershel.)

Carol is trying to get some water from outside buts it’s just mud coming out. Rick offers to help it. Carol says they need fresh water. Rick tells her they will worry about that tomorrow. Carol ask if Carl is pissed about going into quarantine. Rick answers in the affirmative and tells her it’s better to be safe. Carol replies it always better to be safe (my money is still on Carol as the burner of bodies.) Rick looks at her because even he knows two plus two equals four.

Tyreese has just finished burying Karen and David. Rick walks up and apologizes for going off like a looney tune. Rick wants to know if anybody had a problem with them. Rick then suggest the person who did it was trying to stop the sickness. Tyreese is hella upset.

Tyreese walks past some sick people.

Carl is not happy about spending time with the kiddies. Rick ask him to just go for Pete’s sake. He does.

Glenn is real sick when Maggie finds him.

Daryl is working on the car they are going try taking with them. Michonne is talking with him. Daryl knows she is looking for the governor ( she might want to check who is leaving rats just laying around.) Daryl thinks they need one more person besides her, him and Bob. Daryl hunts down Tyreese to see if he would like to go.

Hershel is thinking and then walking. Carl sees Hershel leaving and tells Carl he is leaving to go in the woods. Carl goes with him.

People are heading into the cell block of doom. Carol is locking them in there. Yvette comes up to Carol and tell her she is sick. Carol hugs her and tells her she will be okay. Carol then throws her in with the rest and shuts the door. Carol starts crying.

Beth is spending time with Judith. Maggie is talking to her from the other side of the door. Maggie tells her Glenn has it. Beth tells her everything will be okay and to focus on what has to be done.

Hershel and Carl are in the woods. Hershel is gathering berries and Carl is keeping watch. Carl notices a tent. One walker is ripped in half and the other one is in a bear trap. Carl is ready to kill them. Hershel stops him. Carl is all this is your one freebie old man enjoy it.

Tyreese is visiting with Sasha. She tells him it isn’t as bad as it looks (you keep right on telling yourself that.) Tyreese is trying his hardest to raise her spirits. Tyreese tells her he is going with Daryl and company to get the meds.

Tyreese tells Daryl he needs to get his gear and they can head out. Tyreese ask Carol to keep a eye on Sasha for him. Carol is all but yelling from the roof top that she did the deed. She dumps all the water out.

Hershel comes back with a box full of berries. Maggie is chewing his ass. Hershel tells her to please shut up. Apparently elderberries can cure the common flu (learn something new everyday.) Rick is a little pissed off at him as well. Hershel tells them if he can save lives it’s worth risking his. It’s talk like that that gets a target put on your back on this show.

Beth is holding Judith and talking to Maggie through the door again. Beth is trying her best to not break down. It’s really not working for her.

Rick,is on the roof doing some good old sheriff like investigating. Checking his math and making sure that two plus two equals four.

Carol obviously having a death wish (no good deed going unpunished and all that) is out in the open near walkers trying to get some water. Clearly she has gone deaf because she doesn’t hear then coming. Rick does and takes off like a flash to save her. Carol almost bites it but Rick saves her. Rick is not happy with Carol not one bit.

Back in the car they decided to take out on their run they are discussing this and that. They hear a voice on the radio. They get super distracted by it and Daryl plows into a crap load of walkers, they are on his car and in due time under it. Eventually they have to bail. Everyone that is but Tyresse. Finally Tyreese comes to his senses and decides to help by beating the walkers heads in with a hammer (ruthless aggression, it’s a beautiful thing.)

The three musketeers are running through the woods chopping off walker heads as they go. They realize they are short one. Oh no wait, there he is.

Hershel is giving everyone the tea to drink. Hershel is talking to Doctor S. He coughs blood on Hershel (what is with these people not covering their mouths?)

Glenn also looks like he is about to get done in by a glorified cold. Hershel is doing what he does best, offering words of wisdom and showing kindness.

Rick is still mad a t Carol. Rick ask her if she is the one that burned the bodies up on the roof. Carol offers this rebuttal: YES. Carol walks away. Rick looks on in disbelief.

Somebody has to die this season. Who do you think it will be? Think it will be the sickness that gets them or something else?


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