The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 REVIEW “Too Far Gone”

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 REVIEW “Too Far Gone”

On last night’s season 4 episode 8 of THE WALKING DEAD called, “Too Far Gone,” the show opened with the Governor is trying to rally his troops, by rally I mean turn into his mindless army. He starts off by telling them he needs to talk them into doing something they need to do. He plays the nice guy card and tells them he wants them to survive. While he is talking it kicks back to a flash of what we saw last week where he was watching Carl and Rick. He tells them if they stay there they will die. Another flash, this time it’s of Herschel and Michonne pouring gas on the people,from the prison that turned Walker after dying from the sickness. Herschel lights them up. The governor is explaining how Rick and company live in a prison, with walls and fences, not to be a nag or anything but I’m pretty sure they know a prison has walls and fences. Michonne is walking with Hershel who is a step and a hop behind. The Governor tells them they could live there just as we see him crack Michonne in the head with his gun and then point it at Herschel and shake his head no at him when he pulls his own. The Governor has a plan to take the prison without anyone getting hurt. Yeah right when did this sociopath not want to hurt someone? He apparently took Michonne and Herschel as leverage, live bait if you will. Some of his mindless drones are taking issue with the fact he just up and took two people. He tells them that they are the key to taking the prison without firing any shots. The Governor tells them that they don’t need to kill anyone, by they I assume he means his army of fodder. Next he plays the victim card and brings up how they killed his daughter. I’m pretty sure he left at a few things like a Merle and a Andrea. He brings up how he tried to die, how I wish he had. He wants them to get with the program before Rick and company realize Herschel and Michonne are gone. One by one they agree to back him up in his prison take over plot. Which he is going to share in around thirty minutes. He probably still has a few kinks to work out, like what to do when Rick tells him to kick rocks. The pep talk is over and Lily comes to talk to him. She is upset that he is willing to kill people. Lilly reminds him he said they weren’t all bad people. He reasons they are with bad people. Lily wants to know if she is with a bad person to. He then proceeds to tell Lily he loves her. I call bs he hardly knows her, not only that but the only thing this guy loves besides power is himself. Lily tells him she doesn’t who he is, don’t fret Lily I guarantee by the end of this episode you are going to know exactly who he is and what he is all about.

The Governor is in a RV with Michonne and Herschel. He gives them food and tells them to eat. Then he tells them no one is going to hurt them. Herschel tells him he doesn’t believe it. I’m in full agreement with him. The Governor tells him he doesn’t care. Herschel wants to know what the flip is going on. The Governor tells him it isn’t personal and even implies that he has forgiven Michonne for killing his daughter. He wants the prison plan and simple. Michonne tells him that not only is someone going to die buts it going to be him because she is going to kill him. He tells her she won’t. She starts to go in to detail but Hershel tells her to zip,it,lock it, and put it in her pocket. Herschel ask him if he wants the prison. Why yes yes he does and he promises to take it as ruthlessly as possible, I mean as peacefully as possible. Herschel calls him Governor and he gets a tad upset, it’s not Herschel’s fault he didn’t get the memo about the whole Brian name change thing. Hershel tells them they can all live together in the prison. He tells Herschel he is a good man a better man than Rick. Herschel’s number is going to be up because we all know how the Governor feels about good men. Herschel thinks he has changed, lets run and ask Martinez, oh that’s right we can’t… because the changed man fed him to some Walkers. The Governor tells Herschel that him, Rick, and Michonne will never be able to be one big happy family. Hershel says they can find a way. The Governor snaps for a second and yells, he tells Hershel that he found a way that allows them to live and him to be………… I honestly think he was going to say Hero but couldn’t bring himself to spit it out. He gets up and goes to the door to leave. Herschel ask him if he knows what’s it’s like to have a daughter how can he threaten to harm someone else’s. The rebuttal is simple because they aren’t his. He leaves. Poor Hershel, you can’t reason with a mad man no matter how hard you try.

The Governor has Lily and Megan by the lake because biters as he calls them can’t make it across the water. Lily is still not down with his plan. He tries to play the Megan card. Speaking of which, Megan is making mud pies. He gets her to give him a hug before he leaves.

Back at the prison Maggie and a still recovering Glenn are talking about taking a vacation. He talks about their anniversary being just around the corner. Maggie leaves to get him some water.

Elsewhere in the prison Rick has dropped the Carol bomb on Darryl. Darryl is not pleased and is having trouble accepting the situation and what she did. Rick tells Darryl he hasn’t told Tyreese yet and isn’t sure how he is going to take it. Darryl is ready to go find out.

Bob is looking at a box. He gets up with it to leave. Sasha finds him and tells him thank you and tells him she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for him and Herschel she would be dead. Bob tells her it was Herschel who saved her. Sasha knows better because it was Bob who put the meds in her IV. Sasha is still a little week and bob tells her she needs to go back and rest. Sasha tells him to help her.

Rick and Darryl are looking for Tyreese. They find him and he takes them to see a dead rat that has been put on a board and dissected. Lizzie? Tyreese thinks it’s the same person that killed Karen. Rick and Darryl share a look. Rick tells Tyreese thinks that whoever was playing operation with the rat is not the person who killed Karen. Tyreese would like to know why that is, before Rick can spit it out there is a loud bang outside, they all three take off to investigate. They meet up with Maggie, Beth, Carl and Sasha. They look down and see the Governor, he tells Rick to come on down. Rick tells him he doesn’t make the decisions there is a council for that. The Governor is curious to know if Herschel and Michonne are on that council. They are removed from a jeep one at a time and the seven of them are stunned. The Governor tells Rick he is making the decisions today and to come down there so they can have that talk.

Michonne and Herschel are on the knees on the ground. The Governor is waiting for Rick. Darryl gives Rick the go team nod. He tells Carl he will be ok and heads on down, sadly there is no showcase showdown in his future it’s just a regular showdown. Darryl is coming up with a plan, if the crap hits the fan run for the bus. Rick tells him to let Herschel and Michonne go and he will stay. If they don’t leave by sundown the a Governor will kill them. Rick tries to reason with him, he brings up the sick kids. The Governor could careless he has a tank. Essentially what he is saying is if I can’t have this prison neither can you and I’ll make like the big bad wolf and blow it down.

Darryl grabs a bucket full of guns and starts passing them out.

Lily is sitting by the lake her mind is racing. She sees a Walker get in the lake, he walks for a bit but eventually falls and the water carries him downstream. All the while Megan is asking her to help her dig. Megan finally gets it up, it’s a sign that says “Warning: Flash Flood Area.” Lily is still far from her daughter watching the water and looking for more Walkers who might want to take a dip. A Walker comes up out of the ground by Megan and grabs her. Megan starts screaming. Before Lily can get there the Walker takes a bite out of Megan. Lily shoots the Walker in the head.

Rick is still trying to reason with the madman. The Governor clearly thinks he has Rick one upped and I guess in this situation he does. Rick sees some Walkers shambling over and apparently so does the Governor, he takes out his gun and shoots them in the head. The Governor is such a bastard putting all this on Rick’s shoulders when all Rick wants to do is the right thing for everybody including that ass hat. Rick tells him that they aren’t leaving and that all can live there and all they have to do is put down the weapons and come inside and be one of them that it isn’t too late that they can come back from the bad deeds because they aren’t “too far gone.” The Governor not only isn’t buying what Rick is selling but is completely unmoved and does what comes naturally to him, he gets one of Michonne’s katana’s and slices Herschel’s throat. Thus making him completely unredeemable. Oh but wait…. it gets worse. Rick screams no as Herschel falls. Maggie and Beth start screaming, Maggie is shooting as is everyone else on both sides. Michonne stop,drops, and rolls out of the way. Rick starts running for safety but gets shit in the leg on the way. Someone makes sure the Governor takes a bullet in the arm, which only seems to enrage him more so much so that he does the most horrible thing he has ever done, he chops Hershel’s head off. The Walking Dead just took out the only character on this show that had all his humanity and ability to see the good even in the most awful of situations intact.

The Governor looks up from his off with his head Queen of Hearts moment and sees Lily holding the lifeless body of Megan. What does he do, why he takes her and shoots her in the head of course. It’s about this time Alisha and Lily’s sister begin to think that maybe just maybe this was a terrible idea. Lily’s sister is scared to death hiding behind a car and Alisha is promising her that no matter what when this is all over she will come and find her.

Michonne gets her hands free. The Governor with Hershel’s blood still on his face tells his army of misguided souls to kill them all. Beth and Maggie are still crying and shooting. The tank is on the move and by on the move I mean it comes through the fence.

So much is going on, Darryl and company are shooting at the tank even though the bullets are bouncing off like pebbles. Mitch is inside the tank shooting at the prison. Tyreese, Sasha, and Darryl are taking aim. Here a shot there a shot everywhere a shot.
Mitch shoots two big holes into the prison walls with the tank. Maggie tells Beth to start getting people on the bus and if she isn’t back to leave without her. Beth starts freaking out, Maggie tells her to focus up and do her job. Maggie hands Beth her gun and takes off after Glenn. The Governor is walking toward the gun fight when Rick jumps out of nowhere knocks him to the ground and starts beating his ass. Maggie gets to Glenn just in time. Rick and the Governor are now in their upright positions and Rick is taking a few blows. Rick gets a few in but then the Governor head butts him. Rick’s side is clearly winning the gunfight. Maggie gets on the bus only to discover that Beth left to go get Judith. Maggie takes off to find her. Darryl is shooting and doesn’t see the Walker coming up on him, the Walker gets right in his face. Rick is on the ground and getting punched in the face by the Governor. Some Walkers notice all the chaos and head towards the open prison yard. Darryl is using the Walker as a shield. Darryl rips the pin out of a grenade with his teeth and throws it. Lily’s sister sees it and starts walking away in a daze. Maggie is asking Sasha about Beth when Bob gets shot. Luck for him it went straight through. They all three look up and see the bus leaving. Tyreese is about to bite it when Lizzie comes out of nowhere and shoots Alisha right between the eyes. Tyreese looks at her in shock. Tyreese notices the Walkers and tells Lizzie they need to get out of there. Lizzie takes off and Tyreese follows because she is going the wrong way. The Governor now tired of hitting Rick decides to squeeze the life out of him. Michonne being a woman of her word comes up behind the Governor and shoves her kantana straight through and then rips it out. Rick is crawling on the ground, gasping for air asking Michonne about Carl. Michonne helps him a few steps but then turns around and looks the Governor dying in agony. Just when you think she might be nice enough to end his misery she walks away. Darryl throws a grenade inside the barrel of the tank. Mitch comes flying out right before it explodes, it does him no good because he dies anyway thanks to a arrow through the chest.

Beth comes running over to Darryl and tells him she was trying to,find the kids to,get them on the bus. Darryl tells her she can’t worry about that and they need to go. They take off running. Rick is limping around looking for Carl. Whom he finds when he pops to Walkers in the head. Rick holds on to Carl and ask about Judith. They find the car seat full of blood and Rick breaks down. Carl takes it out on a Walker and then he breaks down. Rick and Carl walk away.

The Governor isn’t dead just yet, but Lily makes damn sure he is with a shot to his head. The prison is overrun by Walkers and littered with dead bodies. Rick tells Carl to just keep walking as they leave.

Darryl and Beth (that scene of them earlier this season is going to pay off soon me thinks).

Maggie, Bob, and Sasha.

Tyreese chasing down Lizzie.

Rick and Carl.

Glenn on a bus.

What’s going to happen now that everyone is split up?

Where’s Judith?

I’m really going to miss Herschel. I think I’m going to start having spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesdays.

The End!