The X Factor RECAP 10/9/13: Season 3 “The Four-Chair Challenge Round #3”

The X Factor RECAP 10/9/13: Season 3 “The Four-Chair Challenge Round #3”

Tonight THE X FACTOR USA returns to FOX with a whole new episode. On tonight’s show the four-chair challenge continues with round # 3. Did you watch week’s episode? We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here, for you.

On last week’s show the four-chair challenge continued with round #2.  From last week we know eight chairs are filled, but more singers  remain.   Tonight we will see if seats are stolen, dreams are dashed and who will be Demi’s final four.

On tonight’s show contestants sing on the “X” stage for a spot in the Top 16 as the new Four Chair Challenge round continues with judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio. The new competition round will determine who will remain in each category – Girls, Boys, Over 25s and Groups. The judges face their toughest decisions so far, as they continue to narrow down their groups to their final four. Mario Lopez hosts the all-new “The Four Chair Challenge Round #3.”

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I am not going to miss and neither should you. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s The X Factor USA Season 3 The Four Chair Challenge Round #3– tonight at 8PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date The X Factor News!

RECAP: Tonight we have Paulina’s boys coming up first for the brand new 4 chair elimination round; the first four coming up to sing is Al Calderon. He is 19 and from New York; he sang Happy Birthday one day and it became his job ever since; he always uses singing to even pick up girls and wants to be an international Pop Star. Al is singing “Call Me Maybe”.

Kelly says that his vocals were a little shaky in the beginning but did it better at the end, Demi says he had very good energy but at some times it was a little too much and it was a little pitchy. Simon says it was a weird choice of song and that he is not the best singer in this competition but he does have is great charisma; Paulina says she loves his look and stage presence but wonders if he has the quality to be a solo male artist. Paulina decides to give Al a seat.

Next up is Izaiah Alston and he is 15 years-old, he has a massive family who love to sing together; he performs a lot in a church choir and it has built himself a passion for singing.

Kelly tells him that he looks adorable, she remembers her first audition and tonight she didn’t feel like they got to enjoy the sweetest part of his voice. Demi says he has more learning to do for this competition. Simon says only the two last words were good. Paulina questions if Isaiah is truly special enough.

Paulina decides to send Isaiah home, he says thank you and leaves in a very humble manner.

Next up is Isaac Tauefa and he is a bouncer who played foot ball most of his life, but an injury ruined it all for him; so he then went ahead and found music to be his passion. He’s ready to impress Paulina since he believes that she kind of forgot about him.

Kelly says that honestly she felt his performance was a bit karaoke and that he feels uncomfortable on stage; Simon says that he was going to deliver much more and it was like a lollipop compared to a full course meal. Paulina says she agree with the judges and doesn’t know what to do; Paulina lets Isaac go home.

Next up is Carlos Guevara, he is 16 and in high school; he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and music was the only thing that worked for him. He is prepared to beat his disability and prove that it’s nothing to hold him back from his dreams.

Kelly says that she loves the way he just allows himself to be lost; he just lets the music take over him and that he nailed it. Simon says he likes the tone of his voice, but there are a few parts he lost control. Paulina says he’s got a very unique sound and likes him. Paulina tells Carlos to go and take a seat.

Next up is Stone Martin, he is 13 years-old and he had no idea he wanted to be a Pop Star till he went to a One Direction concert. He’s putting girls to the side as he tries to achieve his dream as a Pop Star.

Kelly says she loves his tone and wasn’t expecting what he did, Demi says it was much better than his audition and he pretty much killed it. Simon says that he is very robotic when he performs; he just needs a little bit of swag. Paulina says she is wowed by him but wonders if he’s got the ingredients to be a success. Paulina decides to let Matt take a seat.

Next up is Chase Goehring and he is 17 years-old, he wrote his first song on his bedroom floor and it made him feel like it’s something he wants to do for the rest of his life.

Kelly says that she isn’t sure if she really liked him singing that song more than one of his originals, Demi says it felt unnatural. Simon asks why he chose it, Chase says he liked the meaning of the song. He likes him but wishes he never heard that, he did not like it at all. Paulina says she likes his original music much better and then decides to let Chase take a seat even though the odds were against him.

Next up is Tim Olstad, he is 24 and wanted to be a singer since he was little; he lost a lot of confidence because of comparing himself to others. He doesn’t want his nerves to get in the way and ruin his performance, Tim never thought he would go through and thinks it’s a dream.

Kelly says that she can honestly hear his voice on the radio; he’s got a recording worthy voice. Demi says she is nervous for Paulina and can not see him being let go in this competition. Simon says he missed his first performance. Paulina says she isn’t sure if what he has is special enough. Paulina decides to let Tim have a seat and decides to let Stone Martin go home in his place.

Next up is Carlito Guevaro and he works at a coffee shop but has pride in his job now; he’s from poverty and is blessed to have a job. He has quite a crush on Paulina and wants to just blow her away, his family are backing him 100& and wants to make them proud.

Kelly says he’s going to have the girls dreaming later, she loves how humble he is and wished he had more control on his vocals; it was a little shaky. Carlito says he chose the song because it’s close to his heart and his family; Simon believed his first song was good but believes he has great potential. Paulina says she loves his voice and it’s power. Paulina tells Carlito to go and take a seat; going home instead is Chase.

Next up is 13 year old Timmy Thames, he lives in a mobile home park and loves music. This means everything to him and wants to better his families life; with a new house and to support them.

Kelly says he’s so cute, she admits that his audition was much better but it seemed like he had a good time and that he wants to be there. Demi says that honestly she felt it was amazing. Simon says that Timmy would be the one he’d remember and it would be insane to have him leave the competition. Paulina says that he reminds her of Michael Jackson and that he is very good. Paulina decides to let Timmy take a seat, going home now is Tim Olstad.

Kelly is freaking out, all the audience is booing Paulina and her choice.

Kelly gives Tim a hug and the audience wont stop the booing; Paulina really pissed them off.
Tim out of the competition; Paulina says that she doesn’t care what they say but it was what she felt. But she actually has decided that she wants him back, Mario calls back Tim to the stage. Tim was located and brought back to the stage, he goes to join Mario. Paulina says that she made a mistake on throwing him off her team, now Paulina goes and decides to switch Tim with Al Calderone.

Tim is in disbelief of having been brought back and gives Al a hug.

Next up is Josh Levi and his grandma is his number one fan; she is looking forward to the live show. Paulina wasn’t at his audition and feels nervous having to try and impress her this time around.

Kelly says that he is such a superstar, Demi says she is so overwhelmed by his presence and the crowds reaction. Simon says that he should not have chosen that song, but he is potentially a future star. Paulina says that everything he did was perfect, Paulina tells Josh to sit down and decides to send home Timmy.

Next up is Simon and his groups. The first group is Girls United; they have been working harder with their singing since Simon wasn’t a fan of them at first.

Kelly says they got a great look, they have better harmonies and can see how bad they want this. Demi says it felt way too young, but believes they should be there. Simon says he likes they are well rehearsed and know what music they want; but vocally he has heard a lot better. Simon decides to let Girls United to take a seat.

Next up is Wild Thingz, they want to be like Jay-Z and want to run the world. They are so happy to be going on and want to impress Simon with their music.

Kelly says they are just crazy. Simon says that he can not decide which is more annoying; he believes it’s not even music but unintentional comedy and believes if he had a three old they would be like them. He asks them why to like them; they mention how in high school this is all they wanted to do and meeting each other was like a super power being discovered. Simon decides to let Wild Thingz to take a seat.

Next up is Glamour, three young girls from Georgia and want to prove to the judges that they can be a group to keep.

Kelly says that she adores them, but wished it was a little bit tighter but proud of them. Demi thinks they sounded great and wonders if they are ready right now. Simon says that they were so good on the first audition and struggles to make a choice. Simon decides to let Glamour to take a seat.

Next up is Restless Road, a country group formed by Simon. They all love living the simple way of life and all went down to one of their houses; it’s like they have known each other for a long time. This is their second chance and want to kill it.

The group gets a standing ovation from all judges.

Kelly says that they are such a good trio; it was a brilliant idea. Paulina says she loves the three of them and their vocals blend so well. Demi says that she is so excited right now and got chills from their singing and calls Simon a genius for putting them together. Simon says that he was so sure this would work, he saw talent and friendship from them and is super impressed. Simon to let the boys go take a seat.