The X Factor RECAP 11/20/13: Season 3 “The Top 10 Perform”

The X Factor RECAP 11/20/13: Season 3 “The Top 10 Perform”

Tonight THE X FACTOR USA returns to FOX with a whole new episode called, “Top 10 Finalists Perform.”  On tonight’s show the Top Finalists perform their songs from the British Invasion. Did you watch the last episode where the finalists got to perform their top 80’s songs? We did and we have a full and detailed recap right here, for you.

On the last week’s at the top of the show Carlos Guevara was immediately eliminated before the performances began. The contestants knew this was the start as two more contestants were going and they needed to being their best performances..  To make up for last week having to bump Selena Gomez she performed her hit single, “Slow Down,” from her No. 1 album, “Stars Dance.”  Also Fifth Harmony, was promoting their new album, “Better Together.”  At the end of the week Rachel Potter and Sweet Suspense were also sent home.

On tonight’s show the Top 10 Finalists will perform songs from the British Invasion for the judges and America’s votes when the voting lines open immediately after the show.  This week is a double elimination week, so the finalist have to bring their all to stick around another week and make it to the Top 8.

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I am not going to miss and neither should you. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s The X Factor USA Season 3 Top 10 Finalists Perform – tonight at 8PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date The X Factor News!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s theme for all the songs is British Invasion; a genre where popular bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones fall under.

The first act tonight is Jeff Gutt, last week Jeff got some critique about his song choices and that he’s being too safe. He misses his son a lot but does this for him; Kelly chose him “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Jeff is nervous because it’s one of the most iconic songs of all time; but he’s ready to nail it.

Paulina says it was such a powerful way to start the show; she loved how he was expressing the emotions so well with the song but the transition were a little rough. Demi says she is a big fan of his and is really happy to see him do amazing and this is his best performance yet. Simon says that it’s one of the biggest songs of all-time but it was his best performance yet. Kelly says Jeff rocked this week and is really proud of him.

Next up is Tim Olstad; he believes his last performance was pretty good but was kind of sad how he only got negative comments. Tim talked to his family and they are music teachers; they help him to deal with his critiques. Tim is doing an Elton John song and is going to play the piano as he sings; it’s a lot of hard work and it’s a risk but he’s confident it will all pay off.

Kelly says that he did step it up a couple of notches this week; she felt that him being behind the piano was quite sexy and loved the elements this week. Demi says that he didn’t need the piano but felt that he sounded like Robin Thicke; she feels the R&B sound is quite sexy for him. Simon says that the thing about him is that he is like a singing hamster but want him to be a lion; Simon thinks his future is more broad way than a recording contract. Paulina says that he’s getting out of his comfort zone and is becoming much more confident with himself.

Next up is Khaya Cohen who was close to being voted off last week; she believes being in the bottom two really sucked and doesn’t want to go back. Demi says that she has to be more likeable and overcome the fact she was close to being voted off; Demi gave her the song “Let It Be” by The Beatles.

Kelly says that her voice has a high and incredible strength with it; she would like her to round off some of her vowels to make the song bolder. Paulina agrees with Kelly and loves how Khaya is so into the song; she felt that tonight is one of her best performances. Simon says that he felt the beginning was okay but got her stride halfway through; he admits that she is so talented that being in the bottom two was a joke. Demi says that she agrees with Simon about being in the bottom two; her smile is so cute and has such an insanely good voice.

The next singer up is Josh Levi; Josh was very excited about the amazing critique he received last week and takes this so serious. Josh’s family moved with him to pursue his dream; the pressure can be overwhelming because he has to do this for them. Josh has been having so much fun this week and is focusing on taking the bar to the next level; Josh says some horrible jokes but it helps him with the pressure. Josh is singing “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This” by Eurythmics.

Kelly says she has no idea where to begin; in this moment she is a little jealous that Paulina is his mentor and would so love to work with him because he’s so talented. Demi is excited for him and believes he has a career ahead of him; his voice sounds like a younger Chris Brown. Simon says that Josh is one of the artists he looks forward to this week; he believes Paulina is kind of mad because the dancing policeman thing was just really insane, he’d like to see him on his own.

Next up is Alex & Sierra; Simon last week wasn’t a fan of their song and they felt it was very big weight to hold. They are both happy to be together this week and are singing “Best Song Ever” by One Direction; Simon tells them they have to go all out this week. They want to prove to the judges that they deserve to be there.

Kelly says they were much better this week and that Alex sounded much stronger than Sierra; she feels like they have to sing powerfully together. Paulina says that she is a big supporter of them and how she melts just seeing how they look at each other; she felt the bridge was very corny though. Demi says it was their best performance yet and will actually download the song off iTunes; but does agree with Kelly about Sierra. Simon says that it was a brilliant performance and it was cool; he believes the both of them were amazing tonight.

Next up is Rion Page and is singing “Your Song” by Elton John; Demi told her to just be herself and that is makes her so much more beautiful to watch. Rion is singing for her little brother and loves him so much; he is like her best friend. She wants to show him that he can achieve all his dreams.

Kelly says that Rion makes her speechless; it was an incredible performance and loves how real she is on stage when performing. Paulina says that each time she steps up on stage she gives so much; it’s like she is so pure on stage with her amazing voice. Simon felt she was good last week and this week she is absolutely fantastic; she controlled the song beautifully and was like a record. Demi says that it made her feel emotional when she sings; she is so proud with how she can control the audience with her performance.

Next is Carlito Olivero and last week he got a lot of negative critique but has been through worse; he’s been homeless before and sees this as another stepping stone to get over. Carlito is singing “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones; Paulina wants him to be himself and have fun with the song.

Paulina says that’s what they are talking about. Kelly says that was much better than last week; she honestly feels like there is something missing from his performance even though he has such star quality. Demi kind of agrees with Kelly that he should work on a couple of things; but the end was really good and crazy sexy. Simon agrees with Demi with the whole Spanish idea and loves the staging this performance a lot; he hopes that America votes for him to stay.

Next up is Lillie McCloud; she is singing “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush and Kelly feels like it’s right for Lillie; it’s a song that she feels relate to her so much. Simon believes it’s the wrong song for her; Kelly thinks it’s going to be a magical moment that will win everyone’s hearts.

Paulina says that she thinks it’s time for her to step into the spotlight; it was such a powerful and refreshing performance. Demi felt she could use her range more often but love the performance. Simon says it’s so easily to take for granted how great she is; he believes she was absolutely brilliant with how she controlled the song. Kelly believes that she has such an amazing gift to share with the world; she loves working with Lillie.

Next up is Ellona Santiago, she was proud of her performance last week but Simon wants to see her sing more than dance. Demi is letting her sing “Burn” by Ellie Goulding; Demi felt she is a little messy with the song at first and finds that this is going to be much harder for her this week. Demi feels like Ellona is struggling with her pitch.

Kelly says that Ellona has such a big voice for her little body; she thinks that with her she always brings something extra to the stage but felt she was missing a little something this week but liked her big note. Paulina says that she is her favorite; she has an amazing voice but doesn’t have to focus on dancing that much. Simon says she is a brilliant performer and does well; but at the moment he feels like he is watching an actress but next week he believes she should do what she wants next week because she is like a singing puppet. Demi disagrees and is there for her one hundred percent; she feels like she killed it tonight.

The last performer of the night is Restless Road; the whole group is doing well with their song and it’s one by Cold Play. Simon feels that they need to work on their stage presence a bit; they go out and try to pick up girls to help them be more confident with themselves. Simon feels like this song can go right or horribly wrong.

Kelly says that she is still waiting on her Restless Road shirt and is expecting a lot from them; this week felt like they needed it to be more cohesive and a lot tighter for the harmony. Paulina says she loved the song and how they sang together but they don’t show themselves as much. Demi feels they did great but have done better; Andrew’s harmonies were off and it’s hard to listen to a group when the harmonies are off. Simon believes they are hard workers and it was one of the best performers of the night.