Tiger Woods Kicks Lindsey Vonn to Curb After She Explodes on His Kids!

Tiger Woods Kicks Lindsey Vonn to Curb After She Explodes on His Kids!

Did anyone really think that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn would last? If you did, then you’re in for a surprise. According to the National Enquirer, Tiger has realized that his relationship with Lindsey isn’t working out and he ‘wants out’. I realize that this story originates from the National Enquirer, but out of everything that they write, I’m most inclined to believe this one. Everyone gets it right every once in a while, right? And with Tiger Woods, anything is possible.

According to the report, Tiger’s two kids were playing around with some of Lindsey’s clothes and jewelry, and Lindsey found them and ‘chastised them’. The report adds that, “right away, Tiger knew this was trouble.” Tiger apparently got really angry and told Lindsay that it was time to leave, with a source adding, “It’s over, and Lindsey knows it. Tiger wants out.”


The report also adds that Tiger’s ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, was already angry that Lindsey even had any interaction with their kids. The Enquirer’s source explains, “Elin said, ‘The kids don’t need to see women come and go in his life. I know him too well – Tiger will get bored and she will be history.”

The source adds that Elin was right, and “Lindsey was never the one for Tiger. She’s miserable, but there’s nothing she can do about it.”

What do you guys think? While I don’t buy that Tiger finding Lindsey ‘chastising’ his kids was the cause of their breakup, I have no problem believing that Tiger’s getting bored and already cheating on her. He’s probably trying to break it to her easy while he’s off screwing all of his other side pieces. Besides, Lindsey’s career has gotten all the leverage it’s going to get out of this relationship. It’s time for her to move on and get away from this sleazeball.

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7 responses to “Tiger Woods Kicks Lindsey Vonn to Curb After She Explodes on His Kids!”

  1. carmenlight says:

    It was a matter of time!!! Hopefully the children were not mistreated too badly because that will be despicable!!!

    • CherryWine says:

      I am very respectful of other peoples opinion because we are all entitled to one. But I must say Carmen you come across to me as someone who is so judgmental and so self-righteous. Its like you have nothing better to do than to invest so much energy into hating on a man who hasn’t done a damn thing to you and virtually stock a woman who could give 2 shit and a popsicle about you. Tiger is not perfect and what he did to his family was absolutely terrible and disgusting. However, Elin is no saint (we all know she committed domestic violence against Tiger with a baseball bat) and Tiger is a human being with flaws just like everyone else. While your checking his inventory take a real good look at yourself in the mirror Carmen. As much as you take the time to take him down a notch every change you get I would have to believe that you are perfect and flawless in every way and you have never made a mistake in your entire life. In fact, I would also have to believe that you are little miss morally correct. We know that that’s simply not true at all. And what is your issue with LV? I cant think of anything shes done wrong except be in a relationship with Tiger, which seems to be your basis for speaking negatively against her character ( you probably didn’t even know who she was before TW) and deciding she has ulterior motives. Have you ever stop to think that she might actually care for him and although it is taking a huge risk dating him it is her risk to take? Its not like Tiger up and wife’d one of his mistresses. LV is successful and famous in her own right and could probably become some much needed stability in Tigers life. She seems level-headed and stable and seems to get along well with the kids. From day one you have done nothing but wish this new couple bad luck to justify your bashing them and that speaks volumes as to what you may think is in the kids best interest. What good does that do for the kids if you are wishing that their fathers relationship fail just so you can say that you are right? A happy TW and LV equals a happy household for the kids. What you need to remember is that Sam and Charlie belong to Tiger just as much as they belong to Elin . Its his blood running through their vains the same as Elin. What you have failed to mention is that Elin needs to learn to love her children more than she hates their father. Why is it that Elin can date billionaires short-tem and introduce at least two boyfriends to her children, but its an issue if Tiger encourages Lindsay to interact with the kids and she is the long-term girlfriend? It is not about Elin’s pride or her ego. It about both mother and father equally being their for their little ones. If Elin hates LV than that says to me that she still has some unresolved feelings for Tiger and jealously is fueling her hatred and anger even though she is pretty active on the dating scene. Lets just hope she isn’t abusing the clause in the divorce agreement to use as a way to have control of some type over Tiger or use as a tool get back at Tiger for embarrassing her and ultimately breaking her heart.

      • carmenlight says:

        How did you guess??? I and Mary Poppins both perfect in every possible way!!!

  2. carmenlight says:

    Cherrywine-How did you guess??? Mary Poppins and I are both perfect in every possible way!!! By the way you need a straight jacket and an emergency intervention after your discourse!!!Hope it is not too late!!!

    • CherryWine says:

      Honey its you who needs the straight jacket and an emergency intervention. My life doesn’t revolve around Elin and unlike you Marry Poppins had a life. Don’t insult or disgrace a classic classy character by comparing yourself to her. Its jus simply pathetic and tacky of you. Is it possible that your just an undercover lesbo (nothings wrong with being gay) and you have unrequited love for an individual that could care less if your breathing or not let alone know that you even exist? If so then that explains why you seem so obsessive and the stalker type. Face reality Carmen! Tiger had a real relationship with her and not one created in his mind and you will never have one with her. Its not that serious. Let it go and get a life.

  3. TheDarkSide says:

    Gays are sick and nasty…