Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney Fighting Over Faith Hill as Marriage Crumbles and Divorce Looms (PHOTO)

Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney Fighting Over Faith Hill as Marriage Crumbles and Divorce Looms (PHOTO)

We have been telling you guys for weeks that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s 17 year marriage has hit a serious rough patch. So much so that he took off his wedding ring and refused to even celebrate their recent anniversary! This isn’t the first time that Tim and Faith have had issues and it wasn’t that long ago that she kicked him out for his drinking and the string of side chicks that went hand-in-hand with it. Tim had supposedly cleaned up his act and moved back into the family home but that doesn’t mean that Faith trusted him- in fact she doesn’t.

After months of insisting that Tim was cheating with Taylor Swift, Faith finally pushed him completely away and for once she apparently did something different. Instead of just hanging with her kids, Faith decided to get closer to Kenny Chesney and she has allowed him to help her through this miserable time. The problem? Well Kenny is also friends with Tim and according to the Oct. 29th print edition of National Enquirer, he is now at war with his old friend.

What started as a three-way friendship has turned into a twisted love triangle that none of them anticipated. Kenny realized that he has some serious feelings for Faith and he also has stopped feeling guilty about it because Tim doesn’t deserve her!

Speaking of love, is Katie Holmes secretly dating Jamie Foxx, one of Tom Cruises‘ best pals? He has outright denied it but Katie do the walk of shame going from his hotel room to his car early in the morning seems to say just the opposite. National Enquirer has the latest on these two and in the meantime, do you think they are hooking up? Is Jamie the reason why there seems to be a bit of a twinkle in Katie’s eyes again? Tell us in the comments below!

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