Tom Cruise and Cynthia Jorge: Dating and Love After One Night Stand – Report

Tom Cruise and Cynthia Jorge: Dating and Love After One Night Stand - Report

It’s a New Year and usually one for resolutions but for Tom Cruise, he prefers to stick to his traditions. He has rebounded from Katie Holmes in the arms of a pretty young thing, Cynthia Jorge. There’s nothing like getting over your much younger ex than by dating someone even younger. At 26, Cynthia seems like she is the next contestant on the Dating Game starring the Scientology superstar.

In Touch is reporting that Tom’s alleged one night stand is turning into the beginning of the next it couple. According to the mag, the Xenu Gods smiled down on Tom after Katie dumped him as he and Cynthia danced the night away at Le Baron in the early morning of Dec. 18 in New York City. Cupid found its arrow when Cynthia handed Tom her card after meeting him at Beauty & Essex, the restaurant where she works. Tom’s rep has denied that he has found Katie’s replacement since he still fighting the good PR fight of being a dejected, single dad who is still rebuilding his life.

Still, Tom’s libido seems ready to be spoken for and not a moment too soon. Oh, the humanity of Tom Cruise of couch jumping lore having to be low key about his new love because the backlash against him is still settling but Cynthia is stroking just what Tom needs. His ego, that is.

“Obviously, dating someone like Tom feels like a fairy tale,” a source tells In Touch. “They have a lot in common and are seeing where things go.”

While Katie’s new play, ‘Dead Accounts’ closed early because it just wasn’t any good, Tom is on to the next one to slip a glass shoe on. America will cheer their favorite Scientology King on his redemptive story of finding love again. If there’s anything a fickle public loves more than tearing down their public figures, it’s the inevitable rise from the ashes. Since Tom is recycling the same plot from his most recent romances of getting close to a starry eyed brunette, perhaps Katie should put in a call to Nicole Kidman. At least she has an Oscar to show for breaking free from the castle walls.


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