Tori Spelling Lashes out at Children in Terrifying Moodswings — Mocks them for Crying!

Tori Spelling Lashes out at Children in Terrifying Moodswings -- and Mocks them for Crying!

Is Tori Spelling a bad mom? According to Star Magazine, she has been lashing out against her children and ‘mocking’ them for crying. I mean, we’re not one to lay down the ultimate deciding judgment on the matter; however, mocking children doesn’t seem like an altogether wonderful display of parenthood.

A source close to Tori reportedly tells Star, “The moody mom of four can go from happily playing with her kids to storming off to be alone in her room, leaving them to watch up to eight hours of TV per day.” The source adds, “[The] most troubling is how Tori plays favorites, throwing six-figure birthday parties for eldest son Liam while mocking her other three kids when they cry for lack of attention.”

Seriously? This is news now? I agree that if this report is accurate, it’s definitely a sign of bad parenting, but it’s not something that constitutes tabloid interest, is it? Either that, or people are weirdly fascinated by Tori Spelling and her family life. I’m guessing it’s the latter considering how many times she and her marriage/family have made the cover of various tabloids over the last few years.

Now, if the report is true [a big IF], it looks like Tori’s dealing with some emotional issues. Even bad mothers know not to distribute favoritism and ‘mock’ their children. That’s not bad parenting, that’s just assholism. But while I can’t comment on the quality of Tori’s parenting since I’ve never seen it personally, I don’t buy this story.

One of the only redeeming things about Tori has been how much she [seems] to love her children, and while she definitely famewhores them out when she needs to, she still seems to remain pretty fiercely guarded over their privacy. But then again, that’s her public image. Maybe her private image is that of a crazy mom who makes her kids cry. What do you think The Tori Spelling children would have to say on the matter?

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Image credit to Fameflynet