True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 REVIEW “Warlow Finally Revealed”

True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 REVIEW “Warlow Revealed”
So Jason is where Jason is most of the time now a days (the floor). Sookie runs to the living room and moves a table, Ben picks him up and starts to half carry, half drag him into the living room. Sookie is screaming that he needs vampire blood. Ben puts him on the couch, Sookie tells him to check for a pulse. Ben informs Sookie that Jason barely has a pulse. She screams she is going to call 911 and runs off to grab the phone ( what’s crazy is its a cordless, what was the battery dead and in need of a charge? You would think Sookie would have a phone on her at all times) while she is on the phone Ben is watching Jason. When all of a sudden vampire fangs pop out and he bites his arm and let’s it drip down into Jason’s mouth.(1/2 faerie my A double snakes, Ben boy is Warlow I guarantee it).

Niall catches up with Nora (or should I say scares the death out of her with his faerie flash. She explains that she is looking for Warlow because he is the prodigy and he is the only one that can kill Lillith. Nora then pops out her fangs (probably for a snack) Niall is not having any of that and blast her 50 feet in the air. Then we see Burrell’s vampire catchers. They shoot Nora.

Sookie comes back from the kitchen and Jason is 1000% cured. Ben says he was just sitting with him and he came to and was better. Niall comes running in and scolds Ben (Warlow) for taking off to help Sookies human brother, that Sookie is the one that is half fae and needs protection. Ben (Warlow) apologizes and turns to go. Sookie ask if he has somewhere to stay. He says that he does and that he is glad her brother is ok. He leaves.

Alcide is standing over one of those dead friends of Nicole (guts ripped out) Alcide looks pleased with himself (damn I miss the old Alcide so much). Alcide tells the pack that one got away and they need to find her, right about that time Martha comes running out screaming that Merlotte took Emma , she knows this because she can smell him in her house (I know this because I saw him do it last week). Alcide tells two of his pack to sniff the car for the girls (Nicole) scent and track her down because she helped Sam. (In around in about way she kinda did.)

Sam is running through the woods with Emma. He helps her up a little hill and then grabs Nicole (what is it with half carrying half dragging people on this episode?) A car comes up and that car just happens to belong to the one and only Lafayette. Lafayette holds the door open so Sam can get Nicole in. Lafayette and Emma jump in, Sam gets in the back with Nicole and they take off.

Ginger is sitting on a chair in her living room with Eric’s cell to her ear. Burell is telling her to put Eric back on the phone. Of course she can’t. His team of vampire hunters smoke her house and come busting in, they tell her not to move, naturally poor Ginger starts screaming and takes off running. One of them grabs her and picks her up. Burell comes in behind them. Burell ask Ginger where Eric is, she is of no use. Burell orders them to take her to camp, and then tells the rest to get the choppers up in the air.

Eric and Pam are in the sewer looking for Tara. Pam says she can sense her. Tara comes around the corner. Eric ask where Willa is, Tara tells him he will never find her. Pan begins to command her to give back Willa, Tara covers her ears so she can’t her Pam and then screams. Eric is on top of her in a second, chocking her, telling her if she can’t listen to Pam she will listen to him. Tara of course replies with a hearty F**k You. Eric ask again where the girl is, Tara tells him at the fairgrounds off of I-20. Eric tells Pam he will be back tomorrow night. He speeds off, soon as he is out of earshot Pam calls him a a-hole.

Terry is watching TV, he flips it off and realizes that Andy’s girls are watching him. One of them tells him that they can read his thoughts and they know he killed his friend Patrick. Terry calls Arlene for backup. She explains to the girls that its rude to listen to other people’s thoughts. (Yeah, that and if they blabbed your husband would be toast Arlene). Andy runs in and tells the girls it’s time for bed. Arlene is sure know one would believe them because they are children (actually Arlene that is probably why they would believe them), Terry says he still knows what he did, Arlene hugs him while he cries. Andy tucks them in and gives them a kiss. There is a noise and one of the girls exclaims that is happening again. The light gets flipped on and…… Andy know has 4 obnoxious fowl mouthed teenaged daughters. They decide they need to get out and party before they grow again, they raid Arlene’s closet and talk off in Andy’s police car (one of them is carrying around a stuffed animal lol). All the while Jessica and Bill are watching. Bill ask Jessica if she can smell the faerie blood in them.

Jason is doing pull ups on his door frame. Sookie thinks he should be in bed resting. Jason is up to 242 before Sookie heads back downstairs. She finds some blood on the floor. It glows just like…..Warlows. (Now Sookie knows like I know Ben is not who he claims to be).

Andy’s girls head into a store to buy beer, Jessica and Bill pull up behind them. Jessica gives this speech about how she wants to be the one to get the girls because she couldn’t bear if it something happened to them. She goes in the store, glamours the guy behind the counter, and gets the girls to go with her and Bill.

Jason has one of those weird vampire dream things, you know the ones where you always one to do the vampire who’s blood is in you. This time Ben gets the honor. Jason wakes up uber fast. Scared to death. He then proceeds to check if he got turned on by it. (Lol).

Bill is chilling at his desk in his study, one of the girls comes in. He ask if she is interested in historic artifacts and whips out some kind of bracelet. Bill calls it a toy they use with their partners. He ask if she can try it on. She says sure. Bill puts it on and pushes it down on her wrist. Blood fills the vial inside the bracelet. Bill takes it down to the professor from last week. Bill ask him to replicate the blood in the vial to save the vampires. The professor is afraid he will fail, Bill assures him failure is not a option.

Fairgrounds at a carousel ( why do those freaking things always look so creepy in the dark but like a ton of in the light?) Eric is walking around on it and finds Willa. Eric ask h why she is still there, Willa says she stayed because she knew he would come on she wants to talk to him. Eric sits sown across from her. Will tells him she despises her father and everything he is doing and she really does want to help Eric, she also wants to know why he wouldn’t let her taste his blood. Eric ask why she wanted to, Willa says she feels like she deserved to. Eric ask if she really does want to help him, Willa tells him she does. Cut to the woods and him carrying her, he finds a spot and says to will do, he starts digging a hole (without a shovel) he hops out. He he’s Willa in, and the takes off his shirt. Willa freaks out and tells him she is a virgin. Eric puts his shirt down for her to sit on. Eric eases her mind about the while being turned thing and tells her death isn’t the end, and it won’t hurt the way he does it ( Eric is bringing sexy back, those other vamps don’t know how to act, and he definitely makes up for what they lack). I think Eric is falling for this girl. Eric lets Willa taste his blood (because you know she deserves it).

Nicole is really hurt. She wants to use her phone, but Sam won’t let her. Nicole tries to leave, Sam stops her. He also tells Lafayette to get lost, and to get his gun from his office. Sam shifts into a horse so he can carry Emma and Nicole.

Sookie is knocking on Ben (Warlows) hotel room door. He comes outside. They talk, well he talks, she flirts. Sookie invites him to dinner. While she is grocery shopping she calls up Jason (on her cellphone, where in the hell was it earlier, you know when Jason was close to death?) Sookie tells Jason she invited Ben to dinner and that she would like the house all to herself. She picks up a bottle of something with a dropper.

Arlene and Terry’s, house is full of cops, Andy is also trying to get ahold of Jason.( on account of the fact his daughters are missing). Andy is straight flipping (understandably).

Niall is sitting in the Stackhouse kitchen, smoking a pipe. Jason comes down and ask Niall if he has ever had a you know not straight dream. Niall touches Jason and sees a flash of the dream. He tells Niall he couldn’t help it and that only ever happens when he has had vampire blood. Jason then ask if fairies can make people dream like that. Niall says no, unless a vampire could turn a faerie. Lightbulbs come on and they both realize what I’ve been saying for almost a hour now ….Ben is Warlow. They decide to go take him out.

Back at the hotel Jason and Niall are standing outside. They watch him undress to get in the shower. They go in his hotel room and heads towards the bathroom, he isn’t in the shower, he is behind them. He goes up to Jason and glamours him. Jason leaves. He picks up Niall and starts sucking out his blood, but instead of drinking it he spits it out in the tub.
Sookie is walking around her house, she gets down a recipe box. The bottle with the dropper is Silver.
Alcide is going through a garbage can and finds Nicole’s old bandage and her cell phone. Two,of his pack tell him that they were there but the smell is getting fainter. Alcide tells Rikki to,take everyone back to the compound and wipe it down. She argues as usual, he orders her to do it now. Alcide takes Jack with him to continue to look.

Sookie is putting on pantyhose, standing in front of a mirror putting on lipstick and primping, she nods at herself in the mirror and walks away.

Bill is talking to the professor. The professor tells him things show up in that blood that never show up in human blood he ticks a few off like titanium, mercury, and some he doesn’t have a name for. He tells Bill that the blood is very unstable and with in 20 seconds the properties begin to disappear and within half a hour all that is left is human blood. Bill tells him he can get more that he has donors upstairs. The professor is not happy he tells Bill he won’t work under these conditions. Bill picks him up and hurls him into midair and tells him he will do,as Bill tells him.

Willa is sucking on some guys wrist, when Eric pulls her back and tells her that’s enough. He then explains to the guy what he might feel and pays him. He leaves. Willa says everything feels electric. She wants to know what they do next, she even offers up a few options ( it’s the two things vampires love to do the most). Eric informs her she will be going home. He wants Willa’s father to see her as a vampire. To make her father understand they were all once human and they are not to be hunted. Eric tells Willa she is only the second vampire he has ever made (Pam being the first) he commands her to go home. She leaves. Eric looks sad and worried.

Pam and Tara are walking by some railroad tracks. Looking for something to eat they get in a huge fight Tara speeds off, when low and behold the vamp hunter squad shows up. Tara hears Pam scream. Tara sees her down on the ground.

Burell is on the phone. He is still trying to find his daughter. Sarah Newlin walks in and tells him they will find her. Sarah kisses him (gag). Somebody knocks on the door and tells Burell that they need to see him about his daughter. Burell tells them to come in. The guard tells him that he needs to know they had to invite his daughter in. Burell is devastated, Sarah is looking on scared. Burell ask his daughter what they did to her. Willa tells him that she is a vampire, but that she is still her, and they he can see that she is still Willa. Burell touches her and she is cold. Willa tells her dad that he has to stop doing what he is doing to vampires. That if he loves her he will. Sarah tells him not to listen to her that its the devil talking. Burell tells Sarah that it is his daughter. He reaches out to touch her and she smells his blood. Willa’s fangs come out and she grabs him to bite him. Sarah grabs a gun and shoots her. She tells Burell that he has to send Willa to the camp.

Sookie is putting plates of fried chicken on the table, she puts some drops of silver all in one. Ben opens a trunk. Niall is in it. He gives Niall a taste of his blood and he wakes up. Ben tells him that it is a constant fight between dark and light inside of him everyday. He tells Niall he is letting him live. He makes one of those magical doors appear and he throws him in it.
Sam comes out of a room and shuts a door. Him and Nicole start talking about death and what it’s like to see someone die and dealing with loss, and before you know it they are more than friends (guess that’s one way to deal with it).

Sookie is standing at the table and sighs, she picks up the plates to carry them in the kitchen. Ben (Warlow) knocks at the door. He has flowers and apologizes. She leads to the table and he eats the food. Sookie tells him her ex was a vampire, and that they broke up because he used her and lied to her about who he was. She ask Ben what he wants from here. He says they understand each other. He ask if he sounds crazy.

Back at Bills Jessica is trying to convince the girls to stay (she even offers them the wii)

They are wearing Jessica’s clothes. Jessica is trying her hardest to get them to stay, but they are up and heading for the door. Jessica beats them to it. They start crowding her. Her fangs pop, she grabs one of the girls, tells her she smells like honey and then sinks her teeth into her neck.

Andy and Jason find the police car at the store, they question the clerk, but thanks to Jessica he doesn’t remember anything. Jason tells him that the clerk is either an idiot or he was glamoured by a vampire (two things Jason knows a lot about…lol). Andy ask if vampires can smell faerie. Jason tells him yes. Andy jumps in his police car and takes off leaving Jason standing there.

Bill is watching the professor work. When he hears a scream from upstairs. He speeds up too a door, opens it and finds all four girls laying on the floor. Jessica is sitting on the floor crying, she tells Bill to please tell her they aren’t dead (I bet she feels like a jerk after the speech she gave earlier). Bill just looks up (I wonder if they will have to make the vampires now, if so what would you call them? Vampaeries? My son says flying shadows)

Back at Sookies she puts a record on. She goes and sits down by Ben and of course she starts making out and getting naked with him. Ben gets on top of her. She makes her little ball of light. Sookie then tells him to get offer of her or die Warlow.

That’s it for this week. If you guys have any suggestions for names for the girls leave them in the comments, if I like them I will not only use them but I’ll give you credit. I’ll even use a different one every week till the season is over :)

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