Valerie Harper Dancing With the Stars Foxtrot Video 9/16/13

Valerie Harper Dancing With the Stars Foxtrot Video 9/16/13

Valerie Harper danced a Foxtrot, on the premiere of Dancing with the Stars season 17 tonight.   When it was announced that terminally ill actress Valerie would be joining this season’s cast some people felt DWTS was exploiting the ailing Valerie for ratings.  Valerie’s partner this season Tristan MacManus jumped to her defense and said, “”I’m delighted to be dancing with Valerie. I think everyone needs an inspiration from someone or something, and that’s the main thing for me. The message is much more important than the competition. People can look at it negatively or they can see the reality of the situation. I get an opportunity to help somebody live out one of their dreams and at the same time offer help in promoting an important message.”   Check out Valerie’s DWTS bio [CLICK HERE] If you missed tonight’s episode, you can read our full and detailed recap here.

This season features DWTS shaking things up by transitioning to a one night, two-hour format.  Beginning with the second episode on Monday, September 23, one couple will be eliminated at the end of the show by combining the judges’ scores from the first two weeks with the public votes from the previous week.  Each episode will open with a “massive dance number” and end with a pair being eliminated, with the exception of the premiere.

Valerie Harper and professional dancer Tristan MacManus will be dancing a Foxtrot and host Tom Bergeron said he doubts she will be voted off soon.

Judges’ Comments: Bruno: “How can you criticize a National Treasure.  You were radiant stylish, you were light on your feet.  Hold you balance a bit more.”  Carrie Ann: “Thank you for being on our show, dance is healing.  I respect you so much.  You brought me to tears with you courage.”  Len:  “There was an ease and elegance to it.  Valerie beautifully done.”

SCORES  –  Carrie Ann: 7  Len: 7  Bruno:  7 – TOTAL 21/30Vote for Valerie Harper and professional dancer Tristan MacManus at Voting #: 1-800-868-3410

Watch the video below and let us know what you think? Do you think Valerie did enough to avoid elimination next week? Sound out in the comments below!