White Collar RECAP 11/7/13: Season 5 Episode 4 “Controlling Interest”

White Collar RECAP 11/7/13: Season 5 Episode 4 “Controlling Interest”

White Collar continues tonight with a whole new episode called, “Controlling Interest.”  On tonight’s show a psychiatrist who may be manipulating her patients into committing robberies.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show as Peter settled into a promoted position at the FBI, Neal had to pull off a brazen museum heist right underneath the FBI’s nose.  One little mistake, and Peter would have to look deeper into Neal’s operation. This never proved to be a good thing.

On tonight’s show Peter sends Neal undercover with a psychiatrist who may be manipulating her patients into committing robberies

White Collar stars,  Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen, Willie Garson, Hilarie Burton, Sharif Atkins and Marsha Thomason.

Tonight’s season 5 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “White Collar” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 5 episode 4 of  White Collar tonight.

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Peter goes over the evidence from David’s murder scene – it’s been 15 days. They have security footage of an unidentifiable man with a hood up leaving the scene of the crime. Peter says the prevailing theory was it was an indiscriminate mugging gone wrong. His wallet and gun are still missing. Peter says they have all their resources working on it but they still have caseloads that must be worked on. He says a small team will work on David’s case and the rest will get back to their regular work. He reminds them that grief counseling is still available.

He stares at the crime scene photos when Curtis reminds him that if they are still going to use Neal that he needs a handler. Peter smiles.

Moz comes in wearing a bathrobe and Neal wants to know how much longer he’ll be there. He says that he has no assets or cash – that the government took everything. He asks for time to get it straightened out. Neal tells him that he’s worried that Hagen is responsible for David’s death making Neal also responsible. Neal says he needs a new handler or needs to be tossed back in prison.

Neal comes into the office and Peter tells him that they are back to work. He gives him a case on an accounting scam and Neal jokingly nods off.

Clinton comes in with a guy who was in the lobby and has bloodstained money and says he needs to talk to the FBI to confess a crime. Neal says this looks like a good one.

They’ve treated his minor head wound and Peter has him in interrogation. His name is Nate and he used to be a bank robber. He says he’s tried to go legit after getting out of jail for the sake of his kid. Nate tells Peter that he heard about a security vault with $2 million in cash – Kaplan Securities. He says he figured out how to bypass security and got in the vault. Peter asks how he cracked it and Nate says he “thinks” he had the code.

Peter wants to know he can’t be sure. Nate says it’s coming back to him in bits and pieces. He says all he knows is that he couldn’t stop. He says locker 941 in Grand Central Station is where the rest of the cash is. Nate says he was walking to the station to get the money and that he couldn’t stop thinking about his broken promise. He says he got hit by a cab and it was a wake-up call that he couldn’t let his son down.

They find a huge pile of psychotropics in his bag and remark that the doctor was overprescribing him. Neal tells Nate he used to be like him and that he was a criminal as well. He asks if there’s anything else he can remember.

Clinton has a team check the locker but it’s empty. Peter says the cash has Nate’s prints on it and they’re running the serial numbers. Peter says the texture on the money feels funny. It’s marked bills! They wonder if it was for a sting or if it was from another criminal job.

They head over to check out the vault at Kaplan. The guy at Kaplan has no idea there was a break in. He says none of their clients have reported anything missing. Neal rattles off some security issues he sees at the door. Peter asks to see the vault and the gatekeeper won’t let them through without a warrant. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough for a warrant.

They look at the new guy the gatekeeper was terrorizing and wonder if they can find out who owns the vault even if they can’t get in. If the money was garnered illegally, of course they wouldn’t report it missing.

Peter watches as Neal takes passport photos of himself and crafts together a quick employee badge from Kaplan. Peter says Neal frightens him. Neal asks if Peter has any photos of himself and then they’re both back in Kaplan pretending to be staff to fool the new guy. Peter terrorizes the young man and says he’s got a new customer there and that he needs him to get start-up papers.

The newbie says it’s not protocol and Peter scares the crap out of him and tells him to get moving. When he goes, Neal hops on the computer to poke around. Peter tells him to hurry and Neal finds that it’s not linked to a person but to a corporation – Nightowl Holdings. They rush out just in the nick of time!

Peter finds out that Nightowl is a dummy corporation and a front. Clinton says he has a lead on the marked bills. It came from an armored car heist. He says that Nate and the perp who stole the cash have a person in common – Dr. Summers – the overprescribing psychiatrist.

They head to the university and sit in on a lecture given by Dr. Summers. She talks about criminal psychology. Neal says she could be manipulating the criminals and Peter says she could be helping them. Neal approaches her after the lecture and tells her he’s a convicted felon and that he needs her help.

Neal tells her that her work on criminals is groundbreaking. He introduces her to Peter and says he’s his parole officer. She says she has no time for more pro bono work. He says that won’t be a problem. He asks Peter to rundown his list of crimes/skills. He does and Neal says that money isn’t a problem. She agrees to an appointment the next day.

Neal and Peter brainstorm about how she could have gotten the guys to commit the crime. Neal says to think of a number between 1 and 10. He says to say it out loud in his head and then tells him how he got him to pick 9. Neal says in 20 seconds he got him to pick a number – he says with more time and the other assets (like drugs) she could have them do anything.

Peter is headed to Jacobi’s work to try and find a link to Nightowl. Jacobi is the guy they think robbed the cash to start with. Peter warns Neal not to let the shrink get inside his head and Neal tells him – I’m a wall.

Next day, Dr. Summers asks Neal what kind of change he’s looking for in his life. He says he wants normalcy and she asks what if that’s not possible. He says that’s not encouraging. She tells him she’s there to tell him the truth. She says he has a need to be the smartest person in the room. He says her diplomas say she wants to be. She tells him that he’s withholding but that she can get him to come clean in time.

Peter finds Jacobi at work and tells him he wants to talk about his vault at Kaplan. He asks him where he was on the night of the truck heist. Jacobi is offended and Peter says he’s a criminal and his rap sheet proves it. Jacobi says that’s not who he is anymore. He doesn’t know about Nightowl either. Peter asks how his sessions with Dr. Summer went. He refuses to answer. Peter tells him the vault at Kaplan is empty and says – oh, you didn’t know that… He recognizes he’s wearing a hat from a local high school and asks what sport he plays. Jacobi tells him and walks away.

Dr. Summers is playing word association with Neal. She says it’s too early to diagnosis but his answers are unique. She says his behavior is sociopathic. She says he excels at deceit and manipulation. She says he believes his own lies to avoid vulnerability. He asks what her flaws are and she says she can be aggressive and picks at her nails when she’s nervous. She says the more you strive for perfection the more you suborn your true nature.

Summers tells him just because you want to do good things doesn’t mean you want to stop doing bad things. She’s pelting him with a lot of jargon and he’s dizzy. She tells him to relax because she has more questions. He realizes she drugged him. She demands he tell her the truth about who he really is, why he’s there and what he wants. Neal collapses to the carpet and then struggles to regain his seat.

Summers snaps smelling salts under his nose and he asks what happened. She tells him they were doing hypnotherapy and he had trouble waking. He’s confused and she offers food and water. He says he has to go and he’s fine.

Clinton comes in excited. He found the high school info on Jacobi. Turns out his nickname on the team was Nightowl. Peter tells Clinton to have the NYPD pick up the nostalgic Jacobi!

Neal comes in and tells Peter that she dosed him and he has no idea what he told her. Clinton says they need to get a tox screen on Neal ASAP and that’s enough to arrest her. They realize she knew who he was because of Nate. They bring Nate in and he confirms he saw her again and told her about the FBI visit. He says he didn’t know they were investigating her and he just needed someone to talk to after what happened.

Peter tells them that Jacobi has gone off grid. Nate tells Neal he didn’t mean for any of this to happen and Neal says he did the right thing coming in to them. Nate says – what if I can’t change, what if I can only be a criminal.

Moz tells him he thinks Summers have Neal “Goodnight Cinderella” – a drug they use in brothels. Neal is icked out because Moz made stinky food. The drug is GHB and ketamine. He says the hookers use it on their johns so they can drain their bank accounts and steal and they won’t have a clue. Neal says he could have told her anything – even about Hagen. Moz says they can try RMT – recovered memory therapy.

Moz says to recover a memory, the best way is to recreate the sensation. Neal asks if he can find any Cinderalla drug and Moz says he can’t find it but he can make it. Moz mixes up a drug and says he made a few modifications including a stimulant to help clarify the vision quest. He says that Neal will be in complete control because of the added things in his recipe. Moz promises to be his spirit guide and keep him safe. Neal drinks down the drug.

Moz talks to him about Summer’s office and asks what she said to him. She told Neal he won’t remember what she told him. She wanted to know what the FBI knows and what they can prove. Moz guides him through the recall. Neal asked her why she stole the money and she told him because it was there. Neal comes out of his trance and says it won’t work because he can’t think straight.

Neal tells him that he likes working with the FBI but he also likes doing things he shouldn’t and he has no remorse about what it does. Neal tells him get out on the street and get his life back together. He asks him if big brother has finally defeated him. Moz leaves to get an ink pen, terribly flustered about the hard truths Neal is dealing him. He heads back in to continue their discussion but Neal is gone!

Neal comes to Peter’s and says he has to get some stuff off his chest. Uh-oh!!

Neal recounts a litany of early crimes to Peter. Elizabeth asks if he’s okay and Neal says he’s trying to reenact what happened at Summer’s office. He says Moz offered him a solution and he drank it. Peter explains to his wife that the doctor drugged him. She offers him food and he tells her he doesn’t like her meatloaf. Peter asks if he knows what happened to David and he hesitates and then says he doesn’t know.

Moz comes in and Peter asks why he’s there and what happened. Moz says they only have 15 minutes left before he passes out. Peter takes over and tells him to close his eyes and remember where he left off. He tells Peter that she was asking about the FBI. He asks what she asked next and she asks about Nate and if they’ll prosecute him. He told her they will soon. Neal says she left and went to make a phone call. He recounts the phone number she dialed. Peter tells him nice work and calls the number. It was Jacobi! Neal passes out on the sofa and Moz says he’ll take him but Peter say she can take care of him and Moz leaves.

Next day, Peter and Clinton come to see Nate. They ask again if he knows Jacobi and tell him that Summers called Jacobi. He tells him they have to leave so he can pick up his kid from school. They see his son’s backpack on the sofa and hear noise upstairs. They keep up the small talk while they pull weapons and creep around. Peter says for him to call them and they’ll be in touch. He closes the door but they stay put. Nate calls upstairs – they’re gone – and Jacobi comes down with the kid.

Jacobi demands to know where the cash is and Peter pulls a gun on him. When he goes to cuff him Jacobi tries to fight back but Peter puts him down.

Peter and Neal recount how Summers tried to get the money by getting the two to take each other out. Peter says they need to find the cash or get a confession out of Summers. Neal says there’s always a solution…

Neal goes back to see Summers for another session. He sips the water and tells her he likes feeling free. He asks her where the money is and tells her that the drugs will take effect soon. She says that’s not possible because she removed the water bottles herself. She says they can’t do that to her and he says to tell him where the money is. She says the FBI will never find it and he says – no they won’t – and he reminds her that he’s a criminal. He thanks her for helping him remember that. He tells her he needs a confession and hands her a pen and paper.

Summers comes to with Peter arresting her. Neal plays her confession and she says it’s not legal because he drugged her. Peter says she accidentally drugged herself and that her tox screen will match Neal’s and that they can only assume that she tried to drug him again and mixed up the drinks. Summers tells Neal that he will never be anything more and he tells her that at least he’s free which is more than she is.

Peter tells Nate they’re not pressing charges and Nate thanks Neal for showing him that guys like them can do better. Peter says the case isn’t closed yet because the money wasn’t where she said it was. Neal says it’s a good thing they got a confession.

Neal gives Moz a huge bag of cash and he’s thrilled. Neal tells him the bills are marked and Moz says that he can get 50 cents on the dollar. Moz asks why he took it and Neal says – because it was there. Neal admits he’s back in the game and says he’s through serving too many master and doesn’t want to be anyone’s puppet anymore. Moz asks what strings he’s going to cut and Neal says – all of them.