Whitney Houston Lesbian Secret Life Exposed In New FBI Documents

Whitney Houston Secret Lesbian Life Exposed In New FBI Documents

It’s been a year since legend Whitney Houston’s untimely death, and many are still looking for answers about the circumstances. While we wait for a dedicated vigilante to shrewdly shed more light on what happened in her hotel room, the FBI are being forced to release private documents about her life. And the picture they paint is frightening. It has long been rumored that Whitney had a secret lesbian affair, one that dated back to the late 1980s. But her repressive mother Cissy forced her to date men, fearing hateful response to Whitney’s lesbian lifestyle would ruin her career. So for decades, Whitney was forced to lie about herself, before eventually succumbing to drug abuse.

Now, FBI files paint a picture of a woman who was deeply troubled, and who feared a former friend would sell her secrets. In 1992, the so-called friend wrote a letter demanding payment of $100,000 (which was a lot more in the 1990s!) in exchange for silence about “certain details of her private life.” Later, the ‘friend’ raised the cost to a whopping $250,000. The FBI marked the letter as ‘extortion,’ because Whiteny admitted that she “did discuss personal things” with the friend and that “intimate details” about her romantic relationships were at risk.

True to rumor, Whitney’s father responded to the letter and paid off the extortionist. Obviously, no ex-best friend has come forward with a tell all book, so the money must have worked. For now. Of course, since her passing we’re all clamouring for new information about WHhitney. It’s the natural thing that happens when someone influential dies. I just hope that the news isn’t centered on ugly gossip or mean-spirited revelations. However, it would be wonderful to learn if Whitney was hiding a gay relationship (and sad, of course)—in this day and age, the LGBTQ community needs as many voices against hate as possible, and Whitney’s poignant story could inspire and comfort. Do you think Whitney was hiding a lesbian affair?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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