Wife Swap RECAP 4/18/13: Marie DiBella and Carol LaRosh Swap Lives

Wife Swap RECAP 4/18/13: Marie DiBella and Carol LaRosh Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC WIFE SWAP returns again for a whole new episode. On tonight’s show the matriarch of an Italian family, Maria DiBella and fitness fanatic Carol LaRosh swapped lives? Did you watch last week’s episode when Cindy Avery-Lamb and Dayna Martin swapped lives? We did and we recapped it here for you.

Marie DiBella lives in Seaside Heights, NJ with her husband, Leo, and their four children — Leo Jr. (26), Nicky (21), Angelo (14) and Gianna (8). Marie likes to spoil her family by cooking big Italian-style dinners consisting of pasta, meatballs, Stromboli, wine and cake. She feels that food is a celebration and cooks every meal with love – and lots of calories – that have added inches to everyone’s waistline. Marie handles all of the household duties, including laundry and cleaning, allowing her children free time with no responsibilities. The family owns and operates the pizzeria Bippy’s, located at the Jersey Shore. When Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the area, the family had to close their business, and now they wait for the city to rebuild its infrastructure so they can re-open.

In San Diego, CA, workaholic and fitness fanatic Carol LaRosh lives with her husband, Larry, and their two daughters, Chloe (12) and Sophia (9). Carol is a real estate agent who strives for perfection and works long hours as the family’s main breadwinner. She exercises daily and doesn’t sit down for meals with her family. Carol was overweight as a child and lost 80 pounds through diet and exercise. She is determined to keep the weight off and her children’s weight under control by portion control and a semi-strict diet. Her home runs like a well-oiled machine, with Carol outlining all of the children’s responsibilities and daily chores on a large dry erase board so the kids stay on track.

We will be covering tonight’s Wife SwapMarie DiBella and Carol LaRosh episode with all the details.  You don’t want to miss it!  Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our live coverage of tonight’s episode.


Tonight’s episode features Carole LaRosh who is a real estate agent that lost 80 pounds. Her husband Larry takes care of their home and two daughters. Clearly they are a strict family with their schedule completely mapped out. Carole’s daughter sophia was born with cellulite so Carole limits her foods big time.  At the other end of the spectrum are Leo and Marie DiBella who live in Seaside Heights and are your typical old world Italian family. Hurricane Sandy flooded their pizzeria and it gives Marie time at home to take care of everything for her four kids. This should be an interesting switch.

Carole spends her first few days in the DiBella household absolutely obsessing over the amount of food that they consume. Granted they are a big Italian family that makes every meal a big one, but this chick’s obsessing outloud is the stuff that eating disorders are built on. Meanwhile Marie is suffering through Carole’s hardcore workouts and never spending time with the family. She stands up to eat just like Carole would and then goes upstairs to work. She’s obviously lonely and she fears the strictness on the girls will cause eating disorders.

When it comes time to change the rules Carole decides that her crew needs to get moving. She packs away junk food and makes the kids help clean up the house. She also signs the boys up for cooking and dj-ing classes. Marie takes Carole’s girls out for a mother/daughter day and they end it by cooking a real Italian meal. These kids are absolutely glowing because someone is paying attention to them.

Carole decides that the DiBella’s need to get up early to go for a family walk and it nearly kills them. Afterward they all get on the scale which seems to be a reality check. Leo says it’s time to make changes when he realizes most of them weigh in at morbidly obese.  Carole is absolutely mean in her approach but at least in this moment she seems to have done some good.

Finally the families are reunited and withing 3 minutes Carole starts tearing into Marie. She justifies calling them the fat family and informs Marie that “You don’t get like this (hand motion) by eating healthy.”  I’m pretty sure that Marie wants to clobber her.

Carole also heard that she needs to spend more times with her kids and she pretty much owned it. She said she knows that she needs to make more time for them, it just sucks hearing it.

Tune in next week for more Wife Swap.

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