24 Live Another Day LIVE Recap: Episode 11 “Day 9: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM”

24 Live Another Day LIVE Recap: Episode 11 “Day 9: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM”

24: Live Another Day airs tonight with a new episode called, “Day 9: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM.” On tonight’s episode Jack leads Kate and Mark on a mission to avert an international crisis, as Audrey tries diplomatic means to avoid full-scale war.

On last week’s episode, with only three episodes remaining, Jack Bauer’s harrowing day crescendos as he pursued final leads at all costs. The emotional toll of the day’s events escalated when Kate Morgan learned the truth about her husband and Audrey confronted Boudreau about his duplicity. Making matters incredibly worse, the scope of the terror threat widened and the potential devastation reached new heights. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, in the penultimate episode, Audrey pursues diplomatic channels to try to prevent a full-scale war. Meanwhile, Jack Bauer leads Kate Morgan and Mark Boudreau on a mission to locate their target before it’s too late and the world is changed forever

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting; you’re not going to want to miss even a minute of it. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on the return of Jack Bauer.

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It’s 9 pm in London. President Heller gets an update on the potential for the device to destruct. He’s told about the Shengyang and they look at live satellite feed. They’re not sure what happened. Kate and Jack are still in their shoot out with the Russians. They run to a building for cover. Kate asks if these are Adrian’s associates but he doesn’t think so. The tech tells Cheng that the Americans are checking on the Shengyang status and Chloe asks why he attacked his own country – Cheng says China is not his.

The tech shows him the shoot out a couple of blocks away and Cheng asks how he found them. Chloe and Adrian don’t have tracking devices – they checked them. Chen says it’s time to go and says to bring Chloe along because what’s in her head is valuable. She stumbles and grabs a cell phone as she falls. Cheng sees it and tells her to not cause more trouble than she’s worth. They head out.

The shoot out goes on and Kate and Jack shoot up some propane tanks and cause and explosion. Another car pulls up and it’s back up – CIA. They shoot some of the Russians and then Kate IDs herself. Jack tells the tac team they were ambushed and asks for more ammo. He tells them the override device is nearby. Kate says to figure out who the Russians are and the CIA goes to work.

Jack heads to where the signal says the device is and goes into the lab at 9:06 pm. He kicks the door open and sees all the dead Open Cell people and Adrian. He finds the tracker was left on the desk. Kate comes in and they almost draw down on each other. He tells her Adrian is dead, the device is gone, they took off the tracker and he doesn’t know where Chloe is.

Kate looks around and sees that a phone is recording. She plays the message and Jack hears the Asian guy’s voice. He tells her to play it again and he’s in shock – he says he’ll never forget that voice. He tells her they need to talk to the President. The ship sinking is on the news and Heller orders rescue assistance. Heller takes the call from Jack and he tells him that Adrian is dead and the device is gone.

He tells him that Cheng has the device and he says it’s 100% sure. Heller says Cheng was killed escaping from a prison and Jack says they were wrong. He says he promises him it’s him. Heller tells him about the US sub sinking the Chinese ship. Jack says Cheng is working for someone that wants to start a war. Jack tells him about the Russians attacking them. Mark pulls a face when he hears this.

Audrey listens and is stressed out. She says she thought Cheng was dead. Mark goes to Audrey and she insists that she’s all right. Ritter works with Gavin and says they need to figure out where Cheng is. He says he needs more time. Ritter tells him to keep Jack in the loop. Gavin tells him the CCTV cameras are scrambled and unless they can tell him what vehicles to look for, he doesn’t know.

Ritter tells him they found a tablet in the Russian’s vehicle and they had Jack’s scrambler code. They tell him Mark requested the scrambled code for his comlink. Jack curses him. It’s 9:11 pm. At 9:16, Cheng calls the Russian Deputy Minister and neither know where Jack is – turns out they are working together. He tells Cheng to get out of the country with the device.

Kate says Cheng made it outside the CCTV network before the cameras came up. She asks why Cheng is trying to start a war and he thinks the Russians got Cheng out of jail. Kate says this is a dangerous game and Jack guesses it’s an off-book intelligence op that will give Russia more room to expand their reach. Kate asks why Mark is helping them and Jack says they’ll find out soon enough.

Mark encourages Audrey to leave and she tells him to let her do her job. Heller takes a call from the Chinese President Wei. He takes a video call and Heller says the attack was an accident and wasn’t authorized by the government. He says the sub got a fake order from someone that hacked their defense network. He says that it was Cheng that issued the order. Wei says Cheng is dead but Heller says they have evidence that he’s alive and in London.

Heller says if they can produce Cheng and the device would it satisfy him and Wei says he knows they didn’t like their carrier sailing into those waters. Wei says he doesn’t want war but what happens now will be on Heller’s head. That’s not good. Heller ends the call and addresses his staff. He says if they can deliver Cheng and the device, they may be able to turn this around. Heller tells Ron to give Jack all the support he needs.

Heller tells Mark to go into crisis management mode. Audrey says she has a contact at the Chinese Embassy – Jiao Sim – she says her dad is in the politburo and she may be able to show that they were hacked. She says it could buy them time to find Cheng. She says Jiao trusts her and her dad says to give it a try. At 9:22 pm, Heller is told three Chinese ships and six planes are on the move.

At 9:27 pm, Jack calls the White House switchboard and asks for Audrey. She gets the call while headed to the Embassy. She tells him to kill Cheng. She says do what he has to and then kill him. She says she heard his call to her dad. He says he only surfaced to try and protect her dad. He tells her he doesn’t want her to hate him for what he has to do. She says she could never hate him and never has.

She tells him to do what has to be done and he says he hears her. He thanks her and they ring off. The Chinese ships are at full speed and Heller asks what they’re targeting. They think they are headed for the US base at Okinawa. The Colonel says they have to prepared to respond in force. He says their response is insufficient and they need to raise the nuclear flag. Heller says he can’t be the first to threaten that.

The Colonel says the Chinese will stand down because they have 10 to 1 nuclear superiority. Jack shows up then and says he needs to talk to him and Mark in private urgently. They head behind closed doors immediately. Jack pulls a gun on Mark and tells him that the Russians were tracking him using his comlink and that Mark gave it to him.

Jack demands he tell Heller the truth. Mark says he’s sorry. Heller says he’s working for the Russians. Mark says he’s not and thought Jack was a traitor and there to assassinate him. He says the forged his signature on a rendition order and thought he was killing two birds with one stone. He says free Jack is a political liability. He says he was just doing his job.

Mark says his job is to keep his hands clean and tells Heller not to be naive. He says he had no idea that Stolnavich was working with Cheng. Jack says he’s a covert intelligence operative and says Russia benefits if Russia goes to war with the US. Heller says Mark is under arrest for treason but Jack says he can still use him. He says he knows where Stolnavich lives and Jack says he needs Mark to set up a meet.

Heller tells Jack to keep him posted but doesn’t want to hear another word from Mark. He says that the Russian lives in Knightsbridge. At 9:33 pm, Jack says they can plan on the way.

At 9:38 pm, Gavin is working on getting the schematics for Stolnavich’s house. They have no idea what his security forces are there and tell Jack they need the name of his alarm set up. Jack gives Mark a com unit to wear in his ear and says he’ll be able to hear them. He says to stand in front of the security panel so they can ID it. Mark asks what if he doesn’t go for it and Jack says he has to.

Mark asks what happens when bullets start flying and Jack says to try and stay low. He says anything he can do to slow Stolnavich down from getting to a secure area is helpful. Mark says he thought he was doing the best thing for Heller and his country and he’ll do what he can to try and make it right. Jack confirms the surveillance is online and they’re close.

Cheng’s tech says he’s working to get them onto the ship and Cheng says to let Chloe try it. She takes that opportunity to jump them, attack with a pipe and jump out of the truck they were heading to the port in. Chloe trips, falls and hits her head. She goes down in the woods and is passed out. They tell Cheng to leave her. Some other trucks are coming and they ask if they need help.

They tell Cheng to move the truck and that there’s no stopping there. He has to abandon his search for Chloe. The Chinese crew heads back into the truck and leaves. Heller is told that there’s more movement from the Chinese toward Okinawa. Davies called and told Ron that he tried to talk to the Chinese and made no more progress than they did.

Heller drops a bottle and spills his pills and the military guys look concerned. Two missiles are launched by the Chinese. Their screens go out and they have no visuals. The missiles took out two surveillance satellites. They tell Heller they need to move to a more secure location and go to Defcon 3. Heller stands for a moment then agrees at 9:44 pm to raise the level.

At 9:48 pm, Mark is ready to knock on Stolnavich’s front door. They pull up and Jack tells Gavin and Ritter that they’re there. He tells Mark good luck and he gets out to go and give their plan a try. Jack get up front with Kate to wait and see how it goes. Mark tells the security guy he has to see Stolnavich right away. The guy calls in to the DM and tells him that he’s there. He asks if he’s alone and the guard says yes.

Stolnavich says to send him away. Mark asks for the phone and they speak. He asks Mark why he’s there and he says Heller found out that he forged the document. He says he needs asylum and Stolnavich says it’s not his problem. He says he’s the White House Chief of Staff and could be a huge asset. He tells him to go to the Embassy. Mark says the Embassy is being watched.

He says he’ll be a hero in Moscow if he brings Mark in – he reminds him he knows a lot about American security. Stolnavich doesn’t answer but does open the gate and let him in. He tells his guard to search Mark. He does. Kate and Jack watch all this on the camera and Ritter confirms they can see it all. Mark moves closer to the security panel and stares at it – Gavin says he got it.

Gavin pulls up the specs and says he can jam the signal but can’t take it down. Jack tells Mark to look around at the security personnel and he scans the room. Stolnavich comes down and greets him. He tells him to follow him and Mark does. The Guard goes back out front. Stolnavich and Mark go into his office. He tells Mark to sit and says if he sponsors him, he needs him to share some classified info.

Mark says to share the details of his defection first. He says he needs money. Kate and Jack move into position. Gavin says if he has the wrong signal, he’ll set off the alarm instead of jamming it. Jack and Kate take their positions and Gavin says he’s ready to jam it. Gavin jams the signal and the gate opens. The guard goes over to check it out and they shoot him.

The cameras go out on Stolnavich’s desk and he goes for a gu. Mark wrestles him for it. They grapple and then go through a glass door. Jack and Kate shoot up the security staff. Jack tells Mark not to move. Stolnavich took a shard of glass to the neck and pulls it out. His blood gushes everywhere. Jack goes to help him and tells Kate to get a towel.

Jack screams at him to tell him where Cheng is but Stolnavich says his country has not forgotten and won’t give up. He dies before Jack can get any information from him. At 9:56 pm, Jiao meets with Audrey at a park. She thanks her for coming and she says it’s unfortunate. She explains to Jiao what happened. She tells him it was Cheng Zhi and Jiao says he’s dead.

Audrey says they can’t prove yet that he’s dead. She then tells her about the device. She says it can override most defense system’s firewall. She gives her a redacted version of the evidence about the device and says this with proof of Cheng’s life she hope Wei will believe them. Jiao says it may work and agrees to take it to her father. They hug it out and Jiao leaves. Audrey thanks her.

But then Jiao is shot and Audrey’s Secret Service people are shot. She’s there alone. She looks around to see who could have done this. Chloe wakes up in the woods and looks around. Jack and Kate search Stolnavich’s office and computer. Audrey gets a call from Cheng who tells her to sit down. He says they have a sniper on her. He says he may allow her to live. She sits down.

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