Abby’s Studio Rescue RECAP 6/24/14: Season 1 Premiere “Abby to the Rescue”

Abby’s Studio Rescue RECAP 6/24/14: Season 1 Premiere “Abby to the Rescue”

Tonight on lifetime Abby’s Studio Rescue premieres with its first episode called, “Abby to the Rescue.” On tonight’s episode, Abby heads to Warwick, R.I. to help a struggling dance studio; a studio owner is anxious.

For those of you who are not familiar with Abby’s Studio Rescue, renowned dance coach and Dance Moms star, Abby Lee Miller is on the road, looking to transform dance studios on the brink of disaster in the all-new series, Abby’s Studio Rescue.  Each week, the show follows Abby as she dishes her tough love and no-nonsense advice while giving dance studios a second chance to finally bring home the gold.

On tonight’s episode Dance studios on the brink of closing are transformed by Abby Lee Miller. In the opener, Abby visits a struggling studio in Warwick, R.I., and discovers that the owner is too anxious to even come to her own place of business.

Tonight’s episode is going to be a drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Abby’s Studio Rescue – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about Abby’s Studio Rescue.


The series premiere of Abby’s Studio Rescue kicks off tonight with Abby Lee Miller heading to a studio called “Triple Threat” in Rhode Island, owned by a woman named Marlaina. She started a program at a daycare center and as the program expanded she decided to open a dance studio. Since she opened the studio, the building has had sewer problems, electrical problems, and construction problems, and is causing her great anxiety.

The dance moms are stressing her out because they are caddy and create drama. Their dance instructor, Bethany, is only 18 and she thinks that is severely under-trained for what Marlaina expects from her.

Abby arrives at Triple Threat studio and marches into a dance class. She announces she is here to help and the dancers and parents begin cheering. She learns that Marlaina isn’t even at the studio. Bethany calls her and tells her there is an emergency at the studio, and Marlaina says she can’t come to the studio because she has company. Abby calls Marlaina and says that, if she doesn’t get down to the studio, she is going to leave. While Abby waits for Marlaina to arrive, she watches the dancers practice and is horrified by the technique.

Marlaina finally arrives and Abby lectures her for not jumping when Bethany called her and told her there was an emergency. Abby reveals that in four days Marlaina and her dancers will be hosting a showcase for the entire community to come and check them out. In private, Marlaina breaks down and tells Abby that she has serious anxiety and is on medication, and she has sunk over $25,000.00 in to the studio.

The next day, Abby heads into the studio to try and work with the dancers and teach them their routine for the showcase. Afterwards, Abby does a studio inspection, and declares the studio “disgusting.” She says Marlaina doesn’t run a tight ship; she runs a sinky old rickety boat. Abby is overwhelmed by the state of the studio, and she doesn’t know if she can fix it. She decides to sit down with the dance moms next, and find out why they aren’t happy there. They have problems with the scheduling, their contracts, and the instructors. And, on top of all of that there is drama and issues and jealousy between the moms.

Abby heads back to the studio and has the dancers perform their routines that Marlaina’s teachers choreographed for them. She heads to another room to see the “big production number” that Marlaina has been teaching the girls. Abby id disgusted by how sloppy it is, and the dancers’ lack of technique. They have to fix their feet and their posture.

Abby has brought in contractors to remodel the entire studio and “jazz up the place” over night. Marlaina and the dancers and their Moms come in the next morning and are in tears over how amazing the studio looked. Abby Lee reveals that all of the silks and ballet bars were donated by dance companies. Abby takes them in to Studio C, which was never finished, and reveals the entire room has been overhauled with a $30,000 spring floor.

Next, Abby has Marlaina go in and meet with the dance moms and put all of their drama on the table. She informs them that she has her “mojo back” and things are going to change, but in return she needs the moms to change as well. She tells them that if they want to leave she will let them out of their contracts. Next Abby has Marlaina put together a regular weekly schedule so there is no more confusion about when practices are.

Now it is time for Marlaina and her dance company’s big show case. Abby and the moms are overall pleased with their performances. Abby confesses it wasn’t perfect, but it is definitely in the right direction. Afterwards, Marlaina thanks Abby for everything that she has done over the course of the last four days; Abby takes the mic and announces she is very proud of Marlaina and her entire dance studio.

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