American Idol RECAP 3/12/14: Season 13 Episode 16 “Top 11 Finalists Perform” #IdolTop11

American Idol RECAP 3/12/14: Season 13 Episode 16 “Top 11 Finalists Perform” #IdolTop11

Tonight AMERICAN IDOL continues on FOX with a new episode.  Tonight the competition continues as the Top 11 finalists perform songs from the contestants’ favorite movies. Did you watch last week’s when the Top 12 performed?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.  If you missed any of the performances from last week, don’t worry we have you covered.  We have all the videos for your enjoyment, right here.

On last week’s episode the top 12 performed songs that reminded them of home.  On the results show Emily Piriz was eliminated after she received the fewest of the more than 70 million votes. From Orlando, FL, the 18-year-old sang “Let’s Get Loud” on the “Home”-themed performance show. In addition, on the results show, AMERICAN IDOL Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips returned to the IDOL stage with his new single, “Raging Fire” and Irish rock band Kodaline performed their hit, “All I Want.”

On tonight’s performance show the Top 11,  Ben Briley, C.J. Harris, Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse, MK Nobilette, Alex Preston, Dexter Roberts, Majesty Rose, Malaya Watson and Sam Woolf – will perform songs on the “Soundtrack to our Lives”-themed performance show.  Song selections will come from the contestants’ favorite movies.

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I’m not going to miss and neither should you. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s American Idol XIII – Top 11 Finalists Perform – tonight at 8PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date American Idol News!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Sam Woolf takes the American Idol stage first tonight, he will be singing “Come Together” by The Beatles.  [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Keith – “It was great to hear that side of you because we haven’t heard it before.  I said to Jen you’re kinda loosening up more.  The voice is there Sam.”  Jennifer – “you gotta act like you know the girls are going to love you.  It’s like baby rockstar, we need big rockstar.  I would have loved to hear a little more personality, but it was a nice start to the show.” Harry- “I really think you are on the way to where you need to be.  When you have a melody that is very simple you need to add more to it like vibe.  I think it was an average performance, but you are on your way.”

Jessica Meuse will be singing “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel, from the movie The Graduate. [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Jennifer – “So Jessica, that seems like the perfect song for you, super in your wheel house, kinda how I think of you.  I thought you never got your groove on.  I think you can win, I really do, but you need to get your groove on stage.  We should have been blown away.”  Harry – “I think what may have no blown Jen away is that the band is off.  You didn’t let that break your concentration.  If that’s your lane, standing there, singing, no matter what goes on around you then I think you will improve every week.”  Keith-“I love the way you look tonight.  One of the thing that comes from singing in smoky clubs is you gotta sing right up on the mic and you gotta sing to project.  This is a different environment, the quietness in this room, you can explore the environment a little more.”

CJ Harris will be singing “Can’t You See” from the movie “Blow.” [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Harry – “I think you just picked and sang your way back to the forefront of this competition.  That’s the CJ that we heard on the first day.  I feel good about tonight, that was strong.” Keith – “You gotta be who you are within whatever context we throw at you, and you completely nailed it.  We know who you are.”  Jennifer-“We love it, you saw me, I was celebrating the whole time because I was so proud of it.  You have the talent and the ability, you showed it right there.  Frontrunner baby.”

Dexter Roberts will be singing “Sweet Home Alabama” from Forrest Gump.  [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Keith – “Dexter, lovin the hair cut man.  You’re really starting to feel the thing now, and loosen up and really sing.  All you gotta keep working on is you gotta keep finding places to make it individual to you.  You cant just sing it well you gotta put your Dexterism in it.  Jennifer – “I do believe that when I see you up there with your hair cut that you are starting to believe you could win.  That was a good performance.”  Harry – “Obviously your objective is to win this competition.  I think you’re really smart.  I thought it was a good performance, I am going to echo what Keith said you gotta make it your own.  I thought it was solid though, you’re tough to beat”

Ben Briley will be singing “Bennie and the Jets” from the movie “27 Dresses.”  [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Jennifer-“Part of enjoying the show is watching the transformation.  I’m a little bit confused because you were so country last week and now you’re like, Elton John, I don’t know.  It was a good vocal performance, but I’m not sure it suited who you are.” Harry – “The thing about Elton is when he did it he really pounded the piano, it kinda just felt like a walk through the song, it didn’t really have a purpose to me.  I never really know if we have heard the real Ben, confused is the word that comes to mind like Jen said.” Keith-“Confused is the right word.  What I’m struggling with is during the auditions you have an easy, effortless, believable sound to you.  I’m just not sure who you are as an artist.”

Majesty Rose is singing 2014 Oscar winning song “Let It Go” from Frozen. [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Harry – “You really to me are a mystery.  You go from Janel Monae, to Coldplay, to a Disney song.  I think the downside to that is I am starting to lose sight of who you are.  The good part is tonight was a strong performance.  If you are going to do a bunch a different things, then you have to be superb in every style you do.  I think you are on the right track, that was strong.”  Keith – “My wife and daughters are watching at home and they love that song.  That’s a big song to sing, it moved around, most of it to me was really good tonight.  It’s not the same on TV, but I think in a lot of ways that song could have been writing for you.”  Jennifer – “I think it could have been written for you, I can see you being a voice in a cartoon.  I look at you and I think you can everything, in animations, in musicals, Janel Monae, Majesty the Rockstar.  You choose!”

Caleb Johnson is singing “Sky Fall” from the movie “SkyFall.”  [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Keith – “Harry said last week there is a fine line between dependability and predictability.  That was not predictable.  You have a strong voice, great power.” Jennifer – “This is what I have been waiting for from you guys.  That was a perfect song choice from a movie, it was you.  Great job.” Harry – “This is my favorite group of contestants so far on American Idol, and I stand by that.  We have heard what each of you can do.  The competition as far as I’m concerned started tonight.  That was fantastic, you are going to be very hard to beat.”

MK Nobilette is singing “Make You Feel My Love” from Harry Connick Jr.’s movie Hope Floats.  [VIDEO HERE]

Judges CommentsJennifer – “You put us all in a nice romantic mood right there.  I really loved that I really did.  We talked to you last week about connecting and I felt you really did that.  I can’t help but think of Katie Lange when I hear you, I feel you have the same gift.  There’s a beautiful subtly to what you do.” Harry – “When you first came out it had your name on the marquee and it gave you a star quality and I like that.  What you do is you stand there and you sing beautifully, if you’re going to sing a run just make sure you nail it.  I thought it was nice, it took me away a little bit.  I liked the performance MK.”  Keith – “You look like a star, you do, you look really great.  This star is about the journey, almost the unveiling of you as artists, and what I loved about tonight is ther performance is what you are really working on.  The second line of

Alex Preston is singing “Falling Slowly” from the movie “Once.” [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Harry – “I’m so glad that on a platform like American Idol there is room for a guy to sing a simple song with out fireworks.  I remember the first time we saw you and I was hoping we’d have moments like this along the way.  I’m really proud of you.’ Keith – “What I love about your performances is they always hold my attention.  It’s very real, you don’t ever phone in, it’s authentic.  I love your artistry.”  Jennifer – “It was a perfect song for you.  You sang it perfectly.  It was beautiful.”

Jena Irene is singing “Decode” by Paramore from the movie “Twilight.” [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Keith – “I love when you play the piano and do that thing, there’s a ferocity the way you perform, it’s like hurling towards a cliff in a car.  It’s exhilarating.” Jennifer – “I don’t know what you were doing in the bottom three last week, you have one of the best voices here, you give great performances.  American get on board!”  Harry – “I can really feel a sigh of relief from all of ya’ll tonight.  I’m a huge Paramore fan, but you do your own thing, it was nice to hear.  Very strong Jena, nice work.”

Malaya Watson is singing “I Am Changing” from the movie “Dream Girls.” [VIDEO HERE]

Judges Comments: Jennifer – “yes! Good girl Malaya! That’s a perfect song for and a perfect way to end the show.  That was killer, you have an amazing voice, oh my God!” Harry – “I’ve hear people say there’s no big belter among the group, you just showed everybody that there is a big belter.  Over the years your voice is going to get bigger.” Keith – “That song was perfect to play to your strengths, there are places where you could reign it in, but it’s just the adrenaline.  What you got in there that is going to blossom is just magnificent.”


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