American Ninja Warrior Recap 7/28/14: Season 6 Episode 9 “Miami Finals”

American Ninja Warrior Recap 7/28/14: Season 6 Episode 9 “Miami Finals”

American Ninja Warrior NBC’s obstacle course competition airs tonight with a new episode called “Miami Finals.” On tonight’s show the Top 30 contenders from the Miami Qualifier compete in the Miami Finals course, which includes obstacles such as the Salmon Ladder, Mine Field, Floating Stairs and Spider Climb.

On the last episode of “American Ninja Warrior” traveled back to St. Louis, Missouri where the top 30 competitors from the St. Louis Qualifier tackled the St. Louis Finals course. They faced the Salmon Ladder, Rumbling Dice, Crazy Cliffhanger and Spider Climb. The St. Louis competitors fought for a chance to compete in the Las Vegas finals, to win a cash prize of $500,000 and the title of “American Ninja Warrior.” Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode ‘AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR’ PRESENTS THE MIAMI FINALS – “American Ninja Warrior” travels back to Miami, Florida where the top 30 competitors from the Miami Qualifier tackle the Miami Finals course. They will face the Salmon Ladder, Mine Field, Floating Stairs and Spider Climb. The Miami competitors will vie for a chance to compete in the Las Vegas finals, to win a cash prize of $500,000 and the title of “American Ninja Warrior.” Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja Biamila hosts as Jenn Brown co-hosts.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, “Miami Finals” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the show so far.

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Tonight on American Ninja Warrior it’s the Miami Finals and the top competitors from the Miami qualifier face the finals course which includes Salmon Ladder, floating stairs, mine field and spider climb. The warriors that succeed here will go on to Las Vegas while the losers go home.

The 4th of 5 city finals begins downtown Miami where 42 athletes gathered for a chance to be one of 15 to advance to the national finals in Las Vegas. The announcers highlight Drew Dreschel and Idoko Abuh as the ones to watch for in the competition. In addition to the 6 obstacles the athletes faced in the qualifier they’ll have to face 4 more that are even harder. The obstacles the athletes have already faced have been adjusted and made even harder for the finals. William Brown, who dresses as a spartan warrior, kicks things off in the competition by going first. He has trouble early in the course and falls on the dancing stones. nEST Chris Poli a third degree black belt goes next. He talks about his daughter and  how she is his motivation for everything he does. He wants his role in Ninja Warrior to inspire his daughter. He starts off doing good in the course although he is 5’6 which is a disadvantage compare to the other competitors. He does well until he hits the downhill pipe drop where he hits the water. Next up is Adam Orsini who is a sales manager from Sarasota Florida. Adam talks about his daily battle with Diabetes and how he overcomes it everyday. He starts off the competition with a huge smile. He makes it further than the other 2 contestants making it past the dancing stones but fails on the jump hang and is unable to finish the course.

Tim Koren, Andy Friedman and Kavon Sadler all were unable to complete the course as well. Matt Zacharkow begins the course dressed as a baby and calls himself Ninja Baby. He says the baby costume is all about overcoming his social anxiety and it makes him feel comfortable and confident. He has a close call on the downhill pipe drop but he makes it past and moves on to the dancing stones easily. He has another close call on the cargo net but hangs on moves on very deliberately to make it to the next obstacle. He is the first competitor the get the curtain slider and he takes it on with ease. It takes him a few times to go up the warped wall and on his final attempt he makes it. He takes on the salmon ladder easily and moves on the mine field where he just can’t hang on and takes a fall out of the competition. He says in the post interview fatigue just got the best of him.

Josh Windbeck, Jim Metheis and David Hunt all followed and also failed to finish the course. Drew Dreschel had the top score in the qualifier and primed to advance to the finals in Vegas. But before he goes Brooklyn native Luciano Alcuna takes on the course. He moves forward early with easy and speed and comfort. he walks the fine line between aggressiveness and recklessness. He is the first to conquer the mine field but goes down at the end of the floating stairs. He has a chance to move on the finals with the best score of the night.

Binney Seth takes takes on the course next. He has accomplished a lot but due to law school debt lives with his parents which he says can be a challenge especially since he has to sleep in a twin sized bed. He hopes to win in order to move out of his parents house. He struggles not he dancing stones and falls on his butt and manages to get up without using his hands which makes the crowd go crazy. His momentum continues and he moves on to the curtain slider and loses his grip and falls. Dustin McKinney hits the platform next. He is competing for his wife and his therapy dog, Java, who visits wonder soldiers and people in the hospital. McKinney is a smaller competitor at only 5’6 and wants to prove that size doesn’t matter. His Navy training gives him advantage and he moves through the course easily. Java barks on the sideline and cheers Dustin on. He is the second athlete to reach the floating stairs and he breezes through making it further than anyone else in the challenge. He slips final par of the course on the spider climb and fails to complete the course. He has a chance to advance to the finals but will have to wait for the other competitors to take on the course to see if he will qualify.

Dustin Sanderson, Neil Craver and Preston Griffall all took on the course but just didn’t have what it takes to complete the course. Fire eater Reko Rivera takes the platform next in full ninja warrior costume. His costume doesn’t help and he falls on the dancing stones. Next JJ Woods takes on the course and vows to win for his dead who passed away 3 years ago. He makes it past the infamous dancing stones and moves on to the cargo net. He breezes through the other obstacles but has a little trouble on the warped wall but makes it past. He passes the salmon ladder and the mine field and is just 2 obstacles aways from finishing the course. He passes the floating stairs and is one obstacle from being the first finisher. He attempts the spider climb and goes up with ease to be the first to finish the course and is the first to advance to Vegas.

Standout and veteran Idoko Abuh takes the platform hoping to be the nest competitor to complete the course. In a crowd stunner he is disqualified early by putting his hand on a stone on the dancing stones. The next competitor Todd Burgeouis calls himself the cajun cowboy and credits his Louisiana roots for making him who he is. He flew in from Ecuador where he was volunteering to help children just to be int he compete in the challenge. He eases through the competition but has some trouble at the warped wall. He makes it past the wall and goes on to mine field where he falls failing to complete the competition.

Halfway through the Miami city finals John Vogt, the gymnastic ninja, takes the platform wearing a retro gymnist uniform. The uniform is an ode to his gymnastics past where he almost made it to the Olympics but didn’t make it. He has a close call on the dancing stones but makes it through to the next obstacle. He struggles again the curtain slider but he squeaks past and clears the warped wall and the salmon ladder only to fall on the mine field. Electrical worker Stephens Nunnally attempts to complete the course next. He makes it through each obstacle quickly showing his bleu collar training has prepared him for this challenge. He shows no trouble as he attempts the salmon ladder and the mine field which requires extra upper body strength. He makes it past and heads to the floating stairs which he completes and attempts the 30 foot spider climb to finish the competition. He jumps right in and becomes the second competitor to complete the course and secure a place at the Las Vegas Finals.

Next Josheph Rosello, Jonathan Sharp Brown and Kenneth Neimitalo all attempted the course but only Kennth was able to finish. Solomon Harvey hopes to follow Kenneth to be the fourth man to complete the course. He goes through the course with no problems until he hits the warped wall where he powers through to clear. He passes the other obstacles with ease making it to the spider wall where he makes it to the top and secures his position in the Vegas Finals.

The competition nears the end and Sean Morris, Brett Sims and Adam Grossman takes on the course but only Adam was able to secure a spot in the finals buy completing the obstacle course. Rich Thompson is up next gunning for his own spot in the Vegas finals. His professional baseball career has prepared him for competition in the bug leagues and has showed  him that anything can happen. After a game changing injury he retired from 14 years of professional baseball. Now he hopes to become the #1 ninja warrior. He attempts the course having to overcome his leg injury where he has four screws in his leg. His wife and 3 kids cheers him on as he clears each obstacle and makes it toward the end of the course. He has a good run until he hits the mine field and his arm gives out causing him to fall to the water below.

Noel Reyes a firefighter from New York attempts in his 3rd year at the American Ninja Warrior competition. He breezes through the course and the crowd goes wild but he slows down on the salmon ladder and the mine field but still manages to clear both obstacles. He moves on to the floating ladder and quickly completes and head to the 30 foot spider climb. He moves up at the speed of lighting and secures his spot to Vegas in his 3rd year and best performance at the American Ninja Warrior challenge, causing the crowd to erupt.

Crowd Favorite and stuntman, Ryan Stratis, takes the platform. He seems to excel at everything in life except getting a date. He says he’ll just focus on getting to vegas for now. He jumps right into the competition with passion helping him to get through each obstacle leading him to the spider climb where he climbs 30 feet to victory. Veteran and standout Drew Drechsel hits the platform last in an much anticipated appearance. His qualifying time was the fastest time of the whole season but will he be able to make another stellar performance to make it to Vegas? He thinks he can finish in under 2 min even though the fastest time of the night is 4 min. In a surprising twist he makes a miscalculation on the downhill pipe drop and takes a disappointing fall to the water below.

In a shocking close the top 15 which includes 7 finishers move on to Vegas and the competition moves on to the Denver Finals next.

The end.