American Ninja Warrior Live Recap USA vs The World: Season 6 2014

American Ninja Warrior Live Recap USA vs The World: Season 6 2014

Tonight on NBC America Ninja Warrior returns with a special episode Monday September 15 called, “USA vs The World.”  On tonight’s special three hour episode five American competitors battle players from Japan and Europe in an international competition.

On last week’s episode it was the final night of the “American Ninja Warrior” Las Vegas finals where the top finishers from the regional finals tackled the final stages of ‘Mount Midoriyama’. Any competitor that makes it through to Stage Two faced new obstacles the Rope Jungle and Butterfly Wall. In Stage 3, they were up against new obstacles the Cannonball Incline and the Propeller Bar. Lastly, if a competitor survived all three stages, they attempted Stage 4 with a cash prize of $500,000 at stake and the title of “American Ninja Warrior.”  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode NBC will present its second annual “American Ninja Warrior” international competition with a three-hour special, “USA vs. the World.” Five of the top competitors from “American Ninja Warrior” will go head-to-head against competitors from Japan and from Europe in a high-stakes competition on the show’s famed four-stage finals course. Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja Biamila will host and Jenn Brown will co-host.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the show so far.

RECAP: Tonight we have incredible athletes from team USA with Brian Arnold, Elet Hall, Paul Kasemir, Joe Moravsky and Travis Rosen. They defeated team Japan last year, their all-star team came last year exepcting to dominate USA but that did not go to plan at all, the Americans completely defeated them. This year Japan is coming with members last year and we also have a European team in the competition this time around; they will go through the stages of Mount Midoriyama but if a tie is at the end then they will hit up stage 4.

First up tonight is Joe Moravsky running round one, he went the furthest of any athlete this year; he got married to his best friend this year and was able to be the best competitor this year on American Ninja Warrior. He is honored to represent America, he can’t believe he’s part of the best now.

Joe makes it over the pistons and giant wheel fast, now to the silk slider he lands it perfectly; moving on to the jumping spider where he quickly jumps for it and lands it perfectly almost slipping. Joe gets past the half pipe and up the warp wall like nothing, he is at the spinning bridge where he makes it over fast to the final climb; he swings and climbs up fast to break the record of the fastest time on stage one.

Next up is Shingo Yamamoto, he knows the history of Ninja Warriow from th beginning and can’t believe how bad it was last year for the Japanese; it was clear that USA had skills though the Americans had more fun while the Japanese were being way too serious. Shingo will lead his team to victory.

Yamamoto makes it past pistons and the giant wheel to the silks slider which he lands perfectly, now to the jumping spider which he sadly fails instantly; not landing it perfectly, he couldn’t lock in his legs; he was rushing too fast.

Next up is Vadym Kuvakin for Europe, they believe they have the best minds and biggest divesrity with their talent; Vadym wants to beat America and wants to prove that Europe has amazing ninjas as well.

Vadym rushes past the pistons and over the giant wheel, he makes a sloppy land on the silk slider but lands the jumping spider well; Vadym slips up on the half pipe and because of that he barely makes it to the end but sadly doesn’t beat the best time tonight.

USA takes the lead with their win of the first stage, first up is Hitoshi Kanno and he makes it past the pistons and giant wheel perfectly; even landing the silk slider on his first try. Now Kanno lands the jumping spider perfectly and makes it past the half pipe, though fails twice one the giant wall; he can’t make it and quits.

Next up is Tim Shieff who is a professional free runner and has been in movies and commercials; he has always been into moving in crazy ways. He is very happy to be a part of this and to lead a team in Europe; he believes he’s one of the most rounded athletes in this competition. Tim makes it past the pistons and swings over the giant wheel, he is now on the silk slider which he lands perfectly, now to the jumping spider which he lands easily. Tim makes it past the half pipe and goes right up the warped wall, he runs over the spinning bridge and swings to the final climb and makes the brand new record for fastest time on stage one.

Next up is Elet Hall, he has always worked enough to live so that he can do all he wants; he’d never live in the city or work with a suit on. He works as little as he can to support himself and spends all his free time for himself.

Elet sadly fails on the silk slider with touching the water gently.

Next up is Paul Kasemir who did incredibly well last year representing America last year; he knows how to deal with all the stress; though he doesn’t let it get to him because he does this for fun. He rushes past it all fast and almost fails on the jumping spider, though he gets past it and makes it over the half pipe and runs up the warp wall on his first shot; now over the spinning bridge with ease and hits the final climb,  he climbs it fast and finishes the course.

Next up is Miska Sutela from Finland and built his own course in his parents back yard; he has trained like crazy and even went to Japan to train with some of the best in history.

He makes it past the pistons and the giant ring easily, now on the silk slider and lands it pretty well; now on the jumping spider he lands it perfectly but is going pretty slowly. Miska went way too slow and isn’t able to finish the course fast enough to beat Paul Kasemir.

Next up is Kazuma Asa and he brings a lot of passion to the competition, he tens to the grounds and is a very emotional person who always tries hard to win. Asa makes it past the pistons and over the giant ring like nothing, he even lands the silk slider and hits the jumping spider where he couldn’t stick it at all; falling into the water.

Next up is Yusuke Morimoto and he is the first one to hit the third stage, he struggles a bit on the rope swing; though hits the doubl salmon ladder which he is going past incredibly fast. Though he sadly fails on the butter fly wall.

Next up is Stephano Ghisolfi and his parents are very proud of him; his father always goes to all of his competitions and even came to America for the first time in his life to support his son. Stephano gets past the rope jungle pretty fast, though sadly he fails right on the salmon ladder; not being able to nail the technique.

Brian Arnold is running stage two again to make sure he makes up for his failure on it last time; it really hurt him and he can’t believe he failed there and thinking about it makes him so upset. He is going to redeem himself tonight, he wants to make sure he can prove that stage two is something he can complete.

Brian gets past the rope jungle slowly and is now going on the salmon ladder and is now on the boards which he fell on last time; though he passes it this time and is on the butterfly wall which he lands perfectly and climbs up to secure the round of team USA; though he continues to complete the course. Brian goes to the metal spin and completes the whole course perfectly giving team USA a big lead.

Next up is Tim Shieff and swings right past the rope jungle with some good time and hits the salmon ladder; he then gets to the unstable bridge and passes it easily. Now to the butter fly wall where he leaps perfectly and climbs up the rope; though fails right on the metal spin with jumping way too low.

Next up is Travis Rosen who finds it hard to balance family life and ninja training, he loves his family but ninja training is very important to him; he hopes that he can continue to compete in the years to come. Travis hits the rope jungle with ease and gets past it fast, now on to the salmon ladder and on to the unstable bridge which he gets over super fast and hits the butterfly wall which he lands the leap and gets up the rope fast and even passes the metal spin to complete the whole course giving team USA an even bigger lead.

First up was Hitoshi Kanno though he struggled so hard to get past the rope jungle and failed, next up is Elet Hall who hits the rope jungle fast and gets past it pretty fast; now on the salmon ladder he gets to the unstable bridge and lands the transition. Now Elet is at the butterfly wall which he lands and climbs up to the metal spin; he now completes the entire course for his second time.

Sean McColl is next for Europe and to win he has to complete the entire course faster than Elet Hall, it’s his debut on the course and there is tons of pressure for the European. He was born in Vancouver Canada but moved to France years ago, he likes climbing in Europe more than Canada; he moved to be with the best in what he loves.

Sean speeds right past the rope jungle fast and hits the salmon ladder fast; now he’s on the unstable bridge and to the butterfly wall, he lands the leap and is up the rope and ot the metal spin. Sean jumps and lands it; beating Elet Halls time giving Europe the win that round.

First up on stage three is Kazum Asa, he makes it over the cannon balls and falls right in on the first obstacle; he is obviously very frustrated and upset over it all. Japan is struggling very hard tonight with 0 points still.

Vadym Kuvakin is going first for Europe, he hits the cannon balls and is on the door knobs; now to the floating boards which he passes on his first attempt ever; now to the cliff hangar where he passes pretty well. Now he’s on to the propeller bar, he jumps up and grabs it; then grabs the rope to the hang climb where he falls without using his legs.

Next up is Paul Kasemir, he makes it over the cannon balls and he makes a small mistake and then swings to the doorknobs but fails; he could not land it. Now Europe and USA are tied with 6 points.

Next up is Yusuke Morimoto he hits the cannon balls and makes it to the doorknob grasper which he passes with ease. Now he’s on the floating boards which he gets past easy, now to the ultimate cliff hangar which he passes and onto the propellar; he lands the jump and passes the high climb. Now he’s on the flying bar, he’s on the last obstacle right now and is the first athlete to complete stage three on American soil.

Now it’s Joe Moravsky to try and finish the course to beat Japan; he is very worried about the hang climb. When he got into it he heard a lot of people telling him to use his feet, so he got confused and fell.

Now on to the cannon balls and gets to the doorknobs; he passes it fast and is on to the floating boards and with great technique he crosses it fast. Now on to the cliff hang and Joe gets past it really fast and is on to the propellar where he lands; now on to the hand climb where Joe fails again.

Next up is Stefen Ghisolfi, he gets on the cannon balls and completely missed one by taking a short cut; he is now slowed down by a lot and gets passed it to the door knobs. He is now at the floating boards; now on the cliff hangar which he is in his element and passes it fast. He made it past the propellar and the hang climb; now through the spider flip. He’s on the last obstacle, Ghisolfi is the first European to complete the third stage and now the Japanese have been dropped out of the competition.

First up is Ryo Matachi he’s on the cannon balls and gets past the door knobs fast, now onto the floating boards he gets past them fast with solid technique; he then gets to the cliff hangar and rushes past it insanely fast. He lands the propeller but now on the hang climb he’s struggling a bit; but gets to the spider flip. Now he’s on the last obstacle; Matachi is the third man to complete the third stage tonight.

Sean McColl is up next for Europe, he flies through cannon balls and the doorknobs to the floating boards which he rushes past as well. Now to the cliff hangar he just speeds through it like nothing, he now lands the propeller and up the hang climb easily to the spider flip; he falls on the last obstacle giving team USA a chance to possibly tie up the competition.

Brian Arnold is now up and he has to finish the entire course to tie up the whole thing, Brian once almost completed the course last year; yet he failed on the second last run. That moment haunted him for an entire year, he’s focused all his time to complete stage three.

Brian gets past the cannon balls and doorknobs very fast, he’s now on the floating boards and now reaches the cliff hangar; he’s going past it at an impressive speed. Brian is at the hang climb now and makes it to the spider flip, he is now at the last obstacle. Brian has a cut on his arm, he is on the second last again, one more run and he is the first American to complete the course and now Europe and USA are tied.

First up is Travis Rosen, he has been climbing ropes isnce he was in college and loves it; he’s got 5 different rope climbing work outs that he does to train for Ninja Warrior. Travis is ready and starts climbing up the fourth stage of Mount Midoriyama, he’s climbing very fast and is trying his best to get up to the top and finishes it; he’s made it at 35 seconds.

Next up is Sean McColl for Europe, he beat USA by 35 seconds and Europe is the winner for tonight.