Angelina Jolie Hides New Cancer Drama From Brad Pitt – 90 Pounds – Report (PHOTO)

Angelina Jolie Hides New Cancer Drama From Brad Pitt - 90 Pounds - Report (PHOTO)

Angelina Jolie‘s 90 pound frame has been scaring industry onlookers, but a new report suggests that there’s health reasons behind her dramatic weight loss. Although Angelina’s looked much the same the past few years, she’s steadily been losing some weight each year – especially after her preventative surgeries.

And now, the latest cover issue from the National Enquirer suggests that Angelina’s once again facing another cancer scare, and that she’s worried about the final surgery going awry. As we know, Angelina still has one last surgery to complete, which she unfortunately didn’t have enough time to get to last year. However, she knows that she needs to prioritize her health, which is why she’s stated that she left the final surgery for this year, after her promotional duties for Maleficent were complete and before her Oscar campaign for Unbroken begins.

The Enquirer’s report also claims that Angelina is ‘hiding’ something from Brad Pitt, but if she really was facing a cancer scare, then I doubt he doesn’t know about it. The two have been together for more than ten years and have six children together, so why would she feel obligated to hide something like that from him? You could argue that she didn’t want him to get worried, but if that’s the case, she never would have been so open about her double mastectomy in the first place.

The Enquirer’s cover this week also focuses on more than Angelina’s health, with a large focus on Elliot Rodger, the media-dubbed ‘virgin killer‘. It’s truly unfortunate that more focus isn’t being placed on his victims, but the whole country is still reeling from the murder of his victims, and they’re still trying to understand what this seemingly intelligent young lad from an affluent family down such a dark path. Considering that Rodger left a 140-page ‘manifesto’ behind, it’s not hard to guess at his motivations, but it’s also disturbing to think how much of his rage was motivated by him not having a girlfriend.

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