Angelina Jolie Spends a Fortune on Facials, Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Treatments

Angelina Jolie Spends a Fortune on Facials, Cosmetic Surgery, Laser Treatments

Angelina Jolie has perfect skin, but that type of alabaster complexion doesn’t come for free. According to recent reports, Angelina spends close to $25.6 K per year on her facials, which is probably just chump change to her. There’s also a long history of celebrities resorting to drastic measures to keep themselves looking young, so perhaps getting insanely expensive facials isn’t that far along the spectrum.

I know what most people are thinking – what kind of ridiculous facials cost $25.6k per year? The answer is ‘raindrop facials’, a sort of triad facial that’s non-invasive and works as a laser treatment. It plumps the face, erases the lines, pigmentation, and sun damage, and restores a youthful glow to the face.

So yes, you too can have Angelina Jolie’s skin – for $25,600 per year. Dr. David Colbert, the dermatologist who treats Angelina [and Jennifer Lawrence, among others], explained the facial process, stating, “First we prep skin with microdermabrasion so the laser penetrates better. Then we use a laser, which feels like warm raindrops on the skin. After that. we do a lavender acid exfoliation, then apply gentle wave lights. The treatment takes about 35 minutes for the face or an hour for the whole body – we usually treat the arms and legs, the bits that will be on show.”

For all the talk of the procedure being different to other laser treatments, it sounds quite similar. Granted, these are probably much more gentle on the skin than most microdermabrasions and laser treatments, but in essence, they’re just a more focused laser treatment that target the problem spots more quickly.

Now that we understand what a ‘raindrop’ facial is, let’s talk about the price of the facial. Is $25,600 a year too much to spend on facials? Even diamond facials – which were purportedly the most expensive – only cost a few thousand dollars per treatment. Clearly, celebrities require more than that, and Angelina definitely has one of the best faces in Hollywood. Even after all her drug use in her 20s, the fact that she looks this good is probably a credit to those facials. So yeah, $25,600 is probably worth it to her to erase the evidence of her wild-child days.

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