Angelina Jolie Flirts with Hot New Trainer Luke Hines in Australia – Brad Pitt Jealous and Angry

Angelina Jolie Flirts with Hot New Trainer Luke Hines in Australia - Brad Pitt Jealous and Angry

Brangelina drama! According to several new reports, Angelina Jolie’s gone and gotten herself a new trainer to keep her in shape while she’s working on Unbroken in Australia. And according to the trainer, she makes quite a first impression.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, trainer Luke Hines explained his relationship with Angelina, adding, “Within minutes of meeting [Angelina], she put me at ease. She really is the most professional, down-to-earth person, and she’s so present when she’s with you. She’s not on her phone, or looking over your shoulder.”

So far, so professional. But here’s where it gets…. different. He adds that during one particularly intense session, “She looked me in the eyes, and she said, ‘You know what kind of people I dig? I dig people who wake up every morning and ask themselves what can I do for somebody else? ‘That’s never leaving me. That sentence resonated with me on so many levels.”

Can you even imagine Angelina saying that sentence? It sounds so sultry, the way he explains it. And also, for her to have said that to him, they really must have been getting close. That’s the type of thing that seems more reserved for family and close friends talk, not personal trainer that you barely know talk. How long could Angelina have been training with this guy? Three months? She hasn’t been in Australia for that long, so it’s definitely interesting that she’s already indirectly telling him that she ‘digs’ him. Of course, she could say that to all her trainers – who knows?

What do you guys think? Should Brad Pitt be worried, or was Angelina just being nice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • allie

    Oh wow… he’s really gross

  • Virgilia Coriolanus

    I’m pretty sure she’s been in Australia since September 2013–I know that in late August and early September, she was still scouting out locations to film.