Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna Flirt and Hook Up AGAIN – Mila Kunis Freaks

Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna Flirt and Hook Up AGAIN - Mila Kunis Freaks

So apparently Mila Kunis is turning into a real wicked witch when it comes to her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. At least this is what the National Enquirer would like us to believe. The popular tabloid is reporting that Mila Kunis was “flipping out” with jealousy over her Two and a Half man Ashton talking to another woman over the phone.

Mila isn’t allegedly “flipping out” over just any old woman; she is upset over none other than Barbadian singer Rihanna! According to the National Enquirer: “A miffed Mila Kunis is flipping out over boyfriend Ashton Kutcher’s friendship with R&B sex bomb Rihanna — and she read him the riot act after discovering they were exchanging phone calls.”

The story goes that Ashton wanted Rihanna to do a cameo on his sitcom Two and a Half Men and that Mila was not comfortable with the situation because she thinks that Rihanna is “nearly irresistible to men.” A source told National Enquirer that Mila “ordered Ashton to cut his ties to Rihanna — or else” it was going to be a wrap for their relationship. After given this ultimatum, Ashton allegedly “apologized and promised never to talk to Rihanna again without first getting Mila’s permission.” Blank stare.

Come on now. Really? National Enquirer needs to stop. Even if they did get this tip from a source they deemed somewhat credible, this story just does not ring true. This is a Hollywood relationship we are talking about here. Both Mila and Ashton are well versed and assimilated into Hollywood culture, and Hollywood just doesn’t work like this. If Rihanna is really being offered a cameo on a sitcom Ashton is affiliated with, his jealous girlfriend can’t just stop business like that. Mila just doesn’t seem like the type anyway. Plus everybody knows Rihanna is too busy bouncing back and forth between rappers, most recently being seen cuddled up with Drake in Paris.

Come on National Enquirer, we need you to do better now. Give us some more of that real reporting y’all sometimes do, John Edwards style please and thank you. What are your thoughts on this load? Wash it out in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: I disagree with my writer – I think Mila has lots to worry about with Ashton – he is cheating womanizer with a history of being a douche. Furthermore, back in 2012 Rihanna and Ashton hooked up at his house, remember – CDL covered it? Rihanna spent 4 hours at Ashton’s place after midnight and it was caught on camera – so hey Mila watch that guy.

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