Awkward Recap 6/17/14: Season 4 Finale Part 1 “Snow Job”

Awkward Recap 6/17/14: Season 4 Finale Part 1 “Snow Job”

Tonight on MTV their comedy series AWKWARD about an under-the-radar teen airs with part 1 of the season 4 finale called, “Snow Job.” On tonight’s one hour special episode, rivalries and romances come to a head during a ski trip.

Last time on Awkward Jenna Jenna and Tamara hit a bump in the road and viewed the possibility of separate futures; did they separate? Was Reed going to leave the show? Did Jenna go off to college with her new boyfriend Luke? Meanwhile, Eva plotted to keep Matty and Jenna ousted. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jenna and the rest of the seniors end up going on a senior ski trip, but this isn’t going to be any ordinary ski trip. During the trip romances and rivalries will begin and start to heat up.

Be sure to tune in for AWKWARD on MTV at 10 PM EST and check here for a live recap of all of Jenna’s angst and Tamara’s freak outs. Hit up the comments to tell us what you thought of the episode and what you think will happen with Jenna, Matty, Tamara, Jake, Sadie and all the others in Season 4.


It’s time for the senior ski trip that Jenna says is more about hitting it than hitting the slopes. She sees Matty making out with Eva and her parents making out with each other since they’re chaperones. Her rents ask if she wants to sit by them – she doesn’t. She and Tamara talk and her BF says she may blow chunks since this makes her carsick. Val comes aboard and says they will have a great time #realness and she’s got a new social experiment.

She says she decided to override all rooming requests and has assigned them randomly. She says they need to break down walls and cliques because that helps fight bullying and they know how she feels about bullying. A kid makes a noise and she calls him mouth breather and says if he keeps interrupting her she’ll make his life a living hell (HA!).

Jenna looks and sees that they are in with Gloria – Whoria Gloria. She’s right behind them and tells them it’s so easy to get labeled in this school and Jenna says she knows because she was Suicide Girl. Gloria says she won’t be in the room much anyway since snow makes her horny. Tamara points out Eva’s antics and calls her a desperate deviant. Jenna forces a smile and Tamara says Eva is still her problem.

Tamara is annoyed that Jake is flirting full on with Lissa. Sadie tells Matty to unload skank Eva so they can talk. She wants to ski black diamond. He says that Eva is worried that he might have feelings for him. He says he really loves her as a friend and says they need to communicate their feelings. Sadie goes screaming after Eva and yanks her braids. Val tries to stop it and Sadie says she started it.

Eva says she’s sure she did. Val says this is a case of the victim of violence blaming themselves and it won’t happen on her watch. She kicks Sadie off the bus and they leave for the trip without her. She seethes. The bus gets to the mountains and Tamara says she may take a walk on the slutty side this trip. She watches Jake flirt and says her slopes need ridden.

Jenna’s dad asks if she wants to ski with him and she says she would love to forget they are there. Lissa brings Tyler along and he says he skiid in Gstaad. She still doesn’t get that he’s not a poor peasant. Tamara heads off to ski and Jenna says she’s still working on her nerve. Jenna is asked to move to the single’s line and Val asks if she wants to do a run with her and the mountain mascot. He gropes at Val who tells him to keep his paws off her honey pot.

Jenna’s parents try to get her to ski again and she again says no. She says she needs some TLC. She texts her BF and says he’s closer than she thinks. He’s there on the slopes and she’s thrilled. They ski and he coaches her along while she snowplows. They end up falling together in a romantic heap. He tells her that she’s pretty bad. Matty is there and Jenna says they may be faster but they just got down too. He says they’ve been down four times. Eva and Luke end up in a heap and Jenna says whoops.

Matty and Kenna ride up the slopes together while Luke and Eva ride together. She gets snippy and then Matty asks if she has a trouble. Sadie gets a ride to Eva’s house from Sergio and she tells him she’s there for intel and tells him to stay in the truck. She says it’s not a good neighborhood for him.

Matty says that Eva told him that Jenna accused them of having sex in her bed. He won’t believe anything she says and tells her to back off. Luke coaches Jenna who goes tumbling again. Luke says Eva seems pretty good for a novice and she’s not pleased that they were chatting so much.

Sadie rings the doorbell at Eva’s and the housekeeper tells Sergio to go pick up the dog poop and do some other work and Sadie tells her that she’s rude and racist and says he’s not a landscaper, he’s a short order cook. She says she’s a friend of Eva Mansfield’s. A woman comes out (a crazily made up Lisa Rinna) who says she’s Eva Mansfield. OMG! The real Eva shows them fraudulent credit card bills and says that the fake Eva is running up all her cards. Her real name isn’t on there because it’s been redacted since she’s a juvenile. The real Eva is outraged.

Tyler speaks French with some other skiers while Lissa stands there lost. Jenna and Luke make out by the fire. Jake comes up and enjoys the convo, also an idiot. Tamara tells Pete that her best moves are off the skis. He doesn’t get the hint. She asks if he wants to get in the hot tub but then the two gays come up and hassle her. She drags Pete away.

Matty wants to go sit on the sofa but Eva says Jenna is staring daggers at her. He says she’s being paranoid and she goes to get them hot cocoa. She spills it on herself then accuses Jenna of spilling it on her. Matty tells her to just stay away. Luke asks if she’s okay and says if she has stuff to work out with Matty, he can go to school and do homework.

Tamara flirts hard with Pete and then the gays come hop in with them. Then whoria Gloria is there, then Jake, Lissa and Tyler. The gays call for a key party.

Sergio calls his dad for an assist and Sadie says she owes him. Eva’s real name is Amber Horn from San Pedro. Sadie says she’s a textbook lowlife and calls for a roadtrip.

Jenna climbs in bed with Luke and then asks who’s been in here. She says Eva is messing with her again. Jenna comes in and yells at her about leaving condoms in her room and Gloria says it was her but Jenna says she told her she wouldn’t be in there. The key party continues. Luke packs up and says he didn’t drive two hours for psycho drama with her ex-BF. She says that’s not what it is but he leaves.

Sadie gets out of the truck at Eva’s and she tells her grandmother that she’s a friend of Amber’s. Her gran lets her in. She says Amber is probably downstairs studying. They go in and then down to look for Amber. There are flies buzzing in the basement and then they turn the lights on. Sadie sees Amber’s wall of crazy. She has pics of all of them – she’s a nutty stalker. Sadie calls her a psycho bitch.

The key thing is in play and Tamara is disappointed to find Jake and Gloria got five guys. She says that’s too much work even for her. Lissa comes in and finds Tyler who says they can watch TV. The gays head back to the hot tub and then get joined by a couple of other like minded dudes.

Eva sees that Matty’s getting a call from Sadie. She doesn’t know she’s talking to Eva and says that she’s a compulsive liar and has to get away from her. Eva hangs up the phone and stresses. Jenna tries to call Luke and says she’s sorry and asks to make it up to him. He says he could be persuaded and she asks for a moonlight stroll.

Sadie calls Jenna and says that Eva is a liar and a psychopath. She says she’s stabbed a kid in the face with a pencil and has been home schooled alone. She tells Jenna to find Matty because she called his phone and couldn’t get him. Jenna panics. Jenna knocks on the door but can’t get Matty. Luke texts asking where she is. Jenna calls Matty’s phone – no answer. She sees Luke’s text.

She gets access to the room, but can’t find Matty. She goes out but Luke is gone. She texts him. He’s upstairs packing. He pockets his phone and grabs his stuff. Jenna comes in, but he’s gone. She pulls off her jacket and is frustrated. Next morning, she’s heartbroken about Luke and made at Eva. She calls Luke but gets voice mail. She hangs up. She goes to her bathroom for a shower.

She hears a noise and then the door latch. There’s a shadow and the curtain is tanked back. She screams. It’s Sadie who tells her to hide her junkyard and says they have work to do. Jenna gets out and Sadie gives her the 411. She says that Eva’s real name is Amber Horn and that she’s from San Pedro and it’s all imaginary and that she stabbed a kid in the face when she was 9.

Jenna says to dial back the bitchery. They hear a noise and Sadie says there’s a storm coming in as a bonus. She tells her to bundle up and Sadie is furious that Amber got her booted off the trip. Jenna wakes up Theo and asks about Matty and Eva. He says he was getting a blowy out in the trees and saw them headed up. She asks Cole and he asks why she’s creeping on them.

She asks if they’ve noticed anything off about Eva and they say she’s a complete liar, psycho bitch. She asks why they didn’t tell and they say Eva’s genius and they love to watch her stir shit up. Her parents look at the storm and he says he’s going out to ski. She says she’ll go too.

Theo and Cole ask Lissa how she liked the key party and if there were any flowers in her attic. She says nothing happened and she and Tyler are brother and sister. They tell her that’s good because the eyes of God are upon her. Tyler tells her to ignore it. They ask Gloria about her night and she says she sent four off and gave one handy.

Val says there’s an epic storm coming and says she has a gift for these things – she calls it a Shining. They then go to see Tamara and Jake and they say they went for six hours straight. They just played video games. Jake says they need to go ski and ask where Matty is. Sadie and Jenna are outside and bitching at each other. Sadie tells her to stop and Jenna says Luke bailed on her.

Sadie says that Eva ruined her relationship with Austin. Jenna is surprised. They wonder where they are and say they could be anywhere in town. Matty wakes Eva and says he wants to hit the slopes. She asks if they can stay there all day and that the Schafers don’t mind her using their place. She says she tried to be with the group but they’re so mean to her. She says she has something intense to tell him now that they’re alone.

Sadie says Matty’s phone looks to be off. She tells Jenna to try Eva. She refuses the call. Matty says he needs to text Jake but says his phone is dead and asks to use hers. She says hers is dead too. He can’t find his charger and she says she left hers in the lodge. She asks if they should go back but Matty says this is nice. Sadie calls Sergio and asks him to trace Amber’s phone with her GPS.

He asks if she thinks he’s a super spy. She asks again and he says he’ll try but she’ll owe him. Tyler tells Lissa he would love to have a sister like her and says she’s not his sister biologically or legally. She says she knows right from wrong. Val, Lacey and Kevin come out to ski but mom wants to find Jenna and Luke and Val says her Shining is really strong and that she’s sensing Jenna wants to be alone.

Val heads off to see the mascot bear and he says he’s off at four. She agrees to meet him later. Jake tries to teach Tamara to snowboard and she apologizes for being a spaz now and the past few months. He says those weren’t his finest hours either and he wants them to be friends. They make peace and he triess to teach her.

Sadie has the tracking Sergio sent and she thanks him. He says to let him know when she’s safe because even though she acts tough, she’s a fragile princess. She tells him to go fuck himself and he laughs. They are at the house and Sadie says she’ll use Jenna as a human shield if Amber pulls a gun. Jenna goes to leave and Sadie asks her to stay and admits she needs her there. Jenna says if she’s begging, she’ll go. Sadie insists she’s not.

They ring the bell and Jenna tells Matty the Amber stuff and face stabbing. Matty says they need to deal and says that she told him, she’s his GF and it’s no big deal. Amber comes over and says that she’s pregnant. Amber asks them to leave so they can talk. Sadie says she minds and calls bullshit on the pregnancy since she’s been lying since she got there. Matty says they need to go and opens the door but the storm is too much.

Amber tells him that her parents abandoned her and she lives in San Pedro. She says she just wanted to go to a good school. She says she wanted a chance at a better life. Sadie asks to show him photos of Amber’s room. Amber tells her good job on taking advantage of her grandmother. She says the kid she attacked in fourth grade was attacking her at the time.

Amber also tells Matty that there’s one thing she never lied about – her feelings for him. Sadie says the sociopath is good.

Val meets Will – the bear – at the bar and he’s super cute. She looks at him and is disappointed that there’s no fur.

Kevin is brought down from the mountain on a pallet by an emergency plow flashing lights. She tells him he almost died, calls him gramps and tells him to take it down a notch. He says it’s just a sprain. He admits he’s feeling a little old because Jenna is about to leave and there’s so many teens around.

Will asks Val to come back to his den and she says that her sixth sense has failed her. She says she was dazzled by the costume and didn’t think what he would look like without it. Val says she’s more attracted to the bear than him and doesn’t know what that says about her. He says her Shining creeped him out anyway. She thanks him for the walk on the wild side.

Jake is upset that Matty blew him off and Tamara is upset that Jenna isn’t around. They ask Val and she says she can use her Shining to find them. The lights go out and Lissa freaks and says it’s a sign from God because she keeps thinking about Tyler. He kisses her and she says hell feels good and knocks him on to the bed.

The lights go out at the cabin. Jenna tells Matty that she wouldn’t be there with Sadie if this wasn’t important. She asks if he thinks she’s really pregnant. Sadie grills Amber about her supposed pregnancy. Matty asks for a truce and Jenna says she just wants him to be okay. Matty says he needs ot know if she’s really having a kid.

The homeowners come in and confront the teens. Amber tries to lie her way out of it and they tell the teens to leave before they call the police. Matty watches with interest. Amber talked them out of calling the police and they made it back to the lodge. Val asks Sadie what she’s doing there and she says she’s been there the whole time. The bus leaves. Jenna hands her dad her crutches.

Lissa tries to cover up for being with Tyler by telling Jake she was all alone. Matty tells Amber to take another test to be sure. She agrees. They kiss. Jenna is worried but says that she has to take control of her problem with Luke. She says she got caught up in the Eva mess and he says he understands that she’s in high school and has a lot of growing up to do. He tells her to go do that. He tells her she’s a great girl but says their timing is wrong.

She’s in tears. Sadie lurks and Jenna comes up. She says Luke dumped her and Sadie says she’s sorry. She says Amber is taking the PG test now. Amber comes out with the test in hand. Sadie says this will be the end of it. Amber goes up to Matty and shows him the test. It says she’s pregnant. She lays her head on Matty’s neck. OMG! Excellent cliffhanger.