The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Deadbeat Dad: Wouldn’t Help Support Daughter and Pay Court-Ordered Child Support

The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Deadbeat Dad: Wouldn't Help Support Daughter and Pay Court-Ordered Child Support

People are funny. I can’t imagine signing on to do a reality show and thinking that any of my deep, dark secrets wouldn’t be revealed but once again that is exactly what has happened. ABC’s The Bachelor is gearing up for a new season with former soccer player, Juan Pablo Galavis being cast as the lucky guy that gets to weed through 25 potential ladies to try and find his soul mate. Juan Pablo has a young daughter and has tried to play the dad card in order to prove that he’s a good guy that is ready to settle down and find a new instant mom for his girl. Maybe he is a great dad now, but the court system kind of had to force him to step up.

According to the Jan. 13th print edition of National Enquirer, Juan Pablo was actually a deadbeat dad for more than 2 years until being ordered in 2011 to pay $243.94 a month plus an additional $49.00 to knock down the more than $3,500.00 he owed in back support. Apparently, once Juan Pablo was forced to help pay for his daughter with Latina actress Carla Rodriquez he then decided that he should get to know her. Sources close to him say that he really was hoping that this nugget of info wouldn’t become public knowledge because it makes him look pretty bad. Especially when you consider how he is really using fatherhood to appeal to women that want a family.

Do you think that learning that Juan Pablo was a deadbeat dad for years will affect what Bachelor viewers’ think of him? Will they still tune in and pull for this guy to find love or will they instead wonder if he is shady right from the start? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


4 responses to “The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis Deadbeat Dad: Wouldn’t Help Support Daughter and Pay Court-Ordered Child Support”

  1. […] wonder Carla Rodriguez went after Juan Pablo Galavis for child-support, she has basically been out of work since she gave birth to his super cute four year old daughter […]

  2. Tammy Hamrick Getz says:

    Why are people always so eager to pull up dirt on people what happen to world peace.

  3. m. says:

    It’s depressing to see a Deadbeat defended by females who possess extremely limited English grammar skills. Is it a reflection on their intelligence and/or self esteem. But for the record … ONCE A DEADBEAT, ALWAYS A DEADBEAT.

  4. […] Two more bachelorettes will be eliminated at the Rose Ceremony at the end of Episode 2 of The Bachelor. Rumor has it the two women eliminated at the Rose Ceremony will be Chantel Forrest and Amy Long. Chantel is a 32 year old account manager from Miami, Florida and Amy was introduced as a 27 year old news reporter from Clemont, Florida. After the Rose Ceremony Chantel and Amy will say their good-byes and be on their way, leaving 15 bachelorettes remaining in the race for Juan Pablo’s heart. […]