Bates Motel RECAP 3/17/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Caleb”

Bates Motel RECAP 3/17/14: Season 2 Episode 3 "Caleb"

BATES MOTEL returns to A&E tonight with a brand new episode for fans to enjoy. In “Caleb” Norma forms an alliance; Emma begins a new relationship; meanwhile, a memorial for a friend will lead Emma into a new relationship, and Norman once again gets sucked into trouble by a girl.

On the last episode of BATES MOTEL Norma tried to distract Norman from his obsession with Miss Watson by joining a play. Bradley turned to Norman for help when she had to escape a dire situation. Romero was pressured to make an arrest for the murder. A new player at work had Dylan and Remo on edge.   Did you tune in for the last episode? If not then we recapped it right here so it’s easy to catch up on all of the details.

On tonight’s episode Norma meets an ally in her battle to stop the bypass. Emma’s memorial for a friend leads to a new relationship. Norman falls under the influence of someone that is completely unexpected. Tonight’s episode is going to be a great one and you’re not going to want to miss it. Tune in to A&E at 10PM EST to watch it and we’ll also be recapping it live right here.

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RECAP: It begins with a quick glance at the place where Bradley’s fake suicide took place, Emma gives the newspaper to Norman of a newspaper with Bradley in it saying that she committed suicide; Emma says that she feels very bad now knowing that Bradley is dead, she feels bad for Norman because of how much he liked her. Emma says she’s going to go down to the office and tells him that if he needs to talk she can come and see him, right when she was about to take the newspaper with her Norman stops her. Tells her to leave it. Norma is looking if she’s got a role in the production, the person who was doing the casting for the community musical wanted to make Norma the lead role; everyone disagreed with her. She ended up quitting the production and apologizing to Norma, she wants to buy her a drink. They both go out to a bar to grab drinks; she wants to talk to Norma to get to know her better. Norma wanted to talk about something, the woman brings up the time when the deputy was shot up; she doesn’t understand how it affects her. She believes that Norma had nothing to do with it, she wants Norma to not care about what others say about her; she feels that Norma is one of the most interesting people she’s met in town and wants to introduce her to people. Dylan is at the motel, he sees a white car pull up; Norma’s brother comes out of the car and says he’s looking for Norma Bates. She asks Dylan is she’s around and coming back soon, he says he’ll come back later; Dylan says he’ll still be here too and tells him to say what he wants. The man introduces himself as Norma’s brother, it turns out Norma never mentioned to her sons about having a brother. Norma arrives home; she sees her brother and Dylan at the table. He gets up from the table when Norma arrives; Norma looks shocked and wants him to leave. Norma ends up throwing the groceries onto the ground and throws her brother out of the motel, she tells Dylan to never let him back in ever. Dylan looks very confused about what just happened between his mother and the man who claims to be her brother. Norman comes down stairs and asks Norma who’s vacuuming about the play and the parts; it turns out that they’re not doing it anymore. Norma mentions about not getting a part and that he got a chorus part, that it’s not worth it and they’re stupid. Norman asks her what’s wrong; Norma tells him how Caleb arrived at the motel a bit before. Norman looks worried; Norma regrets telling him about Caleb and says she’s fine. Norma gets frustrated and tells Norman she’s vacuuming signaling him to go away. Dylan is with Remo they see a tent in the middle of nowhere, they pull out their pistols and go up to the tent to see what’s going on. Inside the tent are a couple of men who seem to be dead, with the sound of flies buzzing around their bodies and blood all over the floor. Norman goes to the community musical, he sees the girl who was the cash register at the supermarket a bit before. She asks him about doing the chorus; he tells her that he’s going to end up quitting. Norman mentions how he didn’t want to do it to begin with, she tells him about how great what she does behind the scenes painting and heavy lifting. Dylan sees Caleb asking about what he’s doing here still, Caleb mentions that he’s staying around a bit until he gets a flight out. Caleb says that it’s normal for what happened; he then walks off saying it was nice meeting him. Dylan asks what made Norma so angry; he tells him it’s none of his concern. He asks about what he’ll do till Tuesday, he’s going to go fly fishing; Dylan shows interest in learning how to go to fly fishing, Caleb invites Dylan to go with him. Dylan says he’ busy, but that they could maybe grab some dinner tonight and asks Caleb if he’s got a phone for his number.

Norman asks his Norma if she’s alright, he understands that she didn’t get into the play and that he wants to help with build sets. Norman says it’s sort of like Taxidermy; you take things a part and put it together. Emma brings a picture, their doing a memorial for her at the beach; Norma mentions it’s a nice thing to do and it’s meaningful. Christine calls Norma and tells her to come to her garden part to introduce her to people, Christine doesn’t take no for a reason and ends up having Norma attend the party. Dylan and Remo wait for the crazy guy with the leather jacket to arrive; when he does he starts asking Dylan questions about what he’s doing. Dylan asks him what he’s going to do, he tells Dylan not to worry and that he’ll figure it out. Dylan and Remo are now digging up a hole to bury the dead bodies they found in the tent. Norma is getting ready for the party tonight trying on dresses, Dylan appears behind her; she asks what happened to him. He makes an excuse about doing some planting, Dylan then says he feels bad for bringing Caleb into the motel without checking with her. Dylan tells her that he wants to understand what’s going on between them, because she was angry and upset about it. Norma is trying to play cool, Dylan isn’t buying it and is pissed that she never tells him about things. He knows that something happened between her and her brother Caleb, Norma gets angry and tells Dylan if he needs to worry about someone’s brother he should worry about his own; that he needs a ride to the beach and slams the door.

Norma arrives at Christine’s garden part; she’s a little nervous going in. When she walks in it’s obvious that this is a pretty big event that will be filled with tons of formal people, Christine sees Norma and runs up to her to give a hug. Christine tells Norma she will only introduce her to people she cares about talking to, Norma is introduced to everyone. A man named George asks about where she was from, she talks about Arizona and it’s somehow brought up that he husband passed away she lies about him being in a car accident. Norma starts talking to the group of people Christine introduced her to and she’s getting along with them very well. Norman arrives at the memorial for Bradley, he walks up to Emma who’s standing at the memorial bonfire. Emma is disappointed how everyone is partying and drinking beers, not caring about Bradley. Emma tells Norman that she’s bad person, because Bradley is dead and she still doesn’t like her. The girl who was tech from the community musical shows up, she greets Norman; she only showed up because she heard beer would be her. The girl is named Cody; she gives Norman a hug after he tells her how he and Bradley were close. A guy comes up noticing Cody; she introduces him to Norman and then says they should get a keg. Dylan is with Caleb in a bar, he’s telling Dylan stories about the past. Dylan admits that he wasn’t told much, Caleb talks about how he lives in Costa Rica; he asks if Dylan has been there. Dylan says he hasn’t, Caleb’s friends own the hotel, but their splitting up. They might sell it to Caleb for a very cheap price he could probably afford; he wants Norma to be a part of it. Caleb talks about what they went through, Dylan doesn’t understand and wants to know about what they went through. Caleb talks about how he wasn’t a man before and feels bad for not being one before, because he wasn’t able to protect her in the past. Caleb talks about how she’s blamed him for everything in the past.

Norma is getting some air outside, George comes up from behind her and tells her that desserts are being served; he brings her a dessert to try. Turns out that George is in fact Christine’s brother, he admits that his sister is trying to set him up with Norma; she says it’s flattering, but she doesn’t remember how to date. He says he’ll make an excuse to why they can’t get together to his sister and offers her another cookie. Emma is walking around the beach and notices a guy who she calls cupcake boy, he’s selling weed to people; she admits to not caring about the partying and tells him to sit down next to he, she starts talking about wanting to do something crazy. He asks what she has in mind; she wants him to make bad choices with her. Emma is drinking beer and talking to this guy who’s known as cupcake boy as of now, she’s completely drunk at this moment; she then admits not feeling good and asks about how much she drank. Cupcake boy offers to take her home, but then she ends up throwing up. Norman is sitting near the bonfire, while Cody and the guy he was introduced to be making out; the guy grabs Norman’s leg, he moves his hand. Norman gets up and says he’s got to go, Cody then says she’s done with the place and asks Norman to walk her home. Norma is about to leave when an old man form behind mentions how she was the one who stood up to all the people during their meeting about the bypass. She asks why he wasn’t there and that she could have used help, he says he couldn’t because he wants to please everyone. Norma stops the old man’s car; she wants to buy the guy a coffee because he’s someone who doesn’t like the bypass. The man says sure and to give him a call, his name is Nick.

Dylan is still with Caleb, he gives him eleven and a half thousand dollars or his hotel. Caleb gives Dylan a hug; he tells Caleb that he will talk to Norma about how they should both talk to each other about the problem. Caleb tells Dylan that he should come to Costa Rica sometime. Norma says that Cody’s boyfriend could be gay, she says that he is and isn’t his boyfriend. Cody asks if Norman is gay, he says that he isn’t; Norman apologizes for her friend because he’s not gay. Cody says that Norman says she’s confusing, Norman counters saying that she makes out with gay guys and that’s confusing enough. Norman reaches Cody’s home, he asks if her parents are home; only her father is at home. Cody says she’ll see Norman at tech tomorrow and goes home. Norma gets home from the garden party, she goes into the kitchen to find Dylan there; he tells his mom that Caleb is a nice guy. Dylan tells her that he’s still in town and is over at Kings, Dylan says he told him what happened about his dad; Dylan then talks about not being able to protect him from their father. Norma is getting upset, he says he knew Norma was strong; Norma then tells Dylan that Caleb raped her over and over every day for years. Dylan says she’s unbelievable, he says he never met the man before and he’s nicer to him that she ever was. Norman gets in the house and they both begin to fight each other, Norman begins to punch Dylan over and over again; Norma admits to Dylan that Caleb is his dad.

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  1. Wanda M. Holmes says:

    Awesome, although the amount of money Dylan gave to Caleb someone he just met was not too realistic. Ending was shocking poor Dylan..

  2. […] On the last episode of Bates Motel Norma met an ally in her battle to stop the bypass. Emma’s memorial for a friend led to a new relationship. Norman fell under the influence of someone that was completely unexpected.  Did you tune in for the last episode? If not then we recapped it right here so it’s easy to catch up on all of the details. […]